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Specialized Thin Film Coatings for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Driving Growth and Innovation With Sustainable Design
Dryden Flight Research Center
Electronic Flow Control Valve (EFCV) with Pressure Compensation Capability
Breakthrough in Preventing Food-borne Illnesses Wins ,000 Grand Prize in Global Design Contest
Meet Our Readers: Ken Polcak, Noise Abatement Design & Analysis Team Leader
YouTube and NASA Want Student Experiments

Who's Who

Phil McAlister, Acting Director of Commercial Spaceflight Development, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

Products of the Month

Universal Polishing Fixture
Machine-Vision Camera
Digital High-Speed Cameras
LED Driver
Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes
VGA Digital Camera
Photovoltaic ICs
3D Optical Design Software
Flexible Heaters
Polarization Crosstalk Analyzer
GigE/USB Camera Series
Laser Diode Module
Blue Laser Diodes
Custom Microminiature Optics
PFC and Ballast Control ICs
Light Engine
Photovoltaic Metallization Paste
Diode Laser System
Adjustable Frequency Drives
Stepper Motors
Position Sensor System
Inverter Drives
Motor/Valve Assembly
Rotary Encoders
DC Motor Control
Rotary Sensor
Rotary Table
Multi-Axis Motor Control
AC Motors
Digital Inclinometer
Solenoid Valve
Step-Down Controller
Linear Actuator
DC Compressor
Servo Motors
V-Belt Drives
Scientific Lamp Power Supply
Mode Stripping SMA Cables
AC/DC LED Drivers
Fabry-Perot Etalons
Diode Laser Systems
Model-Based and Trace-Based Timing Analysis
Advanced Driver Assistance System
Automotive Support Package
Optical Design and Analysis Software
Mask‐Wafer Double Simulation Platform
Computer-Aided Engineering Software Suite

Application Briefs

Fine Laser Cutting Technology
NASA Uses Emergency Notification System to Communicate With Personnel
Multi-Layer Films and Tapes Provide Thermal Protection for NASA Spacecraft
DC Motor Automates Patient Transfer Device
Tech Briefs

Information Sciences

Lidar-Based Navigation Algorithm for Safe Lunar Landing
Tracking Object Existence From an Autonomous Patrol Vehicle
Adaptive System Modeling for Spacecraft Simulation


Use of Additives to Improve Performance of Methyl Butyrate-Based Lithium-Ion Electrolytes
Li-Ion Cells Employing Electrolytes With Methyl Propionate and Ethyl Butyrate Co-Solvents


Asynchronous Message Service Reference Implementation
Zero-Copy Objects System
Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networking MACHETE Mode
Contact Graph Routing
Parallel Eclipse Project Checkout

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Pallet Manufacturing Process and Machinery Using Recycled Plastic Materials
Technique for Configuring an Actively Cooled Thermal Shield in a Flight System

Physical Sciences

Optical Sensors for Monitoring Gamma and Neutron Radiation
Rapid-Response Semiconductor Sensor With Resistance Detection Determines Partial Pressure of Oxygen
Device Measures Quality of a Laser Beam and its Illumination Field
Qualifications of Bonding Process of Temperature Sensors to Deep- Space Missions
Compliant Tactile Sensors
Laser Truss Sensor for Segmented Telescope Phasing
A Zero-Gravity Cup for Drinking Beverages in Microgravity
Programmable Aperture With MEMS Microshutter Arrays
Co-Flow Hollow Cathode Technology


Cytometer on a Chip
Benefits of a Fully Digital Comparator for Inspection of Orthopedic Implants
Tryptophan Fluorescence of Ocular Lens Protein for Early Diagnosis of Cataracts
Versatile, Ceramic, Metering Pumps for Medical Applications
Tissue Photolithography
External Cooling Coupled to Reduced Extremity Pressure Device
Method for Impeding Degradation of Porous Silicon Structures
Improved Devices for Collecting Sweat for Chemical Analysis


Polished Panel Optical Receiver for Simultaneous RF/Optical Telemetry With Large DSN Antennas

Electronics & Computers

Scanning and Defocusing Properties of Microstrip Reflectarray Antennas
Cable Tester Box
Fault-Tolerant, Radiation-Hard DSP
Sub-Shot Noise Power Source for Microelectronics
Measuring Input Thresholds on an Existing Board
Programmable Oscillator
Rad-Hard, Miniaturized, Scalable, High-Voltage Switching Module for Power Applications
Architecture for a 1-GHz Digital RADAR
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Stainless Steel Surface Treatment
A More Efficient Turbo Propulsion System

Tech for License

Piezo-Electric Actuator Provides Motion Control Alternative
Lateral-Flow Device Produces Quantitative Diagnostics