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Hybrid Stepper Advancements Improve Medical Pump Performance
INDUSTRY UPDATE: Design and PLM Software
Technology Highlights from 2013 International CES
Retrofits Convert Gas Vehicles into Hybrids

Who's Who

David Mitchell, MAVEN Project Manager, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Mini Cylinder
Linear Actuators
Pneumatic Air Cylinders
Position Sensors
Motion Controllers
Linear Stages
Linear Scales
Wheel Force Transducer
Brushless Servomotors
Stepper Motor Driver
Load Sensors
Pump Components
Stepper Motors
Brushless DC Pump
Orientation Sensor
Tubing Pumps
Gear Motors
Linear Rail System
Motor Drivers
Product of the Month: the 85521711 International Power Source (IPS)

Application Briefs

Gait Analysis Based on Inertial and Magnetic Sensors
Sensors Enable Precise Mounting of X-Ray Telescope Assembly
Simulations Prepare Curiosity Rover for Touchdown on Mars
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Rock Gripper for Sampling, Mobility, Anchoring, and Manipulation
Rockballer Sample Acquisition Tool

Information Sciences

Measurements of Ultra-Stable Oscillator (USO) Allan Deviations in Space
Validation of Proposed Metrics for Two-Body Abrasion Scratch Test Analysis Standards
Measuring and Estimating Normalized Contrast in Infrared Flash Thermography
Mixed Linear/Square-Root Encoded Single-Slope Ramp Provides Low-Noise ADC With High Linearity for Focal Plane Arrays
X-Ray Detection and Processing Models for Spacecraft Navigation and Timing
RUSHMAPS: Real-time Uploadable Spherical Harmonic Moment Analysis for Particle Spectrometers
Automated 3D Damaged Cavity Model Builder for Lower Surface Acreage Tile on Orbiter
Powered Descent Guidance With General Thrust-Pointing Constraints


High-Temperature, Lightweight, Self- Healing Ceramic Composites for Aircraft Engine Applications
Treatment to Control Adhesion of Silicone-Based Elastomers
High-Temperature Adhesives for Thermally Stable Aero-Assist Technologies


Gaseous Nitrogen Orifice Mass Flow Calculator
Ionospheric Simulation System for Satellite Observations and Global Assimilative Modeling Experiments (ISOGAME)
An Extensible, User- Modifiable Framework for Planning Activities
Mission Operations Center (MOC) - Precipitation Processing System (PPS) Interface Software System (MPISS)
AGATE: Adversarial Game Analysis for Tactical Evaluation

Manufacturing & Prototyping

High-Reliability Waveguide Vacuum/Pressure Window
Methods of Fabricating Scintillators With Radioisotopes for Beta Battery Applications
Magnetic Shield for Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerators (ADR)

Physical Sciences

Rover Low Gain Antenna Qualification for Deep Space Thermal Environments
Automated, Ultra-Sterile Solid Sample Handling and Analysis on a Chip
Spectrally and Radiometrically Stable, Wideband, Onboard Calibration Source
Advanced Magnetic Materials Methods and Numerical Models for Fluidization in Microgravity and Hypogravity
Data Transfer for Multiple Sensor Networks Over a Broad Temperature Range
Using Combustion Synthesis to Reinforce Berms and Other Regolith Structures
Three-Axis Attitude Estimation With a High-Bandwidth Angular Rate Sensor
Visible-Infrared Hyperspectral Image Projector


New Blood Pressure Connectors Prevent Misconnects
Transferrable Sensor Tattoo Measures Metabolic Stress
Extreme Ionizing-Radiation-Resistant Bacterium
Porcupine Quills Aid Device Design
Self-Charging Power Cell for Small Devices

Electronics & Computers

Adaptive Phase Delay Generator
CMOS-Compatible SOI MESFETS for Radiation-Hardened DC-to-DC Converters
Silicon Heat Pipe Array
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Preservation of High-Water-Content Fruit
Removal of Kinetic Energy Associated with Transporting Light

Tech for License

Microfluidic System Moves Liquid Without Electricity
Software Recognizes Amblyopia in Early Childhood