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Products of Tomorrow: March 2015
Smart-Grid-Ready Instrumentation
Vision Algorithms Catch Defects in Screen Displays
Researcher Spotlight: Atom­Thick Material Offers 2D Imaging Possibilities
Synthetic Vision Systems Improve Pilots' Situational Awareness
The Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble Spinoffs: Space Age Technology for the Masses
Customizing Visual 3D Optical Coatings

Who's Who

Carolyn Parcheta, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: March 2015
CMOS Smart Camera
Thermal Camera
CMOS Camera
USB 3.0 Camera
CMOS Camera
High-Speed Camera
Vision Sensors
Thermal Camera

Application Briefs

System Concept Studies Will Aid NASA in Asteroid Redirect Mission
Data Recorders Prepare Orion for Splashdown Test
3D Vision System Aids 560-Mile Piloted Drive
3D Volumetric Display Technology
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Design for Improving the Flatness of Solar Sails
Reactionless Drive Tube Sampling Device and Deployment Method
Nozzle Heat Flux Gauge
Rotary-Hammer Core Sample Acquisition Tool

Information Sciences

Post-Flight Analysis Statistical Heating (PFlASH)
Magnetic Sensitivity of a Ka-Band Isolator Measured Using the GRAIL Testbed
Open-Source, Platform-Neutral BLAS Library
JPL Unified Methodology Process (JUMP)
Automated Evaluation Software (AES) Web Application
A RESTful Web Service Connector for Phoenix Analysis Server

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Fabrication of Single-Mode, Distributed-Feedback, Interband Cascade Lasers
Developing Ceramic-Like Bulk Metallic Glass Gears

Machinery & Automation

Hands-Free Control Interfaces for an Extravehicular Jetpack
Artificial Immune System-Based Approach for Air Combat Maneuvering
Rule-Based Analytic Asset Management for Space Exploration Systems (RAMSES)

Physical Sciences

Optical Fiber for Solar Cells
Pumped Subsea Energy Storage
Carbon Nanotube Tower-Based Supercapacitor

Electronics & Computers

Self-Diagnostic Accelerometer Field Programmable Gate Array
Capacitively Coupled, High-Voltage Current Sensing for Extreme Environments
E-Textile Interconnect

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Multivariate Time Series Search Capability to Identify Complex Patterns in Large Datasets
NGDCS Linux Application for Imaging-Spectrometer Data Acquisition and Display
Kepler Community Data Analysis Tools
Detection of Carried and Dropped Objects in Surveillance Video
Signal Processing Software for Remote Vital Sign Monitoring
Visualization of fMRI Network Data
Viewpoints Software for Visualization of Multivariate Data
Controlling Fast Acquisition Hardware to Pre-Position a Satellite to Constrain Baseband Searches
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