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2007 Product of the Year and Design Contest Winners Honored
Spherical Sensor Configurations for Three-Dimensional Detecting and Tracking
Innovation Begets Innovation
Vision, Software Enhancements Advance Robots
Understanding Robot Movements Through Kinematics
Using Vision to Enable Robotic Random Bin Picking

Who's Who

Dr. David Morrison, Senior Scientist, NASA Astrobiology Institute

Products of the Month

Siemens PLM Software
Linear Bushings
Rack-Mount Motion Controller
Analog Input Modules
Pressure Sensor
Digital Motor Controller
Pneumatic Mini Slide
Brushless DC Motor Drive
Torque Sensor
Miniature Cable
Brushless DC Motor
Linear Stepper Motor
Ceramic Piezo Motor
Radio Touch Probe
Turbo Pumps
Linear Drive
Stepper Motor Drive
Anti-Backlash Assembly
Incremental Rotary Encoder
Push/Pull Switches
Variable Frequency Drive
Positioning Controller
Encoder Interface
High-Speed Video Camera
Surface-Mount LED
Hardware Compression Platform
Video Imaging System
Transmission Electron Microscope
5-Megapixel Camera
Remote-Head Camera
Machine Vision Cameras
Digital Microscope Camera
Network Camera
Widescreen Operator Panel
Large-Format MWIR Lens

Application Briefs

Immersive Display System Enables Virtual Reality in NASA Lab
Tool Suite Enables Software Testing for Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle
Matrox Helps Military Vehicles Get the Robotic Touch
FARO Inspection Device Aids in Robot Calibration
Creating an Automated Brake Inspection System with Machine Vision
Vision Sensors Simplify Automobile Seat Component Inspection
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Radiation-Insensitive Inverse Majority Gates

Mechanics & Machinery

Improved Descent-Rate Limiting Mechanism
Alignment-Insensitive Lower-Cost Telescope Architecture
Miniature Latching Valve
Micro-Resistojet for Small Satellites
Using Piezoelectric Devices To Transmit Power Through Walls
Low-Impact Mating System for Docking Spacecraft

Information Sciences

Measuring Positions of Objects Using Two or More Cameras
Reduced-Order Kalman Filtering for Processing Relative Measurements
Aerobraking Maneuver (ABM) Report Generator
ABM Drag_Pass Report Generator
Transformation of OODT CAS To Perform Larger Tasks
Visualization Component of Vehicle Health Decision Support System
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Uplink Analysis Tool
G-Guidance Interface Design for Small Body Mission Simulation
DSN Scheduling Engine
Replacement Sequence of Events Generator
Force-Control Algorithm for Surface Sampling
Problem Reporting System
Tool for Merging Proposals Into DSN Schedules
Simulation of Stochastic Processes by Coupled ODE-PDE
Genetic Algorithm Optimizes Q-LAW Control Parameters
Quantum-Inspired Maximizer


Special Polymer/Carbon Composite Films for Detecting SO₂
Organic/Inorganic Polymeric Composites for Heat-Transfer Reduction
Composite Cathodes for Dual-Rate Li-Ion Batteries
Nickel-Based Superalloy Resists Embrittlement by Hydrogen
Chemical Passivation of Li⁺-Conducting Solid Electrolytes

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Micromachined Slits for Imaging Spectrometers
Fabricating Nanodots Using Lift-Off of a Nanopore Template
Making Complex Electrically Conductive Patterns on Cloth

Physical Sciences

Lidar System for Airborne Measurement of Clouds and Aerosols
Hyperspectral Sun Photometer for Atmospheric Characterization and Vicarious Calibrations
Shaker Fatigue Testing of a Turbine Engine Compressor Blade
Dynamic Stability and Gravitational Balancing of Multiple Extended Bodies
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Materials via Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
Gold-on-Polymer-Based Sensing Films for Detection of Organic and Inorganic Analytes in the Air


Apparatus for Sampling Surface Contamination
Novel Species of Non-Spore-Forming Bacteria
Chamber for Aerosol Deposition of Bioparticles

Electronics & Computers

Charge-Control Unit for Testing Lithium-Ion Cells
Spaceborne Processor Array
Commercial Product Activation Using RFID
Chromatic Modulator for a High-Resolution CCD or APS
Instrumentation System Diagnoses a Thermocouple
Cup Cylindrical Waveguide Antenna
Cluster Inter-Spacecraft Communications
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Self-Contained Therapeutic Thermal Wrap
Substance with High Affinity for Large Antigen Molecules

Tech for License

High-Performance CIGS Solar Cell Saves Resources
Paracellular Drug Delivery Through Baker’s Yeast Microcapsules