Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Motor Control IC

Melexis (Nashua, NH) has announced the MLX81205/ 07/10/15 family of integrated circuits (ICs) for sensor-less and sensor-based BLDC motor control for automotive applications. The ICs combine a voltage regulator,...

Cameras are still an important technology feature in manufacturing and inspection applications, but they are also increasingly valuable in non-traditional sectors. As part of June’s OEM...

Products: Imaging
Imaging Module

Jenoptik Optical Systems (Jena, Thuringia, Germany) has released the CMOS USB 5.0 megapixel camera module. The module can be individually configured in terms of circuit board format and size, sensor type (CCD and CMOS), image...

Products: Imaging
GigE-Compatible Camera

PPT Vision (Minneapolis, MN) has added a GigE-compatible, 16-megapixel camera to its M-Series, powered by PPT Vision’s configurable Impact Software. The device features Class-1 CCD sensors; industrial-grade...

Products: Imaging
Microscope Color Camera

The DP73 digital color microscope camera from Olympus (Center Valley, PA) delivers 14-bit depth and 17.28 mb pixel resolution. The device includes enhanced pixel-shifting optical technology. The Olympus Fine Detail...

Edmund Optics® (Barrington, NJ) has introduced new Power over Ethernet (PoE) Cameras. Each PoE camera includes software that allows users to set area of interest (AOI), gain, exposure, white balance, frame...

Products: Imaging
High-Speed Camera System

Photron (San Diego, CA) has released the Fastcam SA7 high-speed camera system, which utilizes a 1280 by 1024 pixel CMOS imaging sensor. The system provides frame rates of up to 3,500 frames per second (fps) at full...

Techs for License
Commercial-Scale, High-Conductivity Graphene Inks for Printed Electronics

Vorbeck’s graphene-based Vor-ink™ conductive inks and coatings combine exceptional electrical conductivity with high-speed and cost-effective printability on a variety of printing and coating systems, including flexo and roll-to-roll. With conductivity levels as much...

Techs for License: Materials
MothEye Non-Reflective Display Coating Kills Glare and Improves Contrast

Sub-wavelength nanostructures virtually eliminate glare and minimize reflection while enhancing contrast and light transmission to over 99% in the visible wavelengths. Sony Chemical has developed manufacturing expertise in this nanostructure coating, which is called...

Tech Needs
New Shipping Alternatives for Liquid and Granular Materials

Liquids and granular materials can often be of high weight and mass. A firm seeks new shipping alternatives to handle both kinds of material. Alternative means of shipping product, inter-plant, between plant and distributor, to the retailer, and ultimately to the consumer are required....

News: Green Design & Manufacturing
New Materials May Cut Energy Costs for Carbon Capture

A study of over four million absorbent minerals has determined that industrial minerals called zeolites could help electricity producers slash as much as 30 percent of the parasitic...

Speed Sells

In my last blog entry, I told you about a unique promotional campaign Littelfuse initiated this year called “Speed2Design” that gives working engineers like you the chance to win the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not just attend one of four IndyCar races, but to go behind the scenes into the pits and garage area, meet the...

Vibrating Suit Analyzes Movements of Olympic Athletes

MotivePro, which has been dubbed the “Vibrating Suit,” has been developed by the Birmingham City University in the UK. The suit helps athletes and other users to improve their memory of physical technique. The device has been tested by Olympic hopeful Mimi Cesar, the UK’s third-ranking...

Robots Learn How to Pick Up Oddly Shaped Objects

When Cornell University engineers developed a new type of robot hand that could pick up oddly shaped objects it presented a challenge: It was easy for a human operator to choose the best place to take hold of an object, but an autonomous robotwould need a new kind of programming. So they developed...

Motion-Planning Research Enables Indoor Navigation System for the Blind

University of Nevada, Reno computer science engineers have combined human-computer interaction and motion-planning research to build a low-cost, accessible navigation system for people with visual impairments. Called Navatar, the system can run on a standard smartphone.

Question of the Week
Are you hopeful about NASA's new ventures with private companies?

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) made history last week when its Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial vehicle in history to successfully attach to the International Space Station. Although the spacecraft was unmanned, the capsule held about 1,000 pounds of...

NASA Engineers Test Inflatable Reentry Vehicle

A NASA flight test designed to demonstrate the feasibility of inflatable spacecraft technology is coming down to the wire. The Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment (IRVE-3) is the third in a series of suborbital flight tests of this new technology. It is scheduled to launch from the Wallops Flight...

3D Distance Sensors for Mini-UAV Anti-Collision Technology

"Flying 3D eye-bots" can be deployed as additional surveillance resources during major events, or as high-resolution 3D street imaging systems. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a kind of mini-helicopter, with a wingspan of around two meters. They have a propeller on each of...

Measuring Martian Sand Movement Leads to Interesting Findings

Last year, images from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured sand dunes and ripples moving across the surface of Mars — observations that challenged previously held beliefs that there was not a lot of movement on the...

All-Digital Method Allows Parts to be Made Directly from CAD

A Georgia Tech research team has developed a novel technology that could change how industry designs and casts complex, costly metal parts. This new casting method makes possible faster prototype development times, as well as more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing procedures...

Kaleidogami Researchers Envision Reconfigurable Robots

Researchers have shown how to create morphing mechanisms, robotic forms and shape-shifting sculptures from a single sheet of paper in a method reminiscent of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.

The new method, called Kaleidogami, uses computational algorithms and tools to create...

Question of the Week
Would you want a computer that can be controlled with hand motions?

A host of companies, including Microsoft, have been working to create a new way of interacting with computers: motion sensing technology. With everyday movements like drawing, waving, and rotating, users can control functions on their computers. Many are entering the...

New Way to Model Multicore Chips Discovered

Most computer chips today have anywhere from four to 10 separate cores, which can work in parallel, increasing the chips’ efficiency. But the chips of the future are likely to have hundreds or even thousands of cores. For chip designers, predicting how these massively multicore chips will behave is...

Can Electrical Circuits Talk to Single Atoms?

If a practical quantum computer is ever to be realized, conventional electronic devices will have to interface with the delicate quantum systems such as atoms or ions in traps or wisps of magnetism near superconducting sensors. A recent paper in the journal Physical Review Letters, written by...

GE (Charlottesville, VA) recently announced the WANic(TM) 66512 PCI Express(R) Packet Processor. Designed for ease of development and deployment – resulting in reduced risk, faster time-to-market and faster...

Lantronix (Irvine, CA) recently introduced its xPico(TM) device server, which it claims is the world’s smallest embedded device server. xPico can be used in designs typically intended for chip solutions....

Mini PC Inc. (Stealth Computer) (San Jose, CA) recently released their LPC-680 LittlePC, which measures just 6.5" x 6" and less than 2" in height. Featuring the 2nd Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Mobile Processor Family, the...

METCASE (Bridgeville, PA) has launched ventilated versions of its all new COMBIMET 19” rack case series. These new rack cases are designed to assist in-rack thermal management by allowing unrestricted airflow...

Researchers Create Non-Toxic, Rust-Proofing Steel

University at Buffalo researchers are making significant progress on rust-proofing steel, using a graphene-based composite that could serve as a nontoxic alternative to coatings that contain hexavalent chromium, a probable carcinogen.

In the scientists' first experiments, pieces of steel coated...

Question of the Week
Would You Use a ‘SwingBot?’


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