Products : Energy
DC Filter for PV Systems

SCHURTER Inc. (Santa Rosa, CA) presents the DC filter series FMER SOL suited for use on the DC side of the inverter in photovoltaic systems. FMER SOL filters are designed for rated currents from 25 A to 1500 A at 55°C ambient temperature, and voltages up to 1200 VDC.

Products : Energy
Power Transistor

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (El Segundo, CA) introduces the EPC2012 enhanced-performance eGaN FET. The EPC2012 is lead-free, RoHS-compliant, and halogen-free. The EPC2012 FET is a 1.6 mm2 200 VDS device with a maximum RDS(ON) of 100 milliohms with 5 V applied to the gate.

Proximity Detection Sensors

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions® (Plano, TX) has announced its 5th generation sensor family, the TSL2x72 Series, that delivers improved digital ambient light sensing (ALS) and proximity detection technology. The TSL2x72 Series enhances mobile products by providing ALS and proximity detection operation in...

High Speed Photoreceiver

New Focus(TM) (Santa Clara, CA), a Newport Corporation Brand, has introduced the GHz Nirvana(TM) High Speed Receiver, the world's only photoreceiver with automatic balancing. The new GHz Nirvana features 2000 times higher bandwidth and new fiber coupling, along with completely automatic signal balancing. The...

Compact Camera Focus Module

New Scale Technologies (Victor, NY) has upgraded the lifetime specification and provided new repeatability data for its miniature M3-F focus module, which replaces fixed lens holders in compact board cameras for biometric detection, medical diagnostics, machine vision and other applications. Based on continuous design...

Fiber Optic Power Meter

ILX Lightwave Corporation (Bozeman, MT) has introduced the FPM-8220 Fiber Optic Power Meter and FMH-8715, FMH-87107, and FMH-8705 Fiber Optic Measurement Heads. The FPM-8220 Fiber Optic Power Meter replaces the popular FPM-8210 Fiber Optic Power Meter and offers improved accuracy, interchangeable fiber optic measurement...

Image-Based Reader

SICK (Minneapolis, MN) has announced the launch of the Lector620 image-based reader for 1D and 2D codes. Suitable for track and traceability applications, the Lector620 offers intelligent setup and intuitive operation, including teach-in with auto-focus. This allows customers to mount the scanner at any distance from the code...

Products : Energy
Solar Battery Charger

Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX) introduces the bq24210, a Li-ion linear charger targeted at space-limited portable applications. The high input voltage range with input over-voltage protection supports low-cost...

Meerkat series of infrared (IR) cameras

Xenics, Leuven, Belgium, has introduced the Meerkat series of infrared (IR) cameras that enable the true fusion of images from different spectral ranges. The IR camera configurations cover all the regions of the infrared spectrum: Shortwave Infrared (SWIR), Midwave Infrared (MWIR), Longwave Infrared...

Products : Electronics & Computers
PCI Filter and Amplifier Module

Alligator Technologies (Costa Mesa, CA) has introduced the USBPGF-S1™, a USB controlled single channel programmable signal conditioning instrumentation amplifier and low pass filter. It can configure itself from power-up with changeable but non-volatile configuration and operates independently in both...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Processing Platform

The Zynq™-7000 Extensible Processing Platform (EPP) devices from Xilinx (San Jose, CA) integrate an ARM® dual-core Cortex®-A9 MPCore™ processing system with NEON and Double Precision Floating Point engine. Each Zynq-7000 EPP includes L1 and L2 caches, memory controllers, and commonly used peripherals. The processing...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Single Board Computers

MPL AG (Dättwill, Switzerland) announced that it is now offering QNX support for its PIP20 and PIP22 embedded computers with Core 2 Duo processors. Triadem Solutions AG (Biel, Switzerland), the official QNX distributor in Switzerland, has developed QNX 6.4.1 & 6.5.0 board-support packages for MPL’s PIP20 platform...

Products : Electronics & Computers
DC-DC Switching Regulator

Aimtec (Montreal, Canada) has expanded its line of DC/DC switching regulators with the launch of two new series: AMSR1.5-78-NZ and AMSR2-78-NZ (AMSRx-78-NZ). Feature rich with pin-to-pin replacements of 78xx linear regulators, the AMSRx-78-NZ switching regulators provide highly regulated (±1%) output voltages ranging...

Products : Electronics & Computers
FPGA-Based Prototyping Platform

BEEcube Inc. (Fremont, CA) has announced the availability of BEE4-W™. Specifically designed to address rapid system-level prototyping of wireless and digital communications designs, the BEE4-W is BEEcube’s latest generation FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Berkeley Emulation Engine (BEE) platform.

Products : Electronics & Computers
PCI Express Serial Communication Cards

ACCES I/O Products (San Diego, CA) has released a new family of isolated PCI Express serial communication cards — the PCIe-ICM Series. These PCI Express cards feature a selection of 4 or 2-ports of isolated, software selectable, RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial protocols. 2kV isolation is provided...

Products : Lighting Technology
OLED Microscope Spectrophotometer

The 308 FPD™ spectrophotometer from CRAIC Technologies (San Dimas, CA) measures and compares the spectral output, intensity, and color consistency of each of the microscopic pixels commonly found in organic LED (OLED) devices. The 308 FPD™ is designed to add to the open photo port of a microscope or probe...

Products : Lighting
Concave Grating Spectrometer

Stellarnet (Tampa, FL) introduces the BLACK-Comet-HR concave grating spectrometer. Designed for high-resolution applications, the new BLACK-Comet-HR spectrometer is available for measurements in two ranges — ultraviolet (200- 600 nm) and visible (380-750 nm), and achieves resolving resolutions of 0.4 nm. The...

Products : Lighting
LED Sensor

The Universal LightProbes from Optomistic Products (South Freeport, ME) are small, highly versatile sensors and fiber-optic probes for reliable LED test. Universal LightProbe LED sensors combined with a wide range of fiber-optic probes ensure the reliable and accurate test of color, including white LEDs, and intensity for almost every...

Products : Lighting Technology
HB LED Test Instrument

Keithley Instruments (Cleveland, OH) has introduced the model 2651A high-power system SourceMeter® instrument. The model 2651A provides a wide current range that is critical for a variety of reliability and production test applications, such as testing high brightness (HB) LEDs, power semiconductors, DC-DC converters, and...

Products : Lighting Technology
UV LED Radiometer

Phoseon Technology (Hillsboro, OR) introduces a family of ultraviolet (UV) LED radiometer products that provide customers a simple, reliable way to measure and maintain their UV LED light sources. The radiometers are optimized for 380-420 nm wavelengths and provide traceable calibration to ensure accurate measurements. A...

Products : Lighting
Integrating Sphere

The ISP 2000 integrating sphere from Instrument Systems (Munich, Germany) has been specifically designed with a diameter of 1.9 meters to facilitate precise measurement of total radiant power and luminous flux of lamps, luminaires, and large LED modules. The ISP 2000 is equipped with an auxiliary lamp to compensate for...

Products : Lighting
UV LED Meter

Heraeus Noblelight (Hanau, Germany) introduces the NobleProbe®, a UV LED meter that can be used to take precise measurements of irradiance in the near-UV range. NobleProbe is designed to determine irradiance within a wide measuring range from 1 mW/cm² to 100 W/cm² at wavelengths of between 365 nm and 460 nm. The meter's...

Products : Lighting
Light and Color Measurement System

ZEMAX (Bellevue, WA) and Radiant Imaging (Redmond, WA) introduce the latest version of their imaging light and color measurement system software. New features include 64-bit support, a new database structure, CPU multithreading, and new post-measurement features such as Moiré removal and automatic display area...

Products : Lighting
Portable Spectrophotometer

B&W Tek (Newark, DE) announces the updated i-Spec™ portable spectrophotometer. The i-Spec is a portable spectrophotometer system equipped with silicon and InGaAs array detectors, allowing it to measure from as low as 350 nm to as high as 2600 nm. The newest i-Spec model, the BWS005A, features a new and improved...

Products : Energy
Power Module for Electric Vehicles

Mitsubishi Electric (Tokyo, Japan) recently introduced a transfer molded power module (T-PM) designed for hybrid and electric vehicle applications. The J-Series T-PM, incorporating proprietary technology that ensures power loss reduction, has a lifespan 30 times longer than industrial power modules and is also...

Products : Energy
Illumination Design and Analysis Software

Synopsys, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) introduces version 7.2 of its LightTools® illumination design and analysis software with features that will help users graphically analyze simulation results, compute important metrics when designing for the lighting industry, iteratively design with CAD software, and...

Products : Energy
Supercapacitor Charger

Linear Technology Corporation (Milpitas, CA) has introduced the LTC3226 inductorless supercapacitor charger with backup PowerPath™ controller for Li-ion or other low-voltage system rails in applications that require short-term backup power.

20 Watt DC/DC Converters

XP Power (Sunnyvale, CA) announced additions to its range of low power metal cased DC/DC converters with the launch of the 20 Watt JCM20 and JTK20 series. Achieving a power density of up to 51 Watts per cubic inch and an efficiency of up to 89%, these 1 x 1 x 0.39 inch (25.4 x 25.4 x 9.90 mm)units are suitable for...

IP65-rated Panel PCs

Four new industrial-grade panel PCs have been introduced by WinSystems (Arlington, TX). Available with 12-, 15-, 17- or 19-inch diagonal displays and touch screens, the PPC65 family of panel PCs is powered by a fully integrated 1.6 GHz Intel(R) Atom(TM)-based single board computer (SBC) that offers a multitude of I/O...

Headphone and Speaker Amplifiers

Fairchild Semiconductor (San Jose, CA) has introduced the FAB1200 stereo Class-G ground-referenced headphone amplifier with integrated buck converter, and the FAB2200 audio subsystem with stereo Class-G headphone amplifier and 1.2W Class-D mono speaker amplifier. The FAB1200 features a charge pump that generates...

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