DC Current Transducers

NK Technologies, San Jose, CA, introduced DT-FD Series DC current transducers that provide a large sensing window and the ability to safely monitor circuits with voltages up to 1500 VDC, and up to 400 amps. The sensor can be mounted on a DIN rail or attached to a back panel with screws. The accessible power supply, output-signal, and finger-safe terminals are located on the top of the sensor to allow for easy installation. A one-piece design combines the current sensing elements and the signal conditioning to provide an output compatible with most control systems.

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Optical Design Software

Version 18.4 of OpticStudio optical design software is available from Zemax, Kirkland, WA. It can be used to solve sequential and non-sequential optical design challenges before physical prototypes are built. Enhancements include full-field aberration analysis for freeform surface design and visualization of how aberrations change across the full field of view. A non-sequential converter automatically converts sequential systems with off-axis mirrors or custom lenses to the equivalent non-sequential system. A compound lens object simulates complex lenses for stray light analysis or optomechanical design. A Boolean native object runs ray traces with Boolean combinations of non-sequential objects.

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Signal Routing Software

Pickering Interfaces, Grants Pass, OR, introduced Switch Path Manager™ version 6 signal routing software that simplifies signal routing through complex switching systems and speeds development of switching system software. An enhanced System Configurator Editor gives the user the ability to apply standard functionality like copy, paste, delete, find, replace, and cell manipulation. An API function has been added that lets users find out whether given endpoints have been connected by the software. This functionality is used when a route uses multiple relays, and on that route, there are more endpoints connected to each other.

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Control Components

RAFI USA, Lynnwood, WA, offers the RAFIX22 FS+ low-profile, modular control component family that lets designers individually adapt control components to customize a control panel. The 9.2-mm behind-the-panel depth for the activation elements enables very thin product casing solutions. The series includes ring illumination options in a range of colors, as well as a tactile version that offers haptic responses. The actuator series covers illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons, rotary selector, keylock, and various emergency stop (E-stop) pushbuttons. Signal indicators, potentiometer actuators, and USB feed-throughs also are available.

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