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NASA Awards 2010 Government and Commercial Inventions of the Year
Innovation Fuels the Future of Air Travel
Sensors Capture New Images of Mercury
Langley Research Center
Don’t Miss Out on Creating the Future
Machine Vision Fundamentals: How to Make Robots ‘See’
The Role of Software in Acoustic Micro Imaging
Steer-by-Wire Systems with Integrated Torque Feedback Improve Steering Performance and Reduce Cost

Who's Who

Dr. Waleed Abdalati, NASA Chief Scientist, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

Products of the Month

NI PXIe-5186 digitizer
Multi-Channel Fiber Spectrometer
Dichroic Shortpass Filters
Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors
Planar Lightwave Circuits
Graded Reflectivity Laser Mirrors
Modeling and Simulation Software for Mechanical Systems
Seat Design Environment
Embedded Software Development Platform
Design Platform for Motor Drives
Industrial Cameras
Frame Grabber/Video Streamer
Infrared Snapshot Camera
Optical Part-Recognition Tool
LED Video Display
High-Speed Imaging System
Thermal Scanning System
Stainless Steel Sensor
Lens Nanopositioning System
High-Definition CMOS Camera
Frame Grabber
Color-Identification Cameras
Imaging Adapters

Application Briefs

NASA Analyzes Toyota Camry Software With Static-Analysis Tool
MEMS Mirror Will Aid Space-Based Imaging
Imaging System Buckles Up Camera and Parking Sensor
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Method for Cleanly and Precisely Breaking Off a Rock Core Using a Radial Compressive Force
Scoring Dawg Core Breakoff and Retention Mechanism
Praying Mantis Bending Core Breakoff and Retention Mechanism
Rolling-Tooth Core Breakoff and Retention Mechanism
Vibration Isolation and Stabilization System for Spacecraft Exercise Treadmill Devices

Information Sciences

Health Monitor for Multitasking, Safety-Critical, Real-Time Software
Receive Mode Analysis and Design of Microstrip Reflectarrays
Chance-Constrained Guidance With Non-Convex Constraints


Autonomous Coordination of Science Observations Using Multiple Spacecraft
EOS MLS Level 1B Data Processing Software, Version 3
Cassini Tour Atlas Automated Generation
Software Development Standard Processes (SDSP)
Autonomous Phase Retrieval Calibration

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Graphite Composite Panel Polishing Fixture
Modifying Matrix Materials to Increase Wetting and Adhesion
Ridge Waveguide Structures in Magnesium-Doped Lithium Niobate
Material Gradients in Oxygen System Components Improve Safety

Physical Sciences

Stereo Imaging Miniature Endoscope
Wind and Temperature Spectrometry of the Upper Atmosphere in Low-Earth Orbit
Parallel Wavefront Analysis for a 4D Interferometer
Measuring Multiple-Axis Position of Multiple Points at Data-Sampling Rates of 10-20 kHz
Passive Vaporizing Heat Sink
Remote Sensing and Quantization of Analog Sensors
Helium-Cooled Black Shroud for Subscale Cryogenic Testing
Phase Retrieval for Radio Telescope and Antenna Control


Microgravity-Enhanced Stem Cell Selection
Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurological Disorders by Millimeter-Wave Stimulation
Tear-Based Glucose Sensor for Diabetes Monitoring
Maintaining Sterility Assurance Level in Medical Device Design
Electrocardiography (ECG) Necklace
Utilizing Machine Vision Engines for Advanced Quality Control and Object Detection
Experimental Walking Assist Device With Body Weight Support System
Wearable, Artificially Intelligent, Bionic Device
Miniature Atom-Based Magnetic Sensor
Epiretinal Prosthesis Surgically Implanted in the Eye

Electronics & Computers

Early Oscillation Detection Technique for Hybrid DC/DC Converters
Schottky Heterodyne Receivers With Full Waveguide Bandwidth
Coaxial Cables for Martian Extreme
Carbon Nanofiber-Based, High-Frequency, High-Q, Miniaturized Mechanical Resonators
Using Spare Logic Resources To Create Dynamic Test Points
Ultracapacitor-Based Uninterrupted Power Supply System
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Sensitive, Robust Sensors for Ethane and Methane Detection
Solution to Filter Light to High Specification

NASA Tech Needs

NASA Planetary Protection

Tech for License

Facing for Acoustic Batts that Contain Melt-Film Fibrillation
Adaptive Membranes for Comfortable Protective Wear