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Wireless Solutions Improve Communications and Productivity in Manufacturing Facilities
Greg Olsen on Imaging, Space Science, and the Future of Engineering
Tips On Selecting Custom Gearmotors
Intelligent Motor Control ICs Simplify System Design

Who's Who

Starr Ginn, Deputy Branch Chief, Engineering Directorate, Aerostructures Branch, Dryden Flight Research Center

Products of the Month

ASDX Series of silicon pressure sensors
Stepper Motor and Driver/Controller
Brushless DC Motor
Stepper Motor with Chopper Drive
Rotary Encoder
Brushless AC Motor
High-Voltage Amplifier
Stepper Drives
Industrial Videoscopes
CMOS Camera
Smart Camera System
Polarization Camera
Vision-Based Sensors
Vision Sensors
Remote-Head Camera
Operator Console Recorder
Imaging Software

Application Briefs

Software Aids Design of Ares V Composite Shroud Structure
Battery Will Provide Backup Power for Space Shuttles
High-Speed Vision Inspection for Sheet-Based Electronics Materials
Matrox Vision Software Aids Robotic Inspection of Turbines
Siemens Processor Helps KUKA Boost Robot Productivity

Eye on Innovation

Infrared Zoom Moves Toward the Mainstream
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Reconfigurable, Bi-Directional Flexfet Level Shifter for Low- Power, Rad-Hard Integration
Compact, Miniature MMIC Receiver Modules for an MMIC Array Spectrograph
Magnetic-Field-Tunable Superconducting Rectifier
Waveguide Transition for Submillimeter-Wave MMICs

Information Sciences

Stream Flow Prediction by Remote Sensing and Genetic Programming
Low-Complexity Lossless and Near-Lossless Data Compression Technique for Multispectral Imagery
Algorithm for Computing Particle/Surface Interactions
Safety and Quality Training Simulator
Rover Slip Validation and Prediction Algorithm
Supply-Chain Optimization Template
Quickly Approximating the Distance Between Two Objects
Thermal Transport Model for Heat Sink Design
Adaptive Morphological Feature-Based Object Classifier for a Color Imaging System

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Bonded Invar Clip Removal Using Foil Heaters
Gratings Fabricated on Flat Surfaces and Reproduced on Non-Flat Substrates
Fabricating Radial Groove Gratings Using Projection Photolithography

Physical Sciences

Detecting Phase Boundaries in Hard-Sphere Suspensions
Using GPS to Detect Imminent Tsunamis
Very-Long-Distance Remote Hearing and Vibrometry
Method for Measuring the Volume-Scattering Function of Water
Method of Heating a Foam-Based Catalyst Bed
Small Deflection Energy Analyzer for Energy and Angular Distributions
Polymeric Bladder for Storing Liquid Oxygen
Pyrotechnic Simulator/Stray-Voltage Detector
Inventions Utilizing Microfluidics and Colloidal Particles
RuO₂ Thermometer for Ultra-Low Temperatures
Ultra-Compact, High-Resolution LADAR System for 3D Imaging
Dual-Channel Multi-Purpose Telescope
Cryogenic Pupil Alignment Test Architecture for Aberrated Pupil Images
Objective Lens Optimized for Wavefront Delivery, Pupil Imaging, and Pupil Ghosting
CMOS Camera Array With Onboard Memory
Processing Images of Craters for Spacecraft Navigation

Electronics & Computers

A Deep Space Network Portable Radio Science Receiver
Pilotless Frame Synchronization Using LDPC Code Constraints
Modulation Based on Probability Density Functions
Photonic Links for High-Performance Arraying of Antennas
Video System for Viewing From a Remote or Windowless Cockpit
Hardware-Efficient Monitoring of I/O Signals
Spacesuit Data Display and Management System
IEEE 1394 Hub With Fault Containment
Ku Telemetry Modulator for Suborbital
Radiometer on a Chip
Measuring Luminescence Lifetime With Help of a DSP
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Low-Friction Surface for Ready-to-Use Catheter
One-Handed Ergonomic Approach to Pliers/Cutters

NASA Tech Needs

Smart and Intelligent Sensors

Tech for License

Ruggedized Micro Spectrometer Module
Super Bulk Production of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes