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Products of Tomorrow: March 2016
NASA-Developed Platform Integrates Sensors with Smartphones
Defining and Measuring “LOOSE TIGHT BUFFER” in Fiber Optic Cables
Tech Briefs 40th Anniversary: Executive Perspectives
Executive Perspectives: Data Acquisition & Sensing
Executive Perspectives: Software
Executive Perspectives: Software
Executive Perspectives: Internet of Things
Executive Perspectives: Test & Measurement
Executive Perspectives: Robotics
Executive Perspectives: Software
Executive Perspectives: Robotics
Executive Perspectives: Test & Measurement
Advanced Infrared Camera Maps Methane "Hot Spots"

Who's Who

Jim Heidmann, Project Manager for NASA’s Advanced Air Transport Technology Project, and Jason Welstead, Aerospace Engineer

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: March 2016
Miniature Single-Axis Mirror Positioning System
Medical-Grade Video Cameras
Radiation Hard Lens for Color Sensors
High-Speed Infrared Cameras
OTDR Modules
Smart Cameras
Frame Grabbers
Back-Illuminated CCD Camera
LN2-Cooled InGaAs Camera
High-Speed Cameras
Laser Diode Modules
SWIR Cameras
Bandpass Filters
System-on-Chip (SoC)
GigE Cameras
USB 3.0 Microscope Cameras
Industrial Cameras
Single Mode Fiber Coupler
Laser Power Detector
Laser Micro-Machining Heads
Area-Scan Cameras
Voice Coil Actuator
XUV Spectrometer
CCD Color Line Scan Camera
Spectrum Analyzer
3D AOI Inspection System
Product of the Month: March 2016
Product Lifecycle Management
Data Analysis and Visualization
3D Modeling
Electric Machine Design
Data Acquisition Software
Vehicle Communication Simulation
Handheld VOC Meter
Custom Battery Packs
Low-Noise Amplifier
Airflow Scanner
Coupling and Spring Prototypes

Application Briefs

Simulation Software is Key to Orion’s Heat-Shield Success
Cryogenic Seal for Space Launch System Handles Extreme Pressure Conditions
Cambridge Researchers Take Computer Vision for Test Drive
Using Optical Imaging to Combat Counterfeit Components
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Pyrotechnically Actuated Gas Generator Using Aqueous Methanol
Deployable Perimeter Truss with Blade Reel Deployment Mechanism
Cantera Integration with T-MATS
Rocket Sled Parachute Design Verification

Machinery & Automation

Autonomous Flight Termination System Reference Design Hardware
RoboSimian: Software Algorithms for a Mobile Manipulation Quadruped Robot
Robot Task Commander with Extensible Programming Environment
Multi-Spacecraft Autonomous Positioning System/Network-Based Navigation
Heading Versus Tilt Chart for Assessing HGA Occlusion and Flop Risk in MSL Operations
Rapid Forest Triage by Sub-Canopy Micro Air Vehicles
Insertable, Miniature, In-Vivo Surgical Robot with Embedded Control

Electronics & Computers

CMOS-Compatible Ohmic Contact RF MEMS Switch
Miller-Jogging for Synthesizer Lock Algorithm Extension
Deployable Antenna Circuit Board Material Design and Fabrication Process
Rigorous Antenna Noise Temperature Calculation Method for International Space Station Visiting Spacecraft
Recurring Anomaly Detection System (ReADS)
Method for Automatic Optimization of Yaw Maneuvers for Orbiting Space Vehicles
Architecture Framework for Fault Management Assessment and Design
Spacecraft Parameter Database Tool
Eliminating the Need for Payload-Specific Coupled Loads Analyses Without Mission Risk
Moon Tours Android


Continental-Scale Mapping of Adélie Penguin Colonies from Landsat Imagery
Photogrammetric-Based Pose Initialization and Propagation for Inertial Navigation Systems
Multi-Channel Laser Absorption Spectrometer for Combustion Product Monitoring
Disturbance-Free, High-Resolution Imaging from Space
Hollow-Core Fiber Lamp for Mercury Ion Clocks and Micro-Plasma Studies
3D Imaging Technology and System
Virtual Windows to Supplement Conventional Spacecraft Windows
SCaN Optical Link Assessment Tool Version 2
Optical Correlation Receiver
Exploration Visualization Environment
Ultrasound Competence Test Metrics


Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Integration for Shock Noise (RISN)
Regeneratively Cooled Porous Media Jacket
Multi-Pulse Motor (MPM) Designed for Use with Electric Solid Propellants
Adaptive Augmenting Control
Daily Mesoscale Sea Surface Salinity from Evaporation and Precipitation
Software for Inferring the Aerosol Water and Soot Fractions from Remote Sensing Measurements
Algae Photobioreactor Using Floating Enclosures With Semi-Permeable Membranes
Parallelization of Snowflake Growth Simulation
Soil Remediation with Plant-Fungal Combinations


Mini-Stamp as a Micro-Display for At-a-Glance Subsystem Information for DSN Links
Command and Data Handling for the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission
Ka-Band Parabolic Deployable Antenna (KaPDA)
Embedded Technology

Product Briefs

Device-Level Software Platform
Board Mount AC-DC Power Supplies
Compact Broadband Amplifiers
PC/104 Single Board Computers


Neural Network Chip Can Perform Powerful Artificial-Intelligence Tasks
Iron Studded BNNTs Could Replace Semiconductors in Wearable Tech
Stable "Superoxide" Opens the Door to a New Class of Batteries