Effective lubrication is essential to any mechanical system. For example, it is responsible for providing a continuous flow of oil to the engine of the aircraft. As aircrafts have evolved, so have lubrication systems.

Now, a Florida-based startup Zulu Pods, has developed the ZPod, a self-contained, sealed, oil tank and pump that can be installed into existing low-cost expendable jet engines. The ZPod is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and is produced with 3D printing.

On this episode of Here’s an Idea, Daniella Sladen, Co-Founder and CTO of Zulu Pods, talks about what inspired her to create ZPods and how the technology promises to revolutionize lubrication systems design for single-use engines like those found in drones and missiles.

Listen to this episode of Here’s an Idea below. 

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