Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Scientific CMOS Cameras

The Photometrics Prime scientific CMOS camera from Photometrics (Tucson, AZ) enables signal restoration and feature detection for localization-based Super Resolution Microscopy. The 4.2-Megapixel Prime features an...

Products: Photonics/Optics
CMOS Cameras

New ace models from Basler (Ahrensburg, Germany/Exton, PA) feature Sony's IMX249 global shutter CMOS sensor. The cameras deliver 40 frames per second at 2.3 megapixel resolution. Additionally, the models are available with both...

Products: Imaging
Open Source Software

Bitplane (Belfast, Northern Ireland) announced that its proprietary IMS file format would become Open Source. The IMS file format is based on Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5), which is designed to work with huge multidimensional data and is optimized to allow extremely fast visualization of huge volume data. To facilitate...

Products: Imaging
Spectral Test Station

The McPherson (Chelmsford, MA) Spectral Test Station (STS) is for wavelength testing and calibration from LWIR to 200 nanometers and less. It is for sensor testing, process control, and calibration.

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Area-Scan Cameras

JAI (Glostrup, Denmark/San Jose, CA) has expanded its Spark Series of industrial area-scan cameras with two new models: Spark SP-12000C-CXP4 and Spark SP- 12000M-CXP4 (color camera and monochrome camera, respectively).

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Product of the Month: January 2016

Dewetron, Wakefield, RI, announced the TRIONet compact data acquisition system that accepts any two of the company’s multi-channel TRION series plug-in modules. The system connects to any Windows computer...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
High-Temperature Epoxy

Formulated for potting, encapsulation, bonding, and sealing applications, Master Bond EP17HT-100 from Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ, is a single-part epoxy system designed to cure in 60-90 minutes at 200-220 °F. The...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Acrylate-Based Sealants

DELO, Windach, Germany, offers three flexible acrylate-based sealants that can withstand temperatures up to 150 °C, and reach final strength within seconds of curing. DELO-PHOTOBOND GE4009 is a purely light-curing...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Ceramic Adhesive

Ceramabond™ 571 high-temperature magnesium oxide-based ceramic adhesive from Aremco Products, Valley Cottage, NY, bonds thermocouples to high-temperature molybdenum-rhenium heater tubes for applications to 1760 ºC. The...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
High-Strength Epoxy

Epoxyset, Lincoln, RI, introduced SetWorx 60 toughened epoxy for high bond strength even at elevated temperatures. It provides electrical insulating properties for electronic applications. SetWorx 60 produces bonds to...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Solder Paste

Henkel Corporation, Rocky Hill, CT, introduced LOCTITE GC 3W water-washable solder paste with temperature stability at 26.5 °C for six months, and at 40 °C for one month. The material offers stencil life of more than eight...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Plastic Bonding Adhesive

Bond-IT 7050 activated epoxies from Cotronics Corp., Brooklyn, NY, adhere to most plastic surfaces, and bond combinations of dissimilar materials such as metals, ceramics, plastic, and glass. The adhesive is mixed,...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Pressure Transmitters

The OMEGA® PX51-IS/PXM51-IS Series of intrinsically safe pressure transmitters from OMEGA Engineering, Stamford, CT, is designed, tested, and FM-certified for hazardous locations. They offer an all stainless steel...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Shock Recorder

DTS, Seal Beach, CA, has introduced the TSR 6DXC shock recorder that incorporates built-in sensors in a small, rugged system for high shock and vibration data collection. The self-powered system can capture up to 2,000...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Data Analysis Software

OriginLab, Northampton, MA, released Origin® and OriginPro 2016 data analysis and graphing software that features Apps in Origin to add specific graphing and analysis functionality, a Color Chooser, Smart...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Welding Simulator

The Gleeble Welding Simulator from Dynamic Systems, Poestenkill, NY, provides a complete platform for welding simulations and testing capabilities, including weld HAZ simulation, crack susceptibility, and nil-strength...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Plastic Enclosures

OKW Enclosures, Bridgeville, PA, offers PACONNECT compact plastic enclosures for wired applications. The cases are offered in three sizes and consist of two case shells that are snapped together. Either end can be fitted...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Prototyping Platform

Avnet, Phoenix, AZ, released the ONIXVU440 flexible platform based on the Xilinx Virtex® UltraScaleTM XCVU440 FPGA. The board is designed for rapid prototyping and ASIC emulation of high-performance, highcomplexity...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Spring Connectors

Harwin, Salem, NH, offers Spring Contact Connectors including extended C and Positive Stop models in nine heights that maintain a positive force against a mating surface. They are available in different widths for a choice of spring contact forces, and offer “positive stop” to prevent damage caused by over-compression. They...

INSIDER Product: Electronics & Computers
TVS Diode Arrays

Littelfuse, Inc. (Chicago, IL) has introduced the SPxx-01WTG-C-HV Series (SPxx Series) of general purpose ESD Protection TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes). These new “high-voltage” 0201-size components are suited...

INSIDER Product: Electronics & Computers
35A POL Converter

TDK Corporation (San Diego, CA) announced the introduction of the 35 Ampere TDK-Lambda iJA series of POL (Point of Load) non-isolated DC-DC converters. Being PMBus™ compliant and featuring digital control, these...

INSIDER Product: Electronics & Computers
Harmonics Calculation Software

Teledyne LeCroy (Chestnut Ridge, NY) has introduced a new Harmonics Calculation option for the Motor Drive Analyzer (MDA800) series. This optional software adds advanced harmonic filtering for AC Input and...

INSIDER Product: Electronics & Computers
1U All-Flash Array

AccelStor (Taipei, Taiwan) has announced its latest flash appliance, NeoSapphire 3505, a 1U rack-mount storage appliance featuring 500K sustained IOPS performance with 5TB usable storage capacity and high-speed InfiniBand...

INSIDER Product: Photonics/Optics
Beam Steering Developer’s Kit

New Scale Technologies Inc. (Victor, NY) has a new beam steering developer’s kit for precise point-to-point beam positioning and dynamic scanning up to 100 Hz. The two piezoelectric rotary stages in the...

INSIDER Product: Photonics/Optics
High Definition Infrared Camera

FLIR Systems (Meer, Belgium) has announced the new FLIR 1030sc High Definition (HD) Longwave Infrared (LW-IR) camera. Coupling an extraordinarily sensitive detector, with new FLIR OSXTM Precision HD-ready...

INSIDER Product: Photonics/Optics
180-Degree FOV High Definition Lens

A new extra lightweight, 180-degree field-of-view (FOV) F/1.4, high definition fisheye lens for use in both commercial and defense applications has been released by Ophir Optics (Jerusalem, Israel). The...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Product of the Month: December 2015

Keysight Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA, introduced series E36100 compact DC power supplies that offer LAN and USB interfaces and reliable power for testing and validating designs. Five models feature up to...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Imaging Software

ARM-based Z series Smart Cameras from Vision Components (Ettlingen, Germany/ Hudson, NH) are now available with HALCON Embedded software. The software features an integrated development environment and a comprehensive...

Products: Imaging
CMOS Cameras

The Imaging Source (Charlotte, NC) has announced new industrial cameras equipped with the Sony Full HD WDR Sensor IMX174. The cameras are available as GigE (PoE) and USB 3 versions in monochrome and color. At full HD, the...

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