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Products of Tomorrow: February 2015
NACA to NASA: 100 Years of Aeronautics Innovation
NACA Technology: Then and Now
Tech Briefs Interview: NASA’s Kathy Lueders
Testing Devices Garner Data on Insulation Performance
Test it Like da Vinci
The Touch Screen Revolution
The Changing Face of Test

Who's Who

David Blake, Senior Research Scientist, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: February 2015
Digital Controller
Serial Communication Cards
Source Measure Instrument
Source Measure Instrument
Circuit Design Tool
Thermal Imaging Camera
NIR Single Photon Counting OEM Module
Pyroelectric Detectors
Four-Channel Intelligent LED Controllers
Computed Tomography Systems
Data Acquisition and Control
Digital Meter
Passive Oscilloscope Probes
Temperature and Voltage Measurement
Signaling Test Set
Data Acquisition Board
Data Acquisition Module
Temperature Scanner Indicators
Vector Signal Analyzer
Data Acquisition Card
Detection Scanner
Single-Chip Optical Encoders
High Output LED Downlights
Five-Watt LED G9 Lamp

Application Briefs

Video Wall Monitors Space Station Science
Power Management System Keeps SpaceCube Flying
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Cooling Test Samples With a Combined Convective and Conductive System to Rapidly Reach 77 K

Information Sciences

Habitat Demonstration Unit Core Avionics Software
Multicore ROCKSTER
Non-Binary Protograph-Based LDPC Codes with Near-Capacity Thresholds
Dynamically Configurable Pipeline
Frame Synchronization Without Attached Sync Markers
Scalable ParaView for Extreme Scale Visualization
Explicit Filtering Leading to Grid-Spacing-Independent and Discretization-Order-Independent Large Eddy Simulation Solutions
Explicit Filtering Leading to Grid-Independent and Discretization-Order-Independent Large Eddy Simulation
Mars Science Laboratory Second-Chance Flight Software
Multi-User Investigation Organizer
Unit Conversion Macro for TecPlot Solutions for CFD
JWST IV&V Simulation and Test (JIST) RT Logic T501 Emulator


Modeling Transmission Effects on Multilayer Insulation
Woven Thermal Protection System
Innovative, Low-CTE, Lightweight Structures with Higher Strength
Negative Dielectric Constant Material Based on Ion-Conducting Materials
Insulating Materials and Precursor Formulations, and Method of Forming
Selective Clay Placement Within a Silicate Clay-Epoxy-Blend Nanocomposite


Predictive Computations of Single-Phase Turbulent Flows
Predictive Computation of Two-Phase Turbulent Flows with Phase Change
Physics-Model-Based Wiring Fault Detection Toolbox for MATLAB
PEGASUS 5.2: Automated Pre-Processing of Overset CFD Grids
ACES ToolSuite
Modeling for Partitioned and Multicore Flight Software Systems
ATLAS Collaborative Spacecraft and Mission Software Design Tool
Building Blocks for the Rapid Development of Parallel Simulations
Automated Multibody Response (AMBER)

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Mechanically Induced Nucleation Improves Crystalline Quality During Melt Growth of Semiconductors
Fabrication of a Nanopipette Array for Biosensing

Machinery & Automation

Evaluation of Rail Gun Technology for Launch Assist of Air-Breathing Rockets
Using Harmonics to Control Flutter in Wings with Electrical Motors
Micropulse Detonation Rocket Engine for Nano-Satellite Propulsion
Experimental Testbed for 1-MW Turboelectric Distributed Propulsion Aircraft
Propellant Loading Visualization Software


Versatile Platform for Nanotechnology Based on Circular Permutations of Chaperonin Protein
Zero-G Condensing Heat Exchanger with Integral Disinfection
Concurrent O2 Generation and CO2 Control for Advanced Life Support
Gene Expression Signatures for Colon Carcinogenesis and Radiation-Induced Cellular Transformation

Test & Measurement

Guarded Two-Dimensional Flat Plate Insulation Test Calorimeter with Attach Points

Electronics & Computers

Automotive Circuit Protection Using High-Reliability TVS Diodes
A Resistive, High-Voltage, Differential Input Interface in a 3.3-V BiCMOS 0.5-μm Process for Extreme Environments
Precision Current Input With Well-Defined Current Limiting for Extreme Environment Applications

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Test, Calibration, and Training Target for a Microwave Sensor


Algorithm for Estimating PRC Wavefront Errors from Shack-Hartmann Camera Images
Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass Co-Doped with Luminescent Agents for All-Solid-State Microchip Lasers
Large Computer-Generated Hologram with Software-Generated Calibration Wavefront Map


Method for Performing GPS L1 C/A Measurements in Wideband Jamming and Interference
Tech Exchange