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Don't Let Obsolescence Cause Your Test System to Flatline
The MITRE Corporation
Space-Based Bone Scanner Expands Medical Research
Products of Tomorrow: February 2018
Comparison Between Wave Soldering and Reflow Soldering

Products of the Month

New on the Market: February 2018
Product of the Month: March 2018
Tech Briefs


Ultra-Strong, Lightweight, Elastic, Electrically Conductive Carbon
Advanced Carbon Aerogels for Energy Applications
Composite Materials Could Improve Respirator Filters
Interlaminar Strengthening Concepts for Polymer Matrix Composites
Conductive, High-Toughness Oxides Deposited by Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition (PS-PVD)
Smart Fabric Stores Information Without Electronics


Algorithm Boosts Speed of 3D Printers
Ad-Hoc Cache Hierarchies Increase Processing Speed and Reduce Energy Consumption
EOS MLS Level 2 Data Processing Software, Version 4
The NiceC Programming Language
APT Web Tool
Echo Analysis Environment for Analyzing Large, Complex Datasets
MorphoHawk Mathematic Morphology Software for Image and Data Analysis

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Additive Manufacturing Unique Serialization
Inexpensive Method for Manufacturing Supercapacitor Electrodes
Method of Fabricating Ultra-Short-Gate-Length Thin-Film Transistors Using Optical Lithography
Aluminum Electroplating Using Bromide Salts
One-Step 3D Printing of Catalysts

Test & Measurement

External Diagnostic Method to Detect Electrical Charging in Complex Ion Trapping Systems
Development of Sodium Lidar for Spaceborne Missions
Aerosol-to-Liquid Particle Extraction System (ALPES)
Radar Scanner Tests Wind Turbine Blades for Defects
Shoebox-Sized Chemical Detector

Sensors/Data Acquisition

SolidSense: Gas Analyzer on a Chip
Compact Active Vibration Control System
Sensor Detects Nuclear Weapon Solvent
Depth Sensors for Time-of-Flight Imaging
Solid-State Humidity Sensing Element


Optical Product and Document Security Method
Bend- and Twist-Sensing Optical Fiber
Optical Method for Detecting Displacements and Strains at Ultra-High Temperatures During Thermo-Mechanical Testing
Fourier Transform Spectrometer System
New Optics See More with Less


Cryo-Fluid Capacitor (CFC) for Solid-State Storage and Supply-on-Demand of Cryogenic Fluids
Wireless Charging of Moving Electric Vehicles
Wearable Solar Thermoelectric Generator
Novel, Solid-State Hybrid Ultracapacitor Battery
Superalloy Surface Treatment for Improved Performance of Power Turbines
Motion Design


Driver Design in Piezoelectric Motors
Strengthening Data Cabling for Next-Generation Motion Control Applications


Optical Bonding of Automotive Smart Surfaces
Simplifying Cloud-Based Remote Access and Data Logging


Electrical Requirements for Direct Current Electric Actuators
Hydraulically Amplified Actuators
Metamaterial Converts Linear Compression Forces into a Rotational Movement
Software Brings Movement to Linear Actuators


New Products: February 2018 Motion Design