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2008 Create the Future Design Contest Grand Winner
Consumer Products Category Winner
Machinery & Equipment Category Winner
Medical Category Winner
Safety & Security Category Winner
Sustainable Technologies Category Winner
Transportation Category Winner
Slip Clutches Solve Diverse Design Problems
Taming Residual Bulk Image in CCDs

Who's Who

Dr. Alexander Kashlinsky, Senior Staff Scientist, SSAI, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

P356 Low-Pressure Gage
Optical Encoder
Pillow Blocks
Incremental Encoder
Piezo Linear Actuator
DC Gearmotors
Speed Regulator
Electric Actuator
Linear Drive
Photonics Tech Briefs Announces 2008 Products of the Year
Product of the Month: Laser Beam Analysis System
Gel Imaging System
Near-IR Cameras
LED Lighting Modules
Piezo Stages
Transmission Flat For Interferometers
Phototransistor Optocouplers
Thin-Film Thermoelectric Cooler
Miniature Halogen Lamps
642nm 150mW Laser Diode
LED Drivers
Dual Vision Thermal Imaging Camera
Pump Diode Laser
Ruggedized Lasers
LED Driver
Portable Raman Spectroscopy Device
Laser Apparatus
Handheld Spectrometer
Damage-Resistant Mirrors
Dispersion Control Modules

Application Briefs

Communications Systems Support NASA’s Unmanned Aircraft
Handheld Labeler is Key to International Space Station’s Organizational System
BEI Duncan’s Steer-by-Wire Technology Improves Fuel Efficiency for AGCO Challenger® Tractor
Delta Motion Controller Helps ADI Improve Automotive Chassis Testing
Heidenhain Encoders Help TRW Machine Ford SUV Parts
Shortwave Infrared - The Latest Weapon in the War on Terror
Shortwave Infrared - The Latest Weapon in the War on Terror

Eye on Innovation

Product Simplification: Rediscover a Whole New Game
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Parallel Hybrid Vehicle Optimal Storage System

Information Sciences

Bounded-Angle Iterative Decoding of LDPC Codes
Conversion From Tree to Graph Representation of Requirements


Integrated Multilayer Insulation

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Modal Vibration Analysis of Large Castings
Structural/Radiation-Shielding Epoxies

Physical Sciences

Wireless Fluid-Level Sensors for Harsh Environments
Direct-Solve Image-Based Wavefront Sensing
Use of UV Sources for Detection and Identification of Explosives
Gradiometer Using Middle Loops as Sensing Elements in a Low-Field SQUID MRI System
Volcano Monitor: Autonomous Triggering of 'In-Situ' Sensors
Determining Aliasing in Isolated Signal Conditioning Modules
Apparatus for Screening Multiple Oxygen-Reduction Catalysts
Spectrum Analyzers Incorporating Tunable WGM Resonators
Composite Bipolar Plate for Unitized Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer Systems
Quantum-Well Thermophotovoltaic Cells


Using Fluorescent Viruses for Detecting Bacteria in Water
Anaerobic Digestion in a Flooded Densified Leachbed

Electronics & Computers

Wireless Devices for Temperature Monitoring
Interference-Detection Module in a Digital Radar Receiver
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Generating Sodium Hydroxide from Sodium Sulfate and Calcium Hydroxide
Manufacturing Method for Joining Elastic Materials

NASA Tech Needs

Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics - Mesh Generation

Tech for License

Green Sewage Treatment and Water Purification Technology
Odor Removal From Recycled Plastics