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New Horizons for Aviation Technology
40 Years of Safer Aviation Through Reporting
Spinoff: Wireless Platform Integrates Sensors with Smartphones
Software Models Electromagnetics of Wireless Power Transfer
Improving Weapons with Simulation
Simulating Material Migration
Optimizing Fuel Filters via Simulation
Designing for 3D Printing
Camera-Equipped Vehicles ‘See the Light’ in Cities
Developing a Laser System to Decrease the Rate of Neurodevelopment Issues
SPIE Photonics West 2017 Preview
The Basics of Encoder Selection

Who's Who

Branimir Blagojevic, Technologist, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: January 2017
Single-Frequency Lasers
Single Photon Counting Module
Time-to-Digital Converter
Laser Diode Modules

Application Briefs

Fabricating Optical Mirrors for Use in Outer Space Measurements
Making VR a NASA Reality
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Airfoil-Shaped Fluid Flow Tool for Use in Making Differential Measurements
Piezo-Actuated, Fast-Acting Control Valve
Interface Between STAR-CCM+ and 42 for Enhanced Fuel Slosh Analysis
Mechanisms for Achieving Non-Sinusoidal Waveforms on Stirling Engines
RFID Cavity
Method for Asteroid Volatile Extraction in Space
Improving Stirling Engine Performance Through Optimized Piston and Displacer Motion


High-Temperature, Hydrophobic, Flexible Aerogel Composite and Method of Making Same
Mechanical Components from Highly Recoverable, Low Apparent Modulus Materials
Polyimide Wire Insulation Repair System
Lightweight, Flexible Thermal Protection System for Fire Protection


Scalable and Tileable Aggregate Low-Level Summary Display for Deep Space Network Link Control Tasks
Mission Service Architecture Framework (MSAF)
Multi-Mission Operations System (MMOS)
Study of Formulating Conserved Scalar Equations for Turbulent Reactive Flows with General Species Mass- Diffusion Coefficients for Utilization in Flamelet Models
HORIZON Framework for Distributed Data Management and Product Generation Workflow
TIE: The Imagery Exchange for the NASA Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) Project
Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Game Phase III
Adverse Condition and Critical Event Prediction Toolbox (ACCEPT)
MATLAB Webification Science Client

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Pulsed Ultrasonic Stir Welding System
Method of Heat Treating Aluminum-Lithium Alloy to Improve Formability
Fuel Tank for Liquefied Natural Gas
Impact Tester Device

Electronics & Computers

Electric Field Quantitative Measurement System and Method
Auto-Balancing Series-Stacked Input DC-DC Converter
Larger-Area Integrated Electrical Metallization Dielectric Structures with Stress-Managed Unit Cells for Extreme- Environment Semiconductor Electronics Chips

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Biomarker Sensor System and Method for Multi-Color Imaging and Processing of Single-Molecule Life Signatures
Device and Method of Scintillating Quantum Dots for Radiation Imaging
Lightning Protection and Detection System
Advanced Gas Sensors and High-Temperature Pressure Sensors
Minimally Intrusive Thin-Film Electrical Insulation on Conductive Surfaces


CUDA Framework for Linear Time-Invariant Control of Adaptive Optics Systems
Invertible Time Invariant Linear Filtering (InTILF) Method for Pattern Detection and Modeling of Stochastic One- or Two-Dimensional Data
One-Micron (1064-nm) Planar External Cavity Laser (PLANEX)
Stereoscopic Imaging in Hypersonic Boundary Layers Using Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence


Variably Transmittive, Electronically Controlled Eyewear
Method for Ground-to-Satellite Laser Calibration System
Energy Analysis Method for Hidden Damage Detection
Deconvolution Methods and Systems for the Mapping of Acoustic Sources from Phased Microphone Arrays
High-Precision Electric Gate for Time-of-Flight Ion Mass Spectrometers
Method of Adjusting Acoustic Impedances for Impedance-Tunable Acoustic Segments
Nanostructure Neutron Converter Layer Development
Mars Science Laboratory ChemCam Sun Safety


System for In-Situ Detection of Plant Exposure to Trichloroethylene (TCE)
Time-Shifted PN Codes for CW LIDAR, RADAR, and SONAR
Data Informatics Infrastructure for the Megacities Carbon Project
Activated Metal Treatment System (AMTS) for Paints
Airborne Elastic Backscatter and Raman Polychromator for Ash Detection