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Microinverters Are Launching a Solar Renewable Revolution
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Laser Beam vs. Electron Beam Welding Which process works best for what?

Who's Who

Chad R. Frost, Intelligent Systems Division’s Area Lead for Autonomous Systems and Robotics, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

MTS 360 non-contacting SMD rotary position sensor
Demonstrator PCB
Buck Regulators
Piezoelectric Signal Conditioner
Code Generation Software
I/Q Digitizer

Application Briefs

Software Helps NASA Develop Next-Generation Air Vehicles
Multispectral Camera to Photograph Vegetation from the International Space Station
Making Machine Vision Systems Smarter
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Six Degrees-of-Freedom Ascent Control for Small-Body Touch and Go
Optical-Path-Difference Linear Mechanism for the Panchromatic Fourier Transform Spectrometer

Information Sciences

Ascent Heating Thermal Analysis on Spacecraft Adaptor Fairings
Prioritized LT Codes
Fast Image Texture Classification Using Decision Trees
More-Accurate Model of Flows in Rocket Injectors
Improved Systematic Pointing Error Model for the DSN Antennas
Observability and Estimation of Distributed Space Systems via Local Information-Exchange Networks
In-Orbit Instrument-Pointing Calibration Using the Moon as a Target
Constraint Embedding Technique for Multibody System Dynamics
Entanglement in Self-Supervised Dynamics


Measuring Moisture Levels in Graphite Epoxy Composite Sandwich Structures
Optimized Li-Ion Electrolytes Containing Triphenyl Phosphate as a Flame-Retardant Additive
Real-Time Deposition Monitor for Ultrathin Conductive Films
Marshall Convergent Spray Formulation Improvement for High Temperatures


3D Orbit Visualization for Earth-Observing Missions
MaROS: Web Visualization of Mars Orbiting and Landed Assets
RAPID: Collaborative Commanding and Monitoring of Lunar Assets
Image Segmentation, Registration, Compression, and Matching
Image Calibration
Rapid ISS Power Availability Simulator

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Optimization of Indium Bump Morphology for Improved Flip Chip Devices
Pre-Finishing of SiC for Optical Applications
A Method of Strengthening Composite/Metal Joints

Physical Sciences

High-Temperature Thermometer Using Cr-Doped GdAlO3 Broadband Luminescence
Method to Estimate the Dissolved Air Content in Hydraulic Fluid
Method for Measuring Collimator-Pointing Sensitivity to Temperature Changes
Metrology Arrangement for Measuring the Positions of Mirrors of a Submillimeter Telescope
Super Dwarf Wheat for Growth in Confined Spaces
Dielectric Covered Planar Antennas at Submillimeter Wavelengths for Terahertz Imaging
Local Leak Detection and Health Monitoring of Pressurized Tanks
Single-Antenna Temperature- and Humidity-Sounding Microwave Receiver
Broadband Achromatic Phase Shifter for a Nulling Interferometer
Fine Guidance Sensing for Coronagraphic Obser vatories
Optical Fiber Array Assemblies for Space Flight on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Automated Cryocooler Monitor and Control System
Multi-Wavelength, Multi-Beam, and Polarization-Sensitive Laser Transmitter for Surface Mapping
Optical Communications Link to Airborne Transceiver


Biosensing Technology Offers Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities
Die Extrusion Technology for Medical Tubing Applications
Blood Pressure Monitoring Tool
Laser Sintering for Customized Medical Applications
Cubic-Millimeter Energy-Autonomous Wireless Intraocular Pressure Monitor
Single, Stationary Lens Able to Create Microscopic 3D Images

Electronics & Computers

On-Wafer S-Parameter Measurements in the 325-508-GHz Band
Reconfigurable Microwave Phase Delay Element for Frequency Reference and Phase-Shifter Applications
High-Throughput, Adaptive FFT Architecture for FPGA-Based Spaceborne Data Processors
High-Speed Isolation Board for Flight Hardware Testing
Reliability of Ceramic Column Grid Array Interconnect Packages Under Extreme Temperatures
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Quick and Easy Way to Identify Beryllium Contamination and Assess its General Level
Rheology Modification for Phase-Inversion Mini-Emulsion Formulation

NASA Tech Needs

Cathode Assembly for Molten Regolith Electrolysis

Tech for License

Soft-Feel Grain Surface Treatment for Hard Plastic Mimics Sensation on Fingertips
Development of Organic Materials that Melt by Light Irradiation