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Industry Update: Analysis & Simulation Software
Moving Machine Vision to 64-Bits

Who's Who

Jeff Ding, Aerospace Welding Engineer at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Products of the Month

Multifunction, High-Throughput, Simultaneous USB Data Acquisition Module
Product of the Month: Lenses for Hostile Environments
Shadowgraph Camera
High-Power Titanium Sapphire Coatings
Highly Aspheric Mirrors and Lenses
Machine Vision Camera System
Sub-Miniature Resonant Optical Scanner
USB-Equipped Cameras
RTA Polygonal Scanners
Digital Welding Camera System

Application Briefs

Composites Software Helps in Design and Fabrication of Crew Module
Vision System Provides Real-Time Guidance for Unmanned Docking Operations
Designing 3D Capabilities Into Handheld Displays
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Hardware Implementation of a Bilateral Subtraction Filter
Lattice-Matched Semiconductor Layers on Single Crystalline Sapphire Substrate

Mechanics & Machinery

Rollerjaw Rock Crusher
Pressure-Energized Seal Rings To Better Withstand Flows
Deployable Shroud for the International X-Ray Observatory
X-38 Advanced Sublimator

Information Sciences

Automated CFD for Generation of Airfoil Performance Tables
A Data Matrix Method for Improving the Quantification of Element Percentages of SEM/EDX Analysis
Improved Model of a Mercury Ring Damper
Progressive Classification Using Support Vector Machines
Progressive Classification Using Support Vector Machines
Active Learning With Irrelevant Examples


Detecting Airborne Mercury by Use of Polymer/Carbon Films
Composite Silica Aerogels Opacified With Titania
Multiplexed Colorimetric Solid-Phase Extraction


Flightspeed Integral Image Analysis Toolkit
Work Coordination Engine
Multi-Mission Automated Task Invocation Subsystem
Autonomously Calibrating a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
Determining Spacecraft Reaction Wheel Friction Parameters

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Discrete Fourier Transform Analysis in a Complex Vector Space
Self-Assembling, Flexible, Pre-Ceramic Composite Preforms
Miniature Scroll Pumps Fabricated by LIGA

Physical Sciences

NiF₂/NaF:CaF₂/Ca Solid-State High-Temperature Battery Cells
Alternative Determination of Density of the Titan Atmosphere
Microwave Temperature Profiler Mounted in a Standard Airborne Research Canister
Solar Simulator Represents the Mars Surface Solar Environment
Solar Rejection Filter for Large Telescopes
Critical Coupling Between Optical Fibers and WGM Resonators


Optoelectronic pH Meter: Further Details
Magnetic Plungerless Injection System
Exact Dose Dispensing Closure for Semi-Solids
Graphite Non-Wovens as Functional Layers in Diagnostic Test Kits
Modular Electronic Air Sterilization Technology
Quantifying Therapeutic and Diagnostic Efficacy in 2D Microvascular Images
Microwave Sterilization and Depyrogenation System
Reliability and Validity of a Prototype Fluid Intake Monitor
A Finite-Element Model for Evaluation of Middle Ear Mechanics

Test & Measurement

Cryogenic Chamber for Servo-Hydraulic Materials Testing
Multimodal Friction Ignition Tester
Rover Attitude and Pointing System Simulation Testbed
Desktop Application Program To Simulate Cargo-Air-Drop Tests
Small-Bolt Torque-Tension Tester
Apparatus Measures Thermal Conductance Through a Thin Sample From Cryogenic to Room Temperature


Solar Rejection Filter for Large Telescopes
Free-Space Optical Interconnect Employing VCSEL Diodes
Critical Coupling Between Optical Fibers and WGM Resonators

Electronics & Computers

Simple Optoelectronic Feedback in Microwave Oscillators
Integrated Spacesuit Audio System Enhances Speech Quality and Reduces Noise
Small X-Band Oscillator Antennas
Free-Space Optical Interconnect Employing VCSEL Diodes
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Chemical Approach to Spraying All Sides of a Complex Shape
Triclosan Replacement

NASA Tech Needs

Intelligent Integrated System Health Management

Tech for License

Low-Cost Liquid Metal Cooling for High-Thermal-Density Electronics
Needle-Free Injection System Using Pyrotechnical Propulsion