Power Switcher

Power Integrations (San Jose, CA) released the InnoSwitch3-AQ flyback switcher with integrated 750V MOSFET and secondary-side sensing. The device family targets automotive EV applications such as onboard charging, energy management, and battery management systems. The device uses the high-speed FluxLink™ coupling that eliminates dedicated isolated transformer sense-windings and optocouplers. The technology maintains output voltage regulation even under the transient stress test. The integrated 750V MOSFET meets automotive derating requirements. Features include an on-chip synchronous rectifier controller, less than 10 mW no-load energy usage across the input voltage range, and a surface-mount InSOP with 11-mm primary to secondary creepage.

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Battery Pack Adhesives

Panacol (Steinbach, Germany) offers Vitralit® UV 2113 and Vitralit® UV 2114 low-ion ultraviolet adhesives that protect welded joints on cell contacting systems and battery packs from corrosion. The flexible adhesives enable vibration-resistant connections and can compensate for thermal expansion of different materials. UV-curing adhesives are characterized by very high adhesion to many materials and meet the requirements of the automotive industry in terms of media and temperature resistance. The adhesives can be cured with light in the UVA or visible range and both gas discharge lamps and LED spot systems can be used for curing.

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Pouch-Cell Batteries

Thin Cell non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) pouch-cell batteries are available from Ultralife Corp. (Staffordshire, UK). The batteries are designed for use in Internet-connected and wearable devices in medical, warehousing, and security applications. Operating at a nominal voltage of 3.0V, the batteries offer energy density up to 500 Wh/l and 400 Wh/kg. The cells can be manufactured as thin as 0.4 mm and operate safely and effectively from -20 to +60 C. They are tested to requirements of UL1642 and UN testing for transportation. The cells are terminated with nickel and stainless steel tabs so they can be soldered onto PCBs and integrated into devices.

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Supercapacitor Modules

Eaton (Cleveland, OH) offers XLR-48 supercapacitors. The 48V, 166 F rugged modules are high-power, ultra-high-capacitance energy storage devices utilizing electrical double layer capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with proprietary materials and processes. Applications include backup power, pulse power, and hybrid power systems. They can be applied as the sole energy storage or in combination with batteries. System requirements can range from a few micro-amps to megawatts. The modules feature low ESR for high power density with environmentally friendly materials for a green power solution.

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Charge Controller

Mouser (Mansfield, TX) offers Texas Instruments’ bq24800 1- to 4-cell synchronous buck battery charge controller with low component count for space-constrained, multi-chemistry battery charging. The device supports hybrid power boost mode that boosts the battery up to the system voltage to supplement the adapter when system power demand is temporarily higher than the adapter can provide. It also supports battery-only boost mode when no adapter is present. When the battery voltage is above the minimum system operation voltage, the battery is directly connected to the system supply rail through BATFET. Once the battery voltage goes below the minimum system operation voltage, the device will turn on the boost mode to regulate the system supply rail, extending system run time. The device features programmable input current, charge voltage, charge, and discharge current limit as well as safety features for over-voltage protection, over-current protection, battery, inductor, and MOSFET short-circuit protection.

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Charge/Discharge Tester

Chroma Systems Solutions (Foothill Ranch, CA) introduced the 17216M standalone 16-channel charge/discharge tester for lithium-ion batteries, electrical double layer capacitors (EDLC), and lithium-ion capacitors (LIC). It is suitable for product characteristic screening, cycle life testing, incoming and shipping inspection, material experiment, and balancing battery voltages. The tester comes as a fully integrated system that includes the company’s Battery Pro Programmable Charge/Discharge Test System software for configuration with reporting and statistics capability. The system is expandable up to 64 channels, all of which can be controlled at the same time. Features include current ranges of 200 A, 6 mA, 200 mA, and 6A for measurement and up to 1 ms dynamic data refresh rate in pulse mode.

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Battery Simulator

Bloomy Controls (Windsor, CT) introduced the Battery Simulator 1200 that provides isolated channels to simulate battery sink and source characteristics often used for testing a Battery Management System (BMS). The instrument can be used standalone with the soft front panel or integrated into a larger test system. Its industrial cooling and cell channel isolation allows units to be stacked, providing solutions with more than 200 channels of simulation capability. The built-in channel voltage and current readback reduces the need for external monitoring equipment. The device features hardware-in-the-loop system integration, isolated channels with sink/source capabilities, 12 independently controlled cell channels, 1000V channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation, auxiliary analog and digital I/O, and Ethernet (LAN) and high-speed CAN control communications.

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Instant-Activation Batteries

Tadiran Batteries (Lake Success, NY) offers Tadiran Rapid Response TRR Series lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries that activate instantly, even in extreme temperatures.

The batteries virtually eliminate the temporary voltage drop that occurs when a standard LiSOCl2 battery is first subjected to load, before it returns to its nominal value. The result is zero delay during the voltage response.

The batteries utilize available capacity more efficiently, especially in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Features include high energy density and the ability to handle higher current pulses, reducing the size of capacitors or eliminating the need for capacitors in certain applications.

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Low-Power Modules

InnoPhase (San Diego, CA) announced the INP1010 and INP1011 Talaria TWO™ modules that provide power savings for battery-based IoT devices. The products are complete solutions with wireless connectivity plus integrated microcontroller for edge-of-network IoT designs. They feature digital polar radio architecture. The multi-protocol single-chip platform includes Wi-Fi and BLE for wireless data transfer, an embedded Arm Cortex-M3 for system control and user applications, plus security elements for device safeguards. The modules can operate in standalone mode, in conjunction with an external MCU, or in a hybrid mode where the system control and processing responsibilities are shared between the module and an external MCU. The integrated solution is suited for battery-based, direct-to-cloud devices in remote security cameras and connected sensors. The modules come with the necessary clocks, passives, and antennas.

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Battery Charging IC

Torex USA Corp. (Irvine, CA) offers the XC6805 constant-voltage (CV) and constant-current (CC) charging IC for linear charging of single-cell Li-ion batteries and Li-polymer batteries. The basic charging cycle consists of trickle charge mode followed by main charge mode. The IC charges polymer batteries by controlling the CV charge voltage and CC charge current according to temperature. It is housed in a USP-6EL, USP-6B01 package with high heat dissipation and a charge circuit can be configured using a minimum of external components. Operating ambient temperature is from -40 °C to 85 °C.

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Power Supply

APC by Schneider Electric (West Kingston, RI) offers the Smart-UPS On-Line system that provides high-density, double-conversion online power protection for servers, networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. It supports loads from 2.2 kVA to 10 kVA in a rack/tower convertible chassis. The 6 kVA, 8 kVA, and 10 kVA models feature unity output power factor, enabling them to support heavily loaded equipment racks. It can be configured with multiple battery packs and includes power management software for unattended shutdown of network operating systems. Features include a graphical LCD display with multicolor backlight and temperature-compensated charging to extend life. The power supply can inform the user of which batteries need to be replaced and auto-detect when additional battery packs are added. The system can immediately protect equipment when power returns after a complete discharge of the battery.

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Lithium Coin Cell Battery Holders

Keystone Electronics Corp. (New Hyde Park, NY) released Thru Hole Mount (THM) and Surface Mount (SM) coin cell battery holders for 12-, 16-, 20-, 23-, 24-, and 30-mm diameter cells. The holders are made from UL-rated 94V-O materials. Contacts made of spring steel allow contact resistance. Each contact is clearly marked with its polarity to assure proper battery insertion. The PCB coin cell holders offer a notched battery slot that enables replacement of all major battery manufacturers’ lithium coin cells. Features include low profile for high-density packaging, spring tension contacts for low contact resistance, and resistance to shock and vibration.

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