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Battery Options for Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors — How Do They Work?

Who's Who

Stephen Merkowitz, Project Manager, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: SpaceClaim Engineer 2012 3D Direct Modeling Software
Infrared Laser Beam Evaluation Tool
Glass Reflectron Lens Process
Fiber Laser
Infrared Emitters
UV Zoom Lens
Embedded Vision System
Cylindrical Lenses
Camera Development Kit
Frame Grabber
Laser Measurement Mobile App
Vacuum Spectrometer
Light Source
PCI Express Packet Processor
Tiny Embedded Device Server
Mini PC
Ventilated 19" Rack Cases

Application Briefs

Pressure Controllers Used in Sounding Rocket Payload Attitude Control Systems
Curiosity Rover Uses CCD Sensors to Navigate Surface of Mars
Has the Ultimate Camera Interface Finally Arrived?
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Long-Life, Lightweight, Multi-Roller Traction Drives for Planetary Vehicle Surface Exploration
Wavefront Compensation Segmented Mirror Sensing and Control
Free-Mass and Interface Configurations of Hammering Mechanisms
Dual-Compartment Inflatable Suitlock
Thermodynamic Vent System for an On-Orbit Cryogenic Reaction Control Engine

Information Sciences

Absolute Position of Targets Measured Through a Chamber Window Using Lidar Metrology Systems
Anomaly Detection in Test Equipment via Sliding Mode Observers
Time Distribution Using SpaceWire in the SCaN Testbed on ISS


Advanced Bonding Methods Incorporating Epoxy Resin Technology
Electrochemical Ultracapacitors Using Graphitic Nanostacks
Large-Strain Transparent Magnetoactive Polymer Nanocomposites


Software to Control and Monitor Gas Streams
Histogrammatic Method for Determining Relative Abundance of Input Gas Pulse
Predictive Sea State Estimation for Automated Ride Control and Handling — PSSEARCH
LEGION: Lightweight Expandable Group of Independently Operating Nodes
Real-Time Projection to Verify Plan Success During Execution
Automated Performance Characterization of DSN System Frequency Stability Using Spacecraft Tracking Data
Web-Based Customizable Viewer for Mars Network Overflight Opportunities

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Graphene Transparent Conductive Electrodes for Next- Generation Microshutter Arrays
Fabrication of a Cryogenic Terahertz Emitter for Bolometer Focal Plane Calibrations
Fabrication of an Absorber-Coupled MKID Detector
Techniques for Solution-Assisted Optical Contacting

Physical Sciences

Air Gaging for Non-Contact Measurement of Complex Geometric Tolerances
An Inefficient Fin Non-Dimensional Parameter to Measure Gas Temperatures Efficiently
Miniaturized Laser Heterodyne Radiometer (LHR) for Measurements of Greenhouse Gases in the Atmospheric Column
PRTs and Their Bonding for Long-Duration, Extreme- Temperature Environments
3D Display Using Conjugated Multiband Bandpass Filters
Real-Time, Non-Intrusive Detection of Liquid Nitrogen in Liquid Oxygen at High Pressure and High Flow
High-Altitude MMIC Sounding Radiometer for the Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Laser Ablation Electrodynamic Ion Funnel for 'In Situ' Mass Spectrometry on Mars
Mid- and Long-IR Broadband Quantum Well Photodetector


Monitoring Location and Angular Orientation of a Pill
Molecular Technique to Reduce PCR Bias for Deeper Understanding of Microbial Diversity
Improved Whole-Blood-Staining Device
Magnetic Responsive Hydrogel Material Delivery System
Compact Green Disk Laser for Therapy Systems
Implantable Prosthetic Interface Securely Integrates With Bone and Soft Tissue
Light Source Enables Endoscope Miniaturization
Wireless Tags Quickly Provide Details About Orthopedic Implants


Method of Bonding Optical Elements With Near-Zero Displacement
Optical Phase Recovery and Locking in a PPM Laser Communication Link
Reliable Optical Pump Architecture for Highly Coherent Lasers Used in Space Metrology Applications
Method to Enhance the Operation of an Optical Inspection Instrument Using Spatial Light Modulators
High-Speed Edge-Detecting Line Scan Smart Camera
Downsampling Photodetector Array With Windowing
Optical Communications Channel Combiner
Development of Thermal Infrared Sensor To Supplement Operational Land Imager

Electronics & Computers

On-Wafer Measurement of a Multi-Stage MMIC Amplifier With 10 dB of Gain at 475 GHz
Fast and Adaptive Lossless Onboard Hyperspectral Data Compression System
Iridium Interfacial Stack — IrIS
Goldstone Solar System Radar Waveform Generator
Amplitude-Stabilized Oscillator for a Capacitance- Probe Electrometer
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Materials that Form Mesh-Based Sheets
Packaging Defect Detection

NASA Tech Needs

Dust Mitigation Connectors for Electrical Cables and Fluid Lines

Tech for License

Indoor Positioning System Utilizes Wireless LAN Network
Square Piston Engine Reduces Emissions