Products : Motion Control
Servo Drives

Advanced Motion Controls® (Camarillo, CA) announced AxCent™ servo drives for centralized motion control schemes. The Models AB15A100, AB25A100, and AB20A200 are panel-mount servo drives that operate with brushless permanent magnet motors as well as brushed motors and inductive loads. The drives are controlled with ±10V analog...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Hollow Shaft Encoder

Kübler (Charlotte, NC) released the Sendix F5883 Motor-Line optical hollow shaft encoder with a mounting depth of 43 mm. The encoder is based on the Sendix platform, and features Intelligent-Scan Technology . It is insensitive to magnetic fields, offers EMC characteristics, and supports interfaces such as SSI, BiSS,...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
AC Drive

Danfoss Drives (Milwaukee, WI) introduced the VACON 20 AC drive that features built-in PLC functionality. It is available in all common voltages (110- 600V), and a power range up to 18.5 kW/25 HP. The built-in RS-485 interface offers a serial control interface for the drive. With optional modules, the drive can be connected to almost...

Products : Motion Control
Brush DC Mini Motors

Portescap (West Chester, PA) introduced the 16DCP Athlonix™ high-power-density brush DC mini motors. Available in a 16-mm diameter, the 16DCP motors feature a coreless design with an optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit. The motors are available in two variations — precious metal commutation and graphite...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Positioning Controllers

maxon motor (Fall River, MA) offers the EPOS4 controller module with detachable pin headers and two different power ratings. With a connector board, the modules can be combined into a ready-to-install solution. The position controllers are suitable for control of brushed DC motors and brushless BLDC motors (EC motors)...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Fan Controller

Orion Fans (Dallas, TX) offers the OA11/22 fan speed control unit that provides precise airflow control. The field-adjustable, dual-channel phase control unit allows the user to control fan speed for single or multiple fan assemblies. The control units are designed for use with any AC fan or fan tray. The 120/220 VAC speed control...

Products : Motion Control
Position Sensors

TE Connectivity (Pennsauken, NJ) announced the HLIR 750 intrinsically safe, 4-20 mA LVDT position sensors that are CSA listed for use in hazardous locations and where an intrinsically safe sensor is required. With stainless steel construction and a hermetically sealed sensor body, these LVDT position sensors provide contactless...

Products : Motion Control
Feedback Cylinder

The Series 6PF positioning feedback cylinder from Camozzi Pneumatics (McKinney, TX) is equipped with a potentiometric transducer of a linear position integrated inside the rod. This type of cylinder, when used with the LRXA4 proportional servo valve, makes it possible along the entire stroke to constantly control the position...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping

SEPAC (Elmira, NY) announced the Thin Spring Engaged Brake, a thin-body, spring-engaged, power-off brake. The brake offers reversible mounting with the shaft extending past the brake or within the brake body. The friction disc/rotor and hub are manufactured from lightweight metal, allowing for lower inertia. A splined hub for shaft...

Products : Motion Control
Variable-Speed Systems

Nidec Motor Corp. (St. Louis, MO) launched NMC’s ACCU-Series™ family of variable-speed products. Users can match a U.S. MOTORS® brand inverter duty motor with an NMC drive or panel, or purchase integrated motors and controls. The products are designed to be used together as a system. The family includes variable...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Modular Drives

Control Techniques, a business of Emerson Industrial Automation USA LLC (Eden Prairie, MN), offers Unidrive M and Powerdrive F300 variable-speed, high-power modular drives. Both are available in frame size 11, providing a flexible method of building compact, high-power solutions. Paralleled together, Unidrive M can control...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Motion Controller

The Lexium Motion Module (LMM) from Schneider Electric Motion USA (Marlborough, CT) is a compact, programmable motion controller for motion applications measured in millimeters. The controller is programmed via MCode, and can validate motion with a turning motor shaft. MCode programs are transferrable to LMM and longer-lead...

Products : Motion Control
Permanent Magnet Motors

NovaTorque (Fremont, CA) introduced 600 RPM versions of its PremiumPlus+® Electronically Commutated Permanent Magnet (ECPM) motors. The new versions are available from 0.75 HP to 3 HP, and are suited for directly driving larger-diameter fans at low speeds. The motors offer lower current requirements (FLA) than AC...

Products : Motion Control
Pneumatic Grippers

Fabco-Air (Gainesville, FL) announced the FKHS Series 3 Jaw Parallel Motion Pneumatic Gripper line for handling small parts in tight spaces. The design is available in six different bore sizes: 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, and 80 mm. A magnetic piston is a standard feature on all grippers. Other features include polarity protection and...

Products : Motion Control
Positioning Tables and Stages

Positioning tables and nano-precision stages from Primatics (Vaughan, ON, Canada) are used in applications where high accuracy and repeatability and/or smoothness are critical. The PCL50 and PCL65 linear stages offer micron-level repeatability and integrate a precision ball-screw drive with recirculating ball linear...

Products : Motion Control

Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) offers the PRO series industrial linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages, including two new sizes of the PRO-LM (linear motor) series stage line: the PRO115LM and PRO190LM. New features include a linear encoder option on PRO-SLE ball-screw stages, absolute encoder options on both the linear motor and...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping

NB Corporation of America (Hanover Park, IL) released TOPBALL® slide products that self-align. The floating wiper seal makes unrestricted self-alignment possible. A floating load plate adjusts clearance, and tolerances are achieved by grinding the raceways and load plates. Applications include automation equipment, machinery, and optical...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping

Nexen Group (Vadnais Heights, MN) introduced the Flange Mounted Clutch-Brake Enclosed (FMCBE) for any environment where cleanliness is a primary concern. A single, double-acting piston prevents simultaneous clutch and brake engagement. It features a nickel-plated finish to resist corrosion, and stainless steel, hex-head bolts with...

Products : Motion Control
Variable Frequency Drive

American Control Electronics (South Beloit, IL) introduced the ACF Series of open chassis microprocessor-based variable frequency drives that offers the simplicity of a DC drive. ACF700 drives are designed for setup without any programming. The drives are equipped with user-adjustable trim pots to set Max/Min Speeds,...

Products : Motion Control

Siemens Industry (Elk Grove Village, IL) offers Simotics 1FK7 Generation II servomotors with seven shaft heights, quick-connect power connectors, and 20- and 24-bit field-replaceable encoders. The series offers three inertia versions — standard, high-dynamic for rapid acceleration jobs, and high-inertia for maximum smooth running....

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Linear Actuator

Midwest Motion Products (Howard Lake, MN) offers the Model MMP LA3-12V-5-A-SP- 100 linear actuator that utilizes an all-steel drive pinion while maintaining a 5:1 reduction ratio that allows the unit to maintain a 2"- per-second stroke speed. The stroke length for the design is 4" overall, but the same design is available with 2,...

Products : Motion Control
Press Brake

The GOFORM portable electric press brake from Cincinnati Incorporated (Harrison, OH), is designed for parts up to 1/4" thick and less than 50 pounds. It features a large touchscreen control, PC-based 3D graphics, and bend simulation. The unit guides the operator though setup and part handling sequences. Additional features include...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Encoder Modules

Heidenhain (Schaumburg, IL) launched MRP 2000, 5000, and 8000 encoder modules that contain bearing sets not conventionally available that can be integrated with various encoder types. These angle encoder modules merge requirements for precision rotary axes used in metrology, calibration devices, automation technology, micro...

Products : Motion Control

R+W America, Coupling Technology (Bensenville, IL) offers maintenance- free disc pack couplings in seven new sizes from 350 Nm to 24,000 Nm. Additional connection methods allow for easier installation and maintenance. The spacers are customizable, and can be designed for any length.

Products : Motion Control
Block Spindle

Suhner Industrial Products Corp., Automation Division (Rome, GA) introduced the BEX8 high-speed machining block spindle for extremely high-speed operations up to 25,000 rpm. The spindle weighs 33 pounds and mounts directly onto robotic arms for fully automated machining operations in high-speed, high-production departments in...

Products : Motion Control
Automated Measurement Cell

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (North Kingstown, RI) announced the 360 Flexible Measurement Cell, an automated measurement work cell suited for automotive and aerospace structure applications including powertrain and closure panel fabrication. The cell is built on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) work cell systems...

Products : Motion Control

The Model 356A43, 356A44, and 356A45A miniature triaxial ICP® accelerometers were introduced by PCB Piezotronics (Depew, NY). They measure 0.4 × 0.4 × 0.75", weigh 4.2 grams, and are TEDS IEEE 1451.4 enabled. The TEDS feature self-identifies the accelerometer and describes type, operation, and attributes. Data contained in the...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Weldable Couplings and Collars

A line of weldable shaft collars, couplings, and mounts is available from Stafford Manufacturing Corp. (North Reading, MA). The components are made from ANSI 1018 steel and stainless steel to allow users to modify parts and create assemblies without fasteners. Typical modifications include brackets, cams, lever...

Products : Motion Control
Linear Guide Kit

To simplify product selection of self-lubricating linear guides, igus (East Providence, RI) has developed a modular construction kit for belt-driven DryLin ZLW linear axes. The ZLW toolkit enables users to customize their solutions, including rail widths, system length, etc., even for small installation spaces. Cross beams,...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping

Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls Division (Gilbert, AZ) announced Exlar® brand FTX Series actuators. The high-force electric rod style actuators replace hydraulics in highforce, high-duty-cycle applications in harsh environments. Based on planetary roller screw technology, the actuators offer a compact form factor. With...


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