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Using Aspheres To Increase Optical System Performance
Monitoring Carbon Composite Structures With Optical Fiber Sensors
Meeting the Demand for Complex Communications Design
Reducing Electromagnetic Interference in Motion Systems

Who's Who

Mark Polansky, Astronaut, Johnson Space Center

Products of the Month

2009 Product of the Year Winners
2009 Product of the Year Winners
2009 Product of the Year Winners
DC Motors
Rotary Encoders
MEMS Inclinometer
DC Gearmotor
Servomotor Brakes
Linear Stages
Mechanically Commutated Drive
Servo Amplifier
Magnetic Encoder
Rotary Stage
Product of the Month: Ultra Compact Diode Laser
Selective Wavelength Photodiodes
Optical Vector Analyzer
Microscope Focus Controller
Camera Control Units
SWIR InGaAs Digital Video Linescan Camera
Optical Replication Process
Miniature Spectrometers
Optical Spectrometer
Non-Contact Laser Shutters
Glass-Glass Photovoltaic Modules
RGB Laser Driver
Boreoscope Camera
Scalable Shutters
Solar On/Off Grid Power Platform
Optoelectronic Analyzer
Rod-Type Lasers

Application Briefs

Deformable Mirrors Key to Advancement of Space Imaging Research
Simulation Software Helps Phoenix Mission Interpret Data From Mars
Rugged-Duty Actuator Enhances State-of-the-Art Pool/Spa Lift
Monitoring Carbon Composite Structures With Optical Fiber Sensors

Eye on Innovation

Reducing Risk With Model-Driven Development
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Quick-Response Thermal Actuator for Use as a Heat Switch
Robotic Arm Comprising Two Bending Segments
Foil Gas Thrust Bearings for High-Speed Turbomachinery
Low-Friction, Low-Profile, High-Moment Two-Axis Joint
Miniature Multi-Axis Mechanism for Hand Controllers
Magnetostrictive Brake

Information Sciences

Efficient Bit-to-Symbol Likelihood Mappings
Landmark Detection in Orbital Images Using Salience Histograms
Capacity Maximizing Constellations


Optimizing a Laser Process for Making Carbon Nanotubes
Thermogravimetric Analysis of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes


Natural-Language Parser for PBEM
Policy Process Editor for P³BM Software
A Quality System Database
Trajectory Optimization: OTIS 4
Computer Software Configuration Item-Specific Flight Software Image Transfer Script Generator

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Coaxial Propellant Injectors With Faceplate Annulus Control
Adaptable Diffraction Gratings With Wavefront Transformation

Physical Sciences

Focusing Light Beams To Improve Atomic-Vapor Optical Buffers
Digitally Enhanced Heterodyne Interferometry
Active and Passive Hybrid Sensor
AlGaN Ultraviolet Detectors for Dual-Band UV Detection
Method for Detecting Perlite Compaction in Large Cryogenic Tanks
Directional Spherical Cherenkov Detector
Using Thin-Film Thermometers as Heaters in Thermal Control Applications
System for Hydrogen Sensing


Focusing Light Beams To Improve Atomic-Vapor Optical Buffers
Digitally Enhanced Heterodyne Interferometry

Electronics & Computers

K-Band Traveling-Wave Tube Amplifier
Sideband-Separating, Millimeter-Wave Heterodyne Receiver
Simplified Load-Following Control for a Fuel Cell System
Loosely Coupled GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System for Range Safety
Modified Phasemeter for a Heterodyne Laser Interferometer
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Polymer/Carbon or Other Materials with Conductivity Approaching Copper and Aluminum
Accurate Measurement Techniques for Deep-Bone Density and Structure

NASA Tech Needs

Active Wing Shape Control Technology for Aircraft

Tech for License

Fast, Quantitative Diagnostic Reader for Medical Tests
Low-Cost Nanomaterials Synthesis and Delivery Mechanism