On-Demand Webinars: Software
Solving Simulation Challenges with Statistical Methods

As design cycles tighten and engineering systems become more complex, companies are challenged to get the most out of their simulation and testing capabilities. There are a number of...

Question of the Week: Data Acquisition
Have you implemented Bluetooth- or Internet-enabled data logging?

This week's INSIDER featured a story about one company's transition to Internet-enabled data logging. The deployed system allowed the repair center’s users to remotely analyze a...

White Papers: Test & Measurement
New Force Gage Technology Offers Faster, Easier Alternative to Conventional Computer and Software-Based Force Measurement

Computers and software play a major role in force measurement and quality control. Whether in the engineering lab, quality...

News: Photonics/Optics
Inspired by Star Wars, BYU Researcher Floats 3D Images in Thin Air

A BYU professor and his team have found a way to take the 3D displays of science fiction and make them a...

White Papers: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Designing User-Friendly, Portable, Force-Sensitive Medical Devices

Medical device design engineers face a noble yet challenging task: to design minimally-invasive treatment technologies that help patients live a normal life.

Blog: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Sound-Off: Do You Data Log?

In an increasingly mobile world, manufacturers want to keep an eye on their facilities and equipment – no matter how far away they are from their...

On-Demand Webinars: Software
Nonlinear Structural Mechanics Modeling

In this webinar, we will analyze the nonlinear structural behavior of a complex system by making a series of assumptions about its geometry and physical behavior. The goal is to create a mathematical model...

On-Demand Webinars: Test & Measurement
Reliable Measurements for Smart Data Logging Systems

Datalogging is used in a wide variety of applications – from simple ad hoc lab bench measurements to sophisticated component test applications. Across the board, engineers are spending too...

Blog: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Design Considerations: How to Keep Wearers Wearing Wearables

In a Tech Briefs Q&A, professor and biosensor creator Albert Titus reviews the state of wearable sensor design.

Question of the Week:
Would you wear a fingernail UV sensor?

Last week’s INSIDER showcased a new UV wearable sensor from L'Oréal and Northwestern University engineers.

How the device works: Just before you hit the beach, you mount the M&M-sized sensor on...

White Papers: Automotive
Testing Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles

Learn how a flexible test solution that expands with new technologies and addresses complex timing and simulation is essential. By using a test system that keeps pace with your cutting-edge technology,...

White Papers: Electronics & Computers
How to Use 3D Printing for Fast, Low-Cost Product Development and Iteration

Most people think of 3D printing as a mock-up tool. Sure — creating cheap, fast prototypes is an advantage, but it’s just a step on the way to injection molding for...

News: Semiconductors & ICs
Is 'Artificial Graphene' the New Wonder Material?

For the first time ever, Columbia University engineers created “artificial graphene” in a semiconductor device.

White Papers: Medical
Selecting the Optimal Washer Solution for Assembly Applications

Efficient, accurate assembly and fastening processes are critical in manufacturing applications, as they ensure the right parts or components are utilized to build, sort or package...

Blog: Aerospace
Introducing the New TechBriefs.com

Long-time readers of the site may have noticed this week that TechBriefs.com has a whole new look — a more visual, more scrollable design.

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