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Laser Vision Helps Package Shippers See Clearly
The Basics of Encoder Selection
Servo Couplings for High-Tech Systems
Metallic Glass Shatters Gear Limitations
Adding SCADA to a Hydraulic Power Unit

Who's Who

Farzin Amzajerdian, Principal Investigator, Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: February 2017

Application Briefs

PLCs Improve Control of Radio Broadcasts
Tech Briefs

Information Sciences

Generalized Query Tool for Accessing the Database of the Mars Relay Operations Service (MaROS)
High-Performance Fault-Tolerant xEmbedded Computing (HPFEC) Benchmark Suite
JPF-NAS Extension of Java Pathfinder
Institutional Budgeting Tool (IBT)
Tubes Standards-Compliant C Header Library
Techniques for Conducting Effective Concept Design and Design-to-Cost Trade Studies
HyDE Model-Based Diagnosis Engine for Stochastic Hybrid Systems


Methods for Intercalating and Exfoliating Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Method for Fabricating Diamond-Dispersed, Fiber-Reinforced Composite Coating on Low-Temperature Sliding Thrust Bearing Interfaces
Enhanced Composite Damping Through Engineered Interfaces
Mechanoresponsive Healing Polymers
Methodology for the Effective Stabilization of Tin-Oxide-Based Oxidation/Reduction Catalysts
Polymer-Reinforced, Non-Brittle, Lightweight Cryogenic Insulation for Reduced Lifecycle Costs

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Use of Beam Deflection to Control an Electron Beam Wire Deposition Process
Thermal Stir Welding Process
Systems, Apparatuses, and Methods for Using Durable Adhesively Bonded Joints for Sandwich Structures
Preliminary Design of a Cryogenic Hydrogen Radiation Shield for Human Spaceflight
Methods of Making and Using Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)
Tool Designs for Friction Stir Welding
Novel Electrochemical Cell Designs for Simultaneous Production of Methane and Oxygen via the Electrolysis of Carbon Dioxide and Water

Machinery & Automation

Rescue Robot Has Remote Control Function
Small Robot Has Outstanding Vertical Agility
Interactive Robot Control System and Method of Use
Piezoelectric Actuator with Dual Horns that are Separately Controllable to Drive Miniature Vehicles Along a Single Axis
Robot Powertrain Moves Toward Energy Autonomy
Evaluation Standard for Robotic Research


High-Quality Tissue Formation Method
Filtering Molecules with Nanotube Technology
3D Biomimetic Platform
Automated Behavior and Cohesion Assessment Tools (ABCAT)
Algorithm Measures Range of Motion and Applies Eccentric and Concentric Loads During Exercise

Test & Measurement

Reliability Testing of High-Power Devices
Electronic Device Monitors the Heart and Recognizes Speech
Split Laser System for Environmental Monitoring
Measuring Tiny Forces with Light
Laser Scanning Technique for Testing Fire-Damaged Concrete
3D Measurement and Visualization of Displacement and Strain Fields

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Eddy Current System and Method for Crack Detection
Eddy Current Probe for Surface and Sub-Surface Inspection
Damage Detection System for Flat Surfaces
Wireless Sensing System Using Open-Circuit, Electrically Conductive Spiral-Trace Sensor
Variable Permeability Magnetometer Systems and Methods for Aerospace Applications


Photonic Choke-Joints for Dual-Polarization Waveguides
Smart Optical Material Characterization System and Method
Compact Planar Microwave Blocking Filters
System and Method for Generating a Frequency-Modulated Linear Laser Waveform
Systems and Methods for Mirror Mounting with Minimized Distortion
Improved Approach to Exoplanet Coronagraphy
Apparatus and Method for a Light Direction Sensor
Apparatus and Method for Creating a Photonic Densely Accumulated Ray-Point