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Industry Roundtable: Imaging Technology
Products of Tomorrow: November 2014
Evaluating Electrically Insulating Epoxies
Cabin Pressure Monitors Notify Pilots to Save Lives
2014 Create the Future Design: Grand Prize Winner
2014 Create the Future Design: Aerospace & Defense Category Winner
2014 Create the Future Design: Machinery/Automation/Robotics Category Winner
2014 Create the Future Design: Automotive & Transportation Category Winner
2014 Create the Future Design: Consumer Products Category Winner
2014 Create the Future Design: Electronics Category Winner
2014 Create the Future Design: Medical Category Winner
2014 Create the Future Design: Sustainable Technologies Category Winner
2014 Create the Future Design Contest

Who's Who

Jeff Ding, Aerospace Welding Engineer, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: Laser Illumination System
>60 W Ultraviolet (UV) Laser
Monolithic Light Engine
Laser Diode Driver
Green Laser Diode Modules
ESD Protection For Laser Diodes
Spectral Surface Mapping Software
CMOS Video Camera Platform
Sapphire Windows
Thermal Chassis Camera
Product of the Month: November 2014
Single Photon Counting Modules

Application Briefs

Ruggedized Displays Improve Automotive Safety
Integrated Data Acquisition and Measurement Hardware Tests New Launch System
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Hydraulic High-Pressure Valve Controller Using the In Situ Pressure Difference
Safely Testing Parachute-Based Extraction Systems
Hybrid Gear

Information Sciences

Industrial Computed Tomography Inspects Parts in 3D
System Health Monitoring Software Learns System Behavior from Data
Detecting High Stress in Oral Interviews and Text Documents
Titan Lake and Shore Sampler
VLBI Antenna Calibration by GPS
Predicting Heart Age Using Electrocardiography
Machine Vision for High-Precision Volume Measurement in Levitated Materials Processing
Lunar Mapper v1
Integrated and Automated Software Test Environment for JPL Software Defined Radio
Time Series Product Tool (TSPT) Version 2.0
NASA Data Acquisition System (NDAS)
Integrated Genomic and Proteomic Information Security Protocol
Flight Processor Virtualization for Size, Weight, and Power Reduction
Massively Parallel Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition Applied to Traffic Flow Scheduling
Mission Control Technologies (MCT)

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Design and Analysis of Metal-to-Composite Nozzle Extension Joints
Modeling Laser Ablation and Plume Chemistry in a Boron Nitride Nanotube Production Rig
Damage-Free Finishing of Silicon X-Ray Optics Using Magnetic Field-Assisted Finishing
Smart Crucibles and Heat Pipes


Mobility Augmentation System Using Switchable Spring Mechanisms

Electronics & Computers

Technology-Independent RHBD Library Through Gate Array Approach
Advanced Pulse Compression System and Testbed
Quasi-Static Electric Field Generator


Flap Side Edge Liners for Airframe Noise Reduction
GEO-CAPE Airborne Simulator (GCAS)
Mars Science Laboratory Flight Software
Airspace Concepts Evaluation System
MAVEN Flight and Ground Software
Prediction of Visual Acuity from Wavefront Aberrations
Tech Exchange