High-Performance Laser Tracker

The laser tracker from Exact Metrology

Exact Metrology, Brookfield, WI, now offers high-performance laser tracker technology in a portable and easy-to-use form factor thanks to the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960.

A robust, all-in-one laser tracker, it fits in a single flight case. Offering high-speed dynamic measurement as standard, it is a complete solution for six degrees of freedom (6DoF) probing, scanning, and automated inspection, as well as reflector measurement.

It features wireless communication and a battery operation option.

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Pancake-Style Gimbal Motors

New gimbal motors from Orbex

Orbex Group, Austin, TX, has introduced a line of ultra-compact high-performance gimbal motors. Featuring a pancake-style form factor, the motors are wound to operate at the low speeds typical for gimbals while exhibiting a high torque constant for fast response when needed. They are engineered to minimize cogging torque, ensuring smooth rotation for stable imaging or pointing, and because they are brushless and are electronically commutated, they can change speeds quickly. Available sizes are 16 millimeters (OD) by 10 millimeters (H) and 26 millimeters (OD) by 12 millimeters (H).

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Desktop CNC Air Blaster Accessory

The Desktop CNC Air Blaster Accessory

Bantam Tools, Peekskill, NY, has launched the Desktop CNC Air Blaster Accessory to go with its Desktop CNC Milling Machine. Now CNC operators can mill and increase chip evacuation and airflow at the same time, as the accessory integrates seamlessly with the CNC Desktop Milling Machine. It increases tool life, decreases cycle times, and improves material finish. It is ideal when working with heavy-debris materials like aluminum or when machining larger chips.

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Electronic Circuit Breaker System

The new electronic circuit breaker system

CAPAROC, the new electronic circuit breaker system from Phoenix Contact, Middletown, PA, uses data-driven power modules to customize overcurrent protection. With numerous feed-in power modules, circuit breakers, potential distribution modules, and current rails, CAPAROC makes it easy to design an intelligent system with communication. Designed for 12 to 24 VDC applications, it includes features such as cascaded channel start-up, intelligent tripping, active current limitation, and intelligent load shedding.

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Indoor Air Quality Sensor Node

Sensirion's SEN54

The SEN54 Sensirion, Inc., Stäfa, Switzerland, environmental sensor node is an all-in-one sensor solution platform for the accurate measurement of various environmental parameters, such as particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, humidity, and temperature. Proprietary algorithms enable straightforward integration into various applications. End users receive reliable air quality measurement and can benefit from improved air quality with increased health and comfort.

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Sensor to Measure and Switch

The ODT 3C 2-in-l sensor

The ODT 3C 2-in-l sensor from Leuze Electronic, Inc, New Hudson, MI, can handle both measuring and switching tasks for a wide range of automated industrial applications. Data includes temperature values, warnings, and signal quality. Black-and-white behavior is < ± 3 millimeters at 150 millimeters. The operating range can be easily adjusted via the teach button, line, or IO-Link. There are two independent switching outputs and sensor models with a warning output or a small light spot.

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Data Logger for Monitoring Cold Chains

Saelig's MSR86

Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY, has introduced the MSR Electronics MSR86 — a compact, reusable temperature data logger equipped with an external sensor for covering the range of -100 to +150 °C to allow continuous monitoring of storage and shipping temperatures for perishable goods. A built-in multifunction LCD display shows the current temperature reading as well as minimum, maximum, and average values, the status of the logger and the alarm condition, as well as the battery charge level.

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Digital Strain Sensor

The ESR digital strain sensor

HEIDENHAIN, Schaumburg, IL, has developed the ESR digital strain sensor to monitor the structural health on structures, to provide preventative maintenance information. It can detect strain down to 0.025 με (μm/m) and measure dynamic vibration of up to 30 kHz. It has a measuring range of ±5000 με. The product enclosure is IP66-rated, which means it is dust proof, has protection against powerful jets of water, and has a temperature range of -40 °C to +100 °C.

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Ultrasonic Flow Measuring System

The Prosonic Flow P 500

The Prosonic Flow P 500 from Endress+Hauser, Greenwood, IN, provides measurement for a wide variety of fluids, such as chemicals, liquid hydrocarbons, solvents, acids, bases, water, and many others. With the Proline 500 transmitter, this opens up a wide range of applications, for example quantity and volume measurement, totalizing and balancing, process monitoring, verification of previously installed flowmeters, detection of leaks between two measuring points in a large pipeline, and more.

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Polarized GigE camera

The BFS-PGE-123S6P-C

TELEDYNE FLIR, Wilsonville, OR, is introducing the latest addition to their polarized Blackfly S GigE camera lineup — the BFS-PGE-123S6P-C. This new 12MP model is well suited for applications dealing with reflective and/or challenging lighting conditions. Ideal for use-cases like traffic systems, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), inspection lines with transparent or reflective parts, and other uncontrolled lighting environments. The new lossless compression feature delivers up to 14 fps at full resolution and weighs in at just 36 grams.

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Secure Pneumatic Hoses

A new CFX series clamp

igus, East Providence, RI, has introduced a new CFX series clamp designed to provide strain relief for pneumatic hoses in e-chain cable carriers. The new clamp model does not compress cables. As soon as it hits the lower insert, the optimum holding force is automatically achieved — it is unnecessary to check tightening torque. It is mechanically impossible to accidentally apply too much pressure and damage the hose.

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Tapered Section Retaining Ring

Retaining rings from Smalley

Smalley, Lake Zurich, IL, is introducing tapered section retaining rings (Circlips) to its selection of over 6,000 retaining rings. Tapered section retaining rings, also referred to as circlips, are retaining rings with a tapered radial wall. Designed for high thrust loads and heavy-duty applications, they are used in thousands of applications across every industry because they are an economical, efficient, and secure method to streamline assembly operations.

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