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Products of Tomorrow: September 2016
NASA’s Pursuit of Power
Rice Crop Models Stabilize Global Markets and Enable Efficient Irrigation
Smart Cameras Get Smarter
Delivering Industrial Reliability in Scientific Lasers
Energy Harvesting's Emerging Role in a 'Smarter' World

Who's Who

Dr. Bin Chen, Materials Scientist, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: September 2016
Multiphysics Simulation
Embedded System GUIs
Design-to-3D Print
Analysis and Simulation
Manifold Design
HMI/Operator Interface
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
3D Printers
PXIe Platform
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulators
Data Acquisition and Control
LED Spot-Curing System
Data Acquisition System
Rotary Valve
Voice Coil Actuator
Compact Robot
Block Spindle
Rotary Tables
Undermount Slide
Pneumatic Gripper
Positioning System
Thermal Camera
Customized Optical Components
Industrial Picosecond Lasers
Ultrasonic Piezo Motor Drives
Frame Grabber
CMOS Cameras
Motorized Actuators

Application Briefs

Machine Vision System Measures ‘Drops’ in Citrus Grove Health
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Conduit Purging Device and Method
Multi-Spoked Wheel Assembly
Nanotube-Based Device Cooling System
A Method for Accurate Load/Position Control of Rigidly Coupled Electromechanical Actuators
Ultralight Self-Deployable Solar Sails
Ultra-Compact Heat Rejection System
Transformable and Reconfigurable Entry, Descent, and Landing Systems and Methods


Thermomechanical Methodology for Stabilizing Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Response
Flexible Ablator for Thermal Protection
Resistive Heating Method for TPS Property Measurements
Measuring Bond Site Concentration on the Intrinsic Aerogel Surface Through Chemisorption of Chlorosilanes
Toughened Uni-piece Fibrous Reinforced Oxidation-Resistant Composite (TUFROC)
Effects of Postcure and Associated Design Allowables for M55J/RS-3C Polycyanate Composite


Adaptive Refinement Tools for Tetrahedral Unstructured Grids
Self-Stabilizing, Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Clock Synchronization System and Method
Method of Performing Computational Aeroelastic Analyses
Fourier Transform Spectrometer Performance Modeling
Mesh Adaptation Module for Cartesian Meshes with Embedded Boundaries

Machinery & Automation

Residual Mode Filters
Probabilistic Surface Characterization for Safe Landing Hazard Detection and Avoidance (HDA)
Robot for Controlled Deposition of Multilayer Thin Film Structures
Walk and Roll Robot
Human Grasp Assist Device with Exoskeleton
Electromagnetic Monitoring and Control of a Plurality of Nanosatellites
Elimination of Yaw Component of Gyroscope Propagation Error During Arm Activity in MSL
Locomotion of Amorphous Surface Robots


A Simplified Production of Organic Compounds Containing High Enantiomer Excesses
Generation of High-Pressure Oxygen Via Electrochemical Pumping in a Multi-Stage Electrolysis Stack
Tension Distribution in Tendon-Driven Fingers
Rapid Polymer Sequencer

Electronics & Computers

Stackable Form-Factor Peripheral Component Interconnect Device and Assembly
Self-Healing Wire Insulation
Vibration Damping Circuit Card Assembly
Development of a Metallic Bilayer Liftoff Mask

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Integrated Temperature and Capacitive Ablation Recession Rate Sensors
Cryogenic Liquid Level Sensor Apparatus and Method
Flexible Thin Metal Film Thermal Sensing System
Piezoresistive Sensor
Short-Range Communication System
Real-Time Radiation Monitoring Using Nanotechnology
Real-Time Oil Reservoir Evaluation Using Nanotechnology
Smartphone Video Guidance Sensor


Airfoil System for Cruising Flight
Conditionally Active Min-Max Limit Regulators
Design of the Next-Generation Aircraft Noise Prediction Program (ANOPP2)
The Integrated Minimum Drag Solution: New Wing Design Exponentially Increases Total Aircraft Efficiency
X-Plane Communication Toolbox (XPC)
Terminal Airspace Configuration Scheduler (TACS)


Heterogeneous Spacecraft Networks
Space Optical Communications Using Laser Beams
Hybrid Loop Element Design for Enhanced High-Frequency Reflector/Reflectarray Performance
Using a Power Grid as an Extremely Large Antenna for Geophysical Imaging
Motion Control Technology


Disposable Cartridge Components


Multiphysics CAE of a Shock Absorber


Advantages of Servo Motor and Direct Drive Technology
An Inside Look at Electromechanical Power-Off Braking Options