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Laser Beam Profiling
From Aircraft Wings to Wind Turbine Blades: NASA Software Comes Back to Earth with Green Energy Applications
Closed System Technology Drives the Trend Toward Safer Dispensing of High-Purity Chemicals

Who's Who

Michael Ewert, Deputy Project Manager, Exploration Life Support (ELS) Project, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Products of the Month

Transparent LCD Heaters
ZPrinter 3D Printers
Servo Drives and Motors
Piezo Nanopositioner
Diaphragm Valves
Encoder Interface Device
Position Sensors
Rotary Position Sensor
Electronic Handwheel
Lead Screws
Diaphragm Pump
Driver IC
Rolled Ball Screws
MEMS Inclinometer
Vertical Lift Stage
Stepper Motors
Digital Projection Prisms
Microscope Automation System
64-Bit Windows 7 Microspectroscopy Software
Miniature Thermal Imager
Submillimeter Optical Lenses
Picosecond MOPA Laser
64-Channel Time-to-Digital Converter
High-Performance Seals
Sole Laser Light Engines
LED High Bay Fixture
Fiber-Coupled 405nm Laser Diodes
Night Vision Sensor
XUV Wavelength Calibration Source
High-Voltage Pulse Drivers
Infrared Data Acquisition Technology
Laser Calibration System
Lead Selenide and Lead Sulfide IR Detectors
Large-Area Epitaxial Solar Cells
SWIR InGaAs Camera
Optical Laser Distance Sensor
Custom Non-Browning Lenses

Application Briefs

Using Ultrafast EMCCD Cameras for Faster DNA Sequencing
Emergency Notification System Enables Coordinated Communication Across Facilities
3D Scanning and Processing Software Spots Tile Damage on NASA Shuttle Discovery
Cavitating Pump Dynamics Test Facility for Vehicle System Stability Modeling
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Tele-Robotic ATHLETE Controller for Kinematics —TRACK
Self-Adjusting Liquid Injectors for Combustors
Three-Wheel Brush-Wheel Sampler
Handling Qualities Prediction of an F-16XL-Based Reduced Sonic Boom Aircraft
Heterodyne Interferometer Angle Metrology

Information Sciences

Analysis, Simulation, and Verification of Knowledge-Based, Rule-Based, and Expert Systems
Core and Off-Core Processes in Systems Engineering
Digital Reconstruction Supporting Investigation of Mishaps
Template Matching Approach to Signal Prediction


Lithium-Ion Electrolytes Containing Phosphorous-Based, Flame-Retardant Additives
Straight-Pore Microfilter With Efficient Regeneration
Determining Shear Stress Distribution in a Laminate
InGaP Heterojunction Barrier Solar Cells


BGen: A UML Behavior Network Generator Tool
Platform for Post-Processing Waveform-Based NDE

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Electrochemical Hydrogen Peroxide Generator
Fabrication of Single, Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes in 3D Nanoscale Architectures
Process To Create High-Fidelity Lunar Dust Simulants

Physical Sciences

Hybrid Architecture Active Wavefront Sensing and Control
Aerogel-Positronium Technology for the Detection of Small Quantities of Organic and/or Toxic Materials
Carbon-Nanotube-Based Chemical Gas Sensor
Inductive Non-Contact Position Sensor
High-Temperature Surface-Acoustic-Wave Transducer
Optical Modification of Casimir Forces for Improved Function of Micro- and Nano-Scale Devices
Aligning Astronomical Telescopes via Identification of Stars
Generation of Optical Combs in a WGM Resonator From a Bichromatic Pump
Large-Format AlGaN PIN Photodiode Arrays for UV Images


On Calculating the Zero-Gravity Surface Figure of a Mirror
Fiber-Coupled Planar Light-Wave Circuit for Seed Laser Control in High Spectral Resolution Lidar Systems

Electronics & Computers

Graphene-Based Reversible Nano-Switch/ Sensor Schottky Diode
Grid-Sphere Electrodes for Contact With Ionospheric Plasma
Robust Optimization Design Algorithm for High-Frequency TWTs
Optimal and Local Connectivity Between Neuron and Synapse Array in the Quantum Dot/Silicon Brain
Enabling IP Header Compression in COTS Routers via Frame Relay on a Simplex Link
Ka-Band SiGe Receiver Front-End MMIC for Transponder Applications
Method and Circuit for In-Situ Health Monitoring of Solar Cells in Space
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Portable Diagnostic Scanning Systems for Remote Environments
Printable Electrical Heating Element or Film Bonded to Metal Surface

NASA Tech Needs

Parametric Design and Analysis to Support Model-Based Systems Engineering Using SysML

Tech for License

Preflight Determination of Passengers' Weight in Civil Aviation
High-Temperature, Ceramics-Based Composite Material