Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping

Hoffmann + Krippner (Woodstock, GA) introduced the DL30 series linear motion potentiometer (transducer) series that features low-profile dimensions of 30 × 30 mm and variable lengths. Various types of resistors (e.g. wire, conductive plastic, and Sensofoil® membrane) are available. Features include compact design, rugged aluminum...

Products : Motion Control
Track System

Accuride (Santa Fe Springs, CA) introduced the Model AL4190 Tilt Track System that provides access to drawers or trays installed at shoulder level and above. The system uses wheels and rollers to extend the drawer, and an aluminum channel guides the back of the drawer upward as it slides out of the case, tilting the drawer downward...

Products : Motion Control

Nook Industries (Cleveland, OH) offers Series 500™ programmable actuators designed for continuous duty and long service life. They incorporate a direct or toothed-belt drive for high mechanical efficiency. Ball screw-driven programmable actuators are made with high-strength materials, and are available in parallel and in-line models...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Machine Control

Unitronics (Quincy, MA) has introduced Samba, a palm-sized PLC with HMI and onboard I/Os for machine control that features a color 7" HMI panel. The 16-bit touchscreen enables data entry and display of variable data, including color trend graphs and alarm screens. Samba supports 24 userdesigned screens and 5-MB images per...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Accelerometer Chips

Silicon Designs (Kirkland, WA) offers industrial-grade MEMS variable capacitive accelerometer chips and modules for zero- to medium-frequency instrumentation applications. Onboard voltage regulation and an internal reference minimize temperature and voltage changes while eliminating additional external power regulation...

Products : Data Acquisition
Product of the Month: June 2015

Diversified Technical Systems, Seal Beach, CA, has introduced the SLICE Pro shock-hardened, megasample data acquisition system. The miniature SLICE data recorder can be mounted directly on the test article – no slip rings or telemetry are required.

Articles : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Products of Tomorrow: May 2015

The technologies NASA develops don’t just blast off into space. They also improve our lives here on Earth. Life-saving search-and-rescue tools, implantable medical devices, advances in commercial aircraft safety, increased accuracy in weather forecasting, and the miniature cameras in our cellphones are just some...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
NASA Spinoff: NASA’s UV Radiation Research Keeps Sun Worshipers Safe

To understand the Sun’s impacts on Earth, NASA initiated the Living with a Star program in 2001, and began developing a key research satellite: the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). One of the instruments created for the SDO was the Extreme Ultraviolet Variability...

Products : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Product of the Month: May 2015

Sensirion, Westlake Village, CA, introduced a gas sensor that, according to the company, is the first in the world to be based on multi-pixel technology. This allows the sensor to perceive its surroundings using various receptors that, with the help of intelligent algorithms and pattern recognition, are able to...

Products : Photonics/Optics
UV-VIS Micro-Spectrometer

Hamamatsu Corporation (Bridgewater, NJ) has announced the release of the C12666MA microspectrometer, a UV-VIS spectrometer about the size of a fingertip. Its miniature components, fabricated using MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, allow it to be a fraction of the size of traditional spectrometers. In...

Products : Photonics/Optics
310 nm, sub 800 ps Picosecond Pulsed LED

Edinburgh Instruments (Livingston, UK) has released a 310 nm picosecond pulsed LED with a sub-800 picosecond typical pulse width. This LED is optimized for Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC). The EPLED 310 is a compact, robust, maintenance free, fully integrated system supplied in a single...

Products : Photonics/Optics
UV-Visible-NIR Polarization Spectroscopy

CRAIC Technologies (San Dimas, CA) recently announced the addition of UV-visible-NIR polarization spectroscopy capabilities to CRAIC microspectrophotometers. This feature is offered as a package that allows the user to measure polarization spectra in either transmission or reflectance modes. With the...

Products : Photonics/Optics
Circular Variable ND Filters

Reynard Corporation (San Clemente, CA) recently announced the complete customization of their Circular Variable Neutral Density (CVND) Filters. This technology is best used in high quality optical systems to change the intensity of light from 100% to less than 0.1%. As the filter rotates, the beam intensity is...

Products : Photonics/Optics
Camera Sensor Module

The VRmTS-20 from VRmagic (Mannheim, Germany) is an external sensor module for the D3 intelligent camera platform. With its compact dimensions of 26 x 26 mm and the flexible cable connection to the camera base unit, the module is particularly suitable for applications with limited or angled space. The sensor module is...

Products : Photonics/Optics
Laser Radiation Detector Screens

The path of invisible laser radiation can be verified using detector cards from Laser Components (Hudson, NH). These cards are ready for immediate application and do not have to be activated or optically charged. The cards for wavelengths from 1.5m to 5m and 5m to 20m can localize the beam path of Hol:YAG,...

Products : Photonics/Optics
Deep UV Luminescence Spectrophotometer

McPherson (Chelmsford, MA) has announced a new vacuum ultraviolet universal spectrophotometer, an optical test system optimized for emitting samples like phosphors or photo- and electro-luminescent crystals. It can measure reflectance, transmission and fluorescence emission over its complete working range,...

Products : Photonics/Optics
sCMOS Cameras

With the addition of two new models, PCO (Kelheim, Germany) now provides eight sCMOS-cameras. The new pco.edge 3.1 and pco.edge 4.2LT are now the company’s entry-level cameras. pco.edge 3.1’s features include: 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution; 50 frames per second; 1.1e- med readout noise; 27000 : 1 dynamic range; >60% quantum...

Products : Photonics/Optics
Samarium Oxide Glaze

Developed for high-energy pulsed Q-switching infrared laser applications, a new, high-absorption samarium oxide glaze from Morgan Advanced Materials (Windsor, UK) means it is now able to offer three grades of glaze for laser systems. The samarium glaze absorbs radiation at the Nd-YAG lasing wavelength of 1064nm, and its...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
High-Shock Sensors

Diversified Technical Systems (Seal Beach, CA) has released the 6DX PRO, a high-shock sensor with six degrees of freedom. The three angular rate sensors (18000 or 50000 deg/sec) deliver position data, while the three accelerometers (2000 or 20000 g) are rated for high-impact environments. The 19 × 19 × 14.5-mm enclosure...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Gas Sensors

ENMET (Ann Arbor, MI) has announced the GSM-60, a microprocessor-based gas monitor. The system incorporates an internal sample draw pump and gas sensors. The GSM-60 can be custom- configured, with both internal and external sensors for monitoring VOCs, dew point, oxygen, and CO, or a number of other target gases, including O3, HF,...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Pressure Sensors

Measurement Specialties (Hampton, VA), now part of TE Connectivity, has released the MS5837-30BA, a low-power, compact, gel-filled pressure sensor with an I2C bus interface and high resolution of 2 mm. The device has a 3.3 × 3.3 × 2.5-mm ceramic- metal package. The pressure sensor features a delta sigma ADC that offers 24-bit...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition

Meggitt (Irvine, CA) has introduced the Endevco® 35B triaxial IEPE accelerometer. The adhesively-mounted 35B places three transducers (measuring acceleration in x, y, and z axes) and integrated electronics into a 0.235-inch, 0.55-gram cube. Sensitivities of 2.5 mV/g, 5 mV/g, or 10 mV/g are available.

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Spectral Sensors

The new Spark-VIS spectral sensor from Ocean Optics (Dunedin, FL) measures over the visible wavelength range of 380-700 nm. Available in both OEM and stand-alone configurations, the compact Spark-VIS provides simple absorbance, fluorescence, and emissive color measurements. The device can be embedded to power portable and...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Vision Sensors

VeriSens vision sensors from Baumer (Frauenfeld, Switzerland) include IP 69K protection and stainless steel housings. The new XF-105/205 models can be used in quality- assurance tasks in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The XF series also reads code and text, and integrates the patented FEX image processor and configurable...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Flow Sensors

The SIF1010/1012 flow sensor from Servoflo Corp. (Lexington, MA) includes a MEMS thermal flow die that measures gas or liquid flow. The die has thermal isolation and a ceramic film coating to protect the component from abrasive wear. The SIF1010/1012, conditioned and stabilized so burn-in at the application end is not required,...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Pressure Transducers

Gems Sensors & Controls (Plainville, CT) has announced 3100 Series pressure transducers. The series design incorporates a sputtered thin-film, pressure-sensing element with temperature specifications, along with all stainless-steel wetted parts.

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Capacitive Measurement System

The analog, capacitive capaNCDT 6110 single-channel measurement system from Micro-Epsilon (Raleigh, NC) measures displacement, distance, and position. The device offers an input voltage range of 9-36V for the supply voltage. System resolution is 0.015 % FSO at a bandwidth of 1kHz. The capaNCDT 6110 controller can be...

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition

The SDI Model 1510 Series from Silicon Designs (Kirkland, WA) offers vibration measurements. The analog surface mount (LCC) MEMS variable capacitive accelerometers incorporate a micromachined variable capacitive sensing element and custom integrated circuit.

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Load Cells

Interface (Scottsdale, AZ) has released the Model 6AXX series of 6-Axis Load Cells. With six full bridges providing mV/V output on six independent channels, the load cells measure forces simultaneously in three mutually perpendicular axes, and three simultaneous torques about those same axes.

Products : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Sensor System

Olea Sensor Networks (Sunnyvale, CA) has announced its OleaVision™ sensor system, which differentiates between live animate beings and inanimate objects up to a five-meter distance. To distinguish between human and animal presence and movement, the technology “sees” through walls, regardless of whether the monitored subject...


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