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Medical Design Advances Provide New Diagnostic and Treatment Options
Magnetostrictive Sensing Ensures Accurate Level Monitoring
Multi-turn Encoders Find Home in Industrial Applications
Safely Stopping Motion Using Discrete Wiring
Specialty Fibers Guide Light When the Going Gets Tough

Who's Who

Glenn Rakow, SpaceWire Development Lead, Goddard Space Flight Center

Products of the Month

Model RPM10 Photo/Contact Tachometer
Optical Encoder
24Vdc Gearmotor
Ball Valve
Hydraulic Power Pack
Servo Motors
Clean Room Motor
Micro Manipulator
Position Sensor
Voice Coil Actuators
Choke Coil
Integrated Motor/Drive
Rod Clamp
Smart Motor Controller
Nano Positioner
Robotic Gripper
Oxygen Flow Meter
Servo Coupling
Servo Motor Control
Bearing Monitoring Module
Motion Card
AC Gearmotor
Linear Drive System
Product of the Month: Infrared Camera
Large Format MWIR Lens
Light Measurement System
Optical Fibers and Cables
Laser Diode
Video Microscope Sampling System
Optical Transmittance Spectrometer
Laser Beam Shaping Module
Silicon Photodiode Preamplifier
Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer
4K Resolution Camera
LED Optometer
Corrective Lens
White LEDs
Light Source Software

Application Briefs

Communications and Tracking Services Support Near-Earth Missions
Measurement Systems Aid NASA in Study of Space Station Solar Array Anomaly
Yaskawa Controllers Help Echo Hill Upgrade Grinding Operation
Renishaw Encoder Improves Positional Accuracy for CNC Optical Maker
Using Vision Sensors to Eliminate Manufacturing Defects

Eye on Innovation

An Innovative Approach to Shaker Testing
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

InP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Amplifiers to 255 GHz

Mechanics & Machinery

Ultrasonic/Sonic Anchor

Information Sciences

Integrated System Health Management Development Toolkit
TCP/IP Interface for the Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP)


A Simplified Diagnostic Method for Elastomer Bond Durability
Very High Output Thermoelectric Devices Based on ITO Nanocomposites
Complex Multifunctional Polymer/Carbon-Nanotube Composites


Combinatorial Generation of Test Suites
Autonomous Instrument Placement for Mars Exploration Rovers
Mission and Assets Database
Trajectory Calculator for Finite-Radius Cutter on a Lathe

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Composite Layer Manufacturing With Fewer Interruptions
Improved Photoresist Coating for Making CNT Field Emitters

Physical Sciences

Measuring Low Concentrations of Liquid Water in Soil
Compact Microwave Fourier Spectrum Analyzer
Non-Contact Measurement of Density and Thickness Variation in Dielectric Materials
The Mars Science Laboratory Touchdown Test Facility
Grooved Fuel Rings for Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engines
Pulsed Operation of an Ion Accelerator

Electronics & Computers

In-Phase Power-Combined Frequency Tripler at 300 GHz
Smaller But Fully Functional Backshell for Cable Connector
Electronic System for Preventing Airport Runway Incursions
Glove-Box or Desktop Virtual-Reality System
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Delivery System to Modify Release of Organic Agricultural Compound
Technology to Convert, Concentrate, or Dry Oil-Based Emulsions, Dispersions, or Liquids Into a Dry Powder Form

NASA Tech Needs

NASA Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Monitoring

Tech for License

Lossy Compression Technique Varies Data Quality in Response to Bandwidth or Time
Emissions Control System Provides up to 100% Removal