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Printed Flexible Solar Cells Provide Embedded Renewable Power
Performance of 1mm² Silicon Photomultipliers
Fly-by-Wireless: A Less-Wire and Wireless Revolution for Aerospace Vehicle Architectures
Performance of 1mm² Silicon Photomultipliers

Who's Who

Dr. William (Bill) Farrell, Scientist, Lunar Exploration Program

Products of the Month

PX Series Photoelectric Sensors
Product of the Month: Fiber-Coupled Solid State Laser
Laser Bars
Remote Head Camera
Fabry-Perot Etalons
Infrared Materials
Thermal Imaging InfraRed Camera
Optical Design Software
Goniometric System for LEDs
Optical Parametric Oscillator
High-Speed Video Imaging System
Five Megapixel Camera
Monochromators and Spectrographs
Data Acquisition Software
Flat Top Motorized Stages
LED Package
Digital CMOS Laser Sensor
Laser Pump Reflector
Thermal Camera
CMOS Camera
Water Repellent Cables
Intensified CCD Camera
12-bit CCD Camera System
LED Driver Boards
Digital Panel Meters
CO2 Lasers

Application Briefs

Advanced Position Sensors to Aid NASA in Future Spaceflight
Simulated Models Test Design of Space Shuttles and Rocket Engines
Biomedical Imaging Using Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Deployable Wireless Camera Penetrators
Flipperons for Improved Aerodynamic Performance
System Estimates Radius of Curvature of a Segmented Mirror
Attitude and Translation Control of a Solar Sail Vehicle

Information Sciences

Spiking Neurons for Analysis of Patterns
Symmetric Phase-Only Filtering in Particle-Image Velocimetry


Self-Deploying Trusses Containing Shape-Memory Polymers
Refractory Ceramic Foams for Novel Applications
Molecules for Fluorescence Detection of Specific Chemicals
Fuel-Cell Electrolytes Based on Organosilica Hybrid Proton Conductors

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Direct Metal Laser-Sintering of Titanium
Embossed Teflon AF Laminate Membrane Microfluidic Diaphragm Valves
Fabricating High-Resolution X-Ray Collimators

Physical Sciences

Compact, Highly Stable Ion Atomic Clock
LiGa(OTf)₄ as an Electrolyte Salt for Li-Ion Cells
Single-Mode WGM Resonators Fabricated by Diamond Turning
Compact Dielectric-Rod White-Light Delay Lines
Efficient Coupler for a Bessel Beam Dispersive Element
MACOS Version 3.31
Mitigating Photon Jitter in Optical PPM Communication
Fiber-Optic Determination of N₂, O₂, and Fuel Vapor in the Ullage of Liquid-Fuel Tanks


Hand-Held Units for Short-Range Wireless Biotelemetry
Wearable Wireless Telemetry System for Implantable BioMEMS Sensors
Redesigned Human Metabolic Simulator
Cell-Detection Technique for Automated Patch Clamping


MACOS Version 3.31
Mitigating Photon Jitter in Optical PPM Communication
Fast Offset Laser Phase-Locking System
Fiber-Optic Determination of N₂, O₂, and Fuel Vapor in the Ullage of Liquid-Fuel Tanks

Electronics & Computers

Electronic Escape Trails for Firefighters
Fast Electromechanical Switches Based on Carbon Nanotubes
Architecture for a High-to-Medium-Voltage Power Converter
24-Way Radial Power Combiner/Divider for 31 to 36 GHz
Three-Stage InP Submillimeter-Wave MMIC Amplifier
Solid-State High-Temperature Power Cells
Fast Offset Laser Phase-Locking System
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Intelligent Multi-Sensor Control Systems to Manage Lighting
Testing and Analysis for Measuring Food Qualities

Tech for License

Analytical Technique for Healthcare and Industrial Applications
Microbial-Based Lawn-Care, Pond-Care, and Cleaning Technologies