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Performing Accurate Multi-Paction Measurements
Controlling Robotics Precisely With Haptic Technology

Who's Who

Dr. William Ko, Aerospace Engineer, Engineering Directorate, Aerostructures Branch, Dryden Flight Research Center

Products of the Month

Alignment System
Rail System
Screw-Driven Linear Actuator
Vibration Monitor
Brushless Motor Drive
Digital Torque Tester
Tip-Tilt Stages
Servomotor Actuator
Planetary Gearhead
Magnetic Encoders
Load Cell Actuator
Electric Actuators
Step-Down Regulator
Tilt Sensor
Brushless Blowers
Electric Motor
Inclinometer Sensor
Air Springs
Pneumatic Hand Pump
Shock Accelerometer
Digital Torquemeter
Rotation Stages
Gantry System
DC Motor

Application Briefs

Equipment Enables Communications in Hazardous Locations
Imaging Sensors Examine Evolution of Solar Activity and Space Weather
Control System Safely Moves a Robot During Invasive Neurosurgery
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Sprag Handle Wrenches
Inline Electrical Connector Mate/Demate Pliers
Seal With Integrated Shroud for Androgynous Docking and Berthing
Locking Nut With Stress-Distributing Insert
Adaptable Holders for Arc-Jet Screening Candidate Thermal Protection System Repair Materials
Miniature Low-Mass Drill Actuated by Flextensional Piezo Stack
Compact, Lightweight Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal
Mechanism for Particle Transport and Size Sorting via Low-Frequency Vibrations
Durable Tactile Glove for Human or Robot Hand
Automated Desalting Apparatus
Dedicated Deployable Aerobraking Structure
Progress in Development of the Axel Rovers
Compact, Lightweight Servo-Controllable Brakes
Robotic Arm Manipulator Using Active Control for Sample Acquisition and Transfer, and Passive Mode for Surface Compliance

Information Sciences

Physical Invariants of Intelligence
Rocket-Plume Spectroscopy Simulation for Hydrocarbon-Fueled Rocket Engines
Research on Spoken Dialogue Systems
Injecting Errors for Testing Built-in Test Software
Guidance and Control System for a Satellite Constellation
Charge-Spot Model for Electrostatic Forces in Simulation of Fine Particulates


Magnesium Diboride Current Leads
Polyimide Aerogels With Three-Dimensional Cross-Linked Structure
Alumina Paste Layer as a Sublimation Suppression Barrier for Yb₁₄MnSb₁₁
Silica/Polymer and Silica/Polymer/Fiber Composite Aerogels
High-Temperature Solid Lubricant Coating


MIRO Computational Model
Team Collaboration Software
Comet Gas and Dust Dynamics Modeling
Online Planning Algorithm
AutoGNC Testbed
Optical Imaging and Radiometric Modeling and Simulation

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Nearly Seamless Vacuum-Insulated Boxes
Fast-Response-Time Shape-Memory-Effect Foam Actuators
Non-Pyrotechnic Zero-Leak Normally Closed Valve
Quick-Change Ceramic Flame Holder for High-Output Torches

Physical Sciences

Suppressing Loss of Ions in an Atomic Clock
Simplified Vicarious Radiometric Calibration
Phase-Conjugate Receiver for Gaussian-State Quantum Illumination
Improved Tracking of an Atomic-Clock Resonance Transition
Infrared Camera System for Visualization of IR-Absorbing Gas Leaks
Submonolayer Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetector
Ionization-Assisted Getter Pumping for Ultra-Stable Trapped Ion Frequency Standards
Phase-Array Approach to Optical Whispering Gallery Modulators
Fiber-Optic Continuous Liquid Sensor for Cryogenic Propellant Gauging
Measurement of the Length of an Optical Trap
Mode Tracker for Mode-Hop-Free Operation of a Laser

Electronics & Computers

Digitally Controlled Slot Coupled Patch Array
Reconfigurable Robust Routing for Mobile Outreach Network
Reconfigurable Fault Tolerance for FPGAs
Fiber-Scanned Microdisplays
Portable Health Algorithms Test System
Technique for Performing Dielectric Property Measurements at Microwave Frequencies
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Carbon-Based Nanotubes that Scale with Better Conductivity
System for Qualitative Analysis of Microorganisms

NASA Tech Needs

Identifying Environmentally Friendly Coatings that Protect in Harsh Environments

Tech for License

Pre-Stressed Composite Riser Tubes Transfer Loads to Metal Fittings
Dust-Free Aerogel Insulation Works in Tight Spaces and Extreme Conditions