White Papers : Design
Electronic Latching Solutions for Aircraft Interiors

As Aircraft OEMs concentrate on upgrading cabin interiors, engineers are beginning to investigate new electronic latching solutions for access panels, storage bins, lavatories and galleys. Learn how lightweight, robust electronic locks and latches can be networked with the existing aircraft...

On-Demand Webinars : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Testing and Inspecting 3D-Printed Parts

As additive manufacturing and the 3D printing of production parts become more commonplace in the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries, these parts will require more advanced inspection and testing to ensure they meet requirements for structural strength and stability. Whether plastic or metal,...

White Papers : Automotive
Understanding Thermal Gap Filler Pads, PCB Deflection, and Stress

This paper focuses on the characteristics of gap fillers and how they impact a printed circuit board (PCB) including compression characteristics of various types of gap fillers, from standard viscoelastic materials, to putties, to form-in-place. PCBs are very flexible and deform...

White Papers : Motion Control
Magneto-inductive Sensors Combine the Advantages of Both Inductive and Magnetic Sensors

mainSENSOR is based on an innovative measuring principle, which has been developed by Micro-Epsilon in order to combine the advantages of both inductive and magnetic sensors. Magneto-inductive sensors are frequently used as alternative to inductive sensors...

White Papers : FDA/Regulatory
Delving Deeper into FDA Warning Letters

Provides insight into the issuance of FDA warning letters and what the FDA is expecting to see in your response to show your intentions to address the compliance issues. This will provide hands on examples of how to respond to FDA warning letter and 483 observations.

White Papers : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Why Quality Matters

The pressure to cut costs, increase margins and invest in transformative technologies often leaves little left to spend on quality. However, these pressures encourage a status quo approach to quality that results in compliance problems, damage to brand reputation and revenue losses. Ensuring quality standards are met...

On-Demand Webinars : Manufacturing & Prototyping
3D Printed Metals Are Not All the Same

As metal 3D printing has become a more popular means for the rapid prototyping and production of metal parts, it can be difficult to navigate the various technologies and materials. What kind of parts can you expect from a metal 3D printer, and do they vary from system to system?

White Papers : Robotics, Automation & Control

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is both the present and future of manufacturing. Part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, IIoT utilizes smart machines and real-time analysis. IIoT is a network of intelligent devices that monitors, collects, exchanges, and analyzes data. IIoT systems commonly...

White Papers : Design
Evaluating Connectors for Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet in Military and Aerospace Applications

As military and aerospace applications move toward Gigabit and 10G networks, standard military connector technology has not kept pace. To evaluate the suitability of various connectors, we tested differential near-end crosstalk in links containing a...

White Papers : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Bottom-line Reasons for Using Additive Manufactured Production Tooling

High fabrication costs, long lead times and the cost to carry inventory don’t need to be the rule of the day when it comes to making production tooling. Additive manufactured (AM) tooling provides an alternative that can reduce or eliminate these pain points, so it pays to...

Question of the Week : Materials
Will Cooling Coatings Catch On?

This month’s Tech Briefs featured a potential alternative to the air conditioner: A painted-on polymer coating that can cool down a building.

White Papers : Data Acquisition
What is eDrive Testing? How does it Work? Efficiency Testing of Electrical Machines and Electrical Inverters

The future of mobility is electric. Commercial EVs (electrical vehicles), aircraft run on battery-electric propulsion systems, and electric and hybrid ships are soon going to dominate the mobile landscape. The increasing emphasis on...

White Papers : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Here’s Why You Need to Think Beyond Conventional FKMs

The oil and gas industry uses drilling equipment to bear high pressure and high-temperature muds coming out of the well. Drilling mud and other fluids contain many chemicals that can attack O-rings and packer seals. Daikin Chemicals has successfully developed a base resistant elastomer...

On-Demand Webinars : Materials
Maximize Productivity and Minimize Costs with New Aerospace Structural Adhesives

Cost-out initiatives are affecting many manufacturers and operators throughout the aerospace value chain. Improving assembly productivity, reducing weight, and extending the lifetime of parts can contribute to a reduction in costs.

See what the SuperCam will do when it arrives on Mars in 2021.
White Papers : Aerospace
Recommended Compression and Tension Adapters for Force Calibration

Want to learn more about force measurement errors and the impact the wrong adapters can have? The wrong adapters can produce measurement errors up to 20 times that of when the instrument was calibrated. This technical paper provides greater detail on Morehouse adapters for...

White Papers : Internet of Things
New Ways to Increase Productivity with ‘Smart’ Systems

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) like the Festo Motion Terminal promise to increase production, simplify value chain processes and future-proof plants. In a new white paper, we explore the technology behind these systems—particularly, how it unites traditional pneumatics with electric...

Question of the Week : Connectivity
Do the 5G Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

A feature article in this month’s Tech Briefs explored how the fifth-generation mobile network known as 5G will support the creation of increasingly “smart” factories – ones that allow manufacturers to further improve factory automation, human/machine interfaces, and mobility.

“We’re analyzing rocks from space, atom by atom,” says researcher Jennika Greer.
INSIDER : Manufacturing & Prototyping
“Pop-Up” Technique Fabricates Microrobots

A bulk-machined “Pop-Up” MEMS process was developed for creating mesoscale machines up to several centimeters in dimension.

INSIDER : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Robot and Software Create Advanced Materials

Rutgers University engineers have developed an automated way to produce polymers, making it much easier to create advanced materials aimed at improving human health. While a human researcher may...

White Papers : Defense
Design FAQ: Understanding the Value of Protective Packaging Standards for Hard Cases

ANSI, ISO, IEEE, NIST, UL … you probably recognize most of the acronyms for these well-known standards organizations. They establish specifications for various products that ensure they are fit for their purpose. For the most part, standards make life simpler...

White Papers : Defense
Intelligent RF Sensing for RADHAZ

To mitigate the risks for RADHAZ operations, investing in technology that provides greater RF situational awareness takes on greater importance. A portable Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) is the perfect tool for intelligent sensing to monitor EMCON compliance and complement RADHAZ safety procedures. The RTSA...

Editor Bruce A. Bennett shares his observations from SPIE Photonics West, including the emergence of LiDAR.
Blog : Sensors/Data Acquisition
SPIE Photonics West 2020 – Sights from Day 1
See what caught Bruce A. Bennett's eye during Day 1 of Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco.
White Papers : Test & Measurement
Measuring Medical Lasers: How to Balance Price and Functionality

A focused laser beam should live up to previously defined specifications. For medical technology, precise adherence to parameters is of even greater importance. Both for regulatory and ethical reasons, the laser beam must be carefully tested throughout the entire value chain: from...

Question of the Week : Electronics & Computers
In the Near Future, Will Computers Use Light Instead of Electricity?

This month in Tech Briefs: Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed an optical switch that routes light from one computer chip to another in just 20 billionths of a second — faster than any other similar device.

Researchers from the University of Illinois are looking at all the different ways to create a non-pneumatic automotive tire.
White Papers : Aerospace
High Efficiency Electric Propulsion Design and Testing

This whitepaper outlines the design process and presents verification testing of an electric ducted fan for small UAV integration. Flight time estimation is made from performance testing results and vehicle weight estimations and compared with (not limited to) the DJI Phantom 4, which has a...

White Papers : Materials
Polaris Continues to Set the Pace Thanks to 3D Printing

Polaris is renowned for its high-quality snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and motorcycles. The company continues to innovate and develop new products – but producing a diverse set of product lines in an ever-changing market brings its own unique set of challenges.


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