Flexible + Breadboard = FlexBoard: Interaction Prototyping on Curved and Deformable Objects

A flexible breadboard with upwards and downwards bending capability and customizable dimensions, FlexBoard offers the rapid prototyping capabilities of traditional breadboards and then some. Watch this video to learn more about FlexBoard’s bendability, mechanical design, as well as its alternative prototyping approaches.

“A fundamental development in our modern world is that we can interact with digital content everywhere and anytime, which is enabled through ubiquitous interactive devices,” says research author Michael Wessely , a recent postdoc at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) who is now an assistant professor at Aarhus University. “FlexBoard supports the design of these devices by being a versatile and rapid interaction prototyping platform. Our platform also enables designers to quickly test different configurations of sensors, displays, and other interactive components, which might lead to faster product development cycles and more user-friendly and accessible designs.”