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NASA Announces 2008 Inventions of the Year
Protecting Data Signals Through Isolation
High-Performance Computing Tools in Neural Imaging
Machine Vision Guides Robot Motion
Hermetic Feedthroughs Critical for Flywheel Energy Storage
Motion Control Advancements Ease Medical Procedures

Who's Who

Dr. Peter Shirron, Senior Research Scientist, Cryogenics and Fluids Group, Goddard Space Flight Center

Products of the Month

Test Control and Measurement Software
Linear Slide Assembly
Multi-Axis Controller
Stepper Motor
Direct Drive Motors
Linear Displacement Sensor
Stepper Motor/Driver
Absolute Encoder
Roller Guides
VGA Cameras
Digital Camera
Frame Grabber
Thermal Imaging Camera
Telecentric Lenses
HD Camera
In-Line Inspection
Network Cameras
Image Sensors

Application Briefs

Mass Flow Controllers Ensure Astronauts Have Medical Fluids On Demand
Rotary Motors Customized for Telescope Spectrometer
High-Speed Cameras Assist in Crash Sled Testing
Forest City Gear Controls Prosthetic Hand
Omron Controls and Drives Improve Animals’ Joint Health
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

T/R Multi-Chip MMIC Modules for 150 GHz
Some Improvements in Utilization of Flash Memory Devices
GPS/MEMS IMU/Microprocessor Board for Navigation

Mechanics & Machinery

Device for Measuring Low Flow Speed in a Duct
Autoignition Chamber for Remote Testing of Pyrotechnic Devices
Device Acquires and Retains Rock or Ice Samples
Pneumatic Haptic Interfaces
Cryogenic Feedthrough Test Rig


Polyimide-Foam/Aerogel Composites for Thermal Insulation
Yb₁₄MnSb₁₁ as a High-Efficiency Thermoelectric Material
Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids for Electrochemical Capacitors
Ultra-Lightweight Self- Deployable Nanocomposite Structure for Habitat Applications


Converting CSV Files to RKSML Files
Service Management Database for DSN Equipment

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Two-Step Plasma Process for Cleaning Indium Bonding Bumps
Tool for Crimping Flexible Circuit Leads
Improved Assembly for Gas Shielding During Welding or Brazing

Physical Sciences

Measuring Thermal Conductivity of a Small Insulation Sample
Alignment Jig for the Precise Measurement of THz Radiation
Chemochromic Hydrogen Leak Detectors
Compatibility of Segments of Thermoelectric Generators
JPL Greenland Moulin Exploration Probe
Complementary Barrier Infrared Detector

Electronics & Computers

Multi-Modulator for Bandwidth-Efficient Communication
Microwave Power Combiners for Signals of Arbitrary Amplitude
Airborne Antenna System for Minimum-Cycle-Slip GPS Reception
Synthetic Foveal Imaging Technology
Improved Starting Materials for Back-Illuminated Imagers
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Moisture Release Technologies
Binder Solutions for the Manufacture of Molds and, Cores in Metal Castings

NASA Tech Needs

Lightning Strike Protection for Composite Aircraft

Tech for License

Mechanical Mounting/Connection/Release System
Shape-Memory Alloys Replace Traditional Electromagnet Actuators