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Products of Tomorrow: April 2016
NASA Drives Automotive Innovation
SAE 2016 World Congress: Powering Possibilities
Advanced Capabilities of PXI-Based Semiconductor Test Systems
Calibration Requirements for Testing Coupling-Decoupling Networks
NASA Monitoring Technologies Shake Up Earthquake Prediction

Who's Who

Mike Krainak, Laser and Electro-Optics Branch Head, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: April 2016
Linear Motor
Panel-Mount Piezo Drives
Brushless DC Motors
Lead Screw Assembly
Position Sensors
Drive Couplings
Track Motion Platform
Rotary Actuator
Drive Starters
Brushless Motors
Electronically Commutated Motors
Angle Sensors
Brush DC Motors
Linear Actuator
Brushless Torque Motors
Product of the Month: April 2016
In-Line Signal Conditioner
Marking System
Power Supplies
In-Line Heater
Locking Connector
Signal Analyzers
Pressure Transmitters
Signal Conditioner
Custom Alloys
Embedded Board
Vision Sensors
SWIR Camera
Day/Night Cameras
Vision Sensors
Touch Display Kit
SWIR Camera
Flow Meters
Pulsed Test Instrument
Ground Bond Testers
Digital Multimeters
Multi-Function Instrument
Strain Gauge Monitors
Shaft Voltage Tester
RF Signal Generators

Application Briefs

Super Pressure Balloon Provides NASA with Valuable Data
New Spacecraft Design for Asteroid Redirect Mission
Reducing Torque Measurement Uncertainty in Turbine Engine Testing
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Constraint Force Equation (CFE) Solver for Multi-Body Dynamics and its Implementation in POST2
Cyclops: the Space Station Integrated Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payload Systems (SSIKLOPS)
Vacuum-Jacketed Cryogenic Flex-Through
Normally-Closed Zero-Leak Valve with a Magnetostrictive Actuator

Information Sciences

Distributed, Fast, Intelligent Infrastructure Health Monitoring System
Net Radiation and Evapotranspiration (Rn/ET) Download Product Tools and Interfaces
Software Tools for Fault Management Technologies
Tool to Analyze a Leaking Source of Saturated Ammonia
Mixed-Integer Convex Programming Algorithm for Constrained Attitude Guidance
A Robust, Real-Time Collaboration Technology for Decision Support using Common Operating Picture (COP) Environments


Flexible, High-Temperature Polyimide/Urea Aerogels
Multilayer Insulation Systems
Colorimetric Indicator for Detection of AF-M315E
Oriented Nanofibers Embedded in a Polymer Matrix
Low-Scatter Starshade Edges

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Method to Improve the Synthesis Process of High-Purity Bulk Multi-Element Compounds
Laser Subdivision of the Genesis Concentrator Target Sample 60000
Fabrication of an Integrated Photonic Waveguide Joint in Micromachined Silicon
Very Large Inflatable Antenna Structures

Electronics & Computers

Radiation-Hardened, High-Voltage, Quad-Channel Amplifier
Reduced-Cost, Chirped Pulse, Fourier Transform Microwave (CP-FTMW) Spectrometer Using Direct Digital Synthesis
Signal Digitizer and Cross-Correlation ASIC
Image Capture to Stereo Correlation in an FPGA
Offset IQ Modulation Technique for Miniaturized Radar Electronics

Sensors/Data Acquisition

SEA5: Space Environment Automated Alerts & Anomaly Analysis Assistant
Extensible Data Gateway Environment (EDGE)
Flight Test Maneuvers for Efficient Aerodynamic Modeling
JPL CO2 Virtual Science Data Environment (VSDE)
Python Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer Data Toolkit (PyAMPR)
Data Ordering Genetic Optimization (DOGO) System
Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis for Earthquakes
Novel Method to Collect Saliva for Cortisol and DHEA Measurement
Cryogenic Propellant Feed System Analytical Tool


Scenario Power Load Analysis Tool (SPLAT) MagicDraw Plug-in
Wideband, GaN MMIC, Distributed Amplifier-Based Microwave Power Module
Integrated Solar Array Power Management System
High-Energy-Density Solid-State Li-Ion Battery with Enhanced Safety


An On-Demand Gas Generator for CubeSat or Low-Mass Propulsion Systems
Suppression of Unwanted Noise and Howl in a Test Configuration Where Jet Exhaust is Discharged Into a Duct
Embedded Technology

Product Briefs

1U CPU Cooler
Panel-Mount Connectors
Thin Film, Miniaturized Components


Magnetic Chips Could Increase Computing’s Energy Efficiency
2D Electronic Devices Could Replace Silicon
Smartwatches Can Now Track Your Finger in Mid-Air using sonar
Motion Control Technology


Motion Control Challenges for Deep-Sea ROVs


Robots and Humans - Let the Collaboration Begin