Robotics & Automation

3D Laser Scanners for Inline Quality Inspection

The scanCONTROL 3D laser scanners offer fast 3D scans with measurement rates of up to 10,000 Hz for capturing the smallest details and structures. The 3D scanners are characterized by high dynamics, absolute precision and compatibility with all materials. Measurement, processing and evaluation of measurement data from real 3D point clouds is performed with the powerful 3DInspect software. Integrated powerful processors, highly sensitive optical components and the low weight make integration into robotic applications and inline production monitoring easy.

For common measurement tasks, scanCONTROL laser scanners with red laser line are used. The scanCONTROL Blue Laser scanners are used for objects into which the laser light penetrates, such as organic or transparent surfaces like plastics, glass, adhesives, silicones, paints, coatings, Plexiglas and seals. Blue laser scanners are also ideal for red-hot metals.