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Industry Update: CAD and Virtual Prototyping Software
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Winners E-Book
Using Fan-poled Crystals to Tune Ti:S Lasers

Who's Who

Steven Schmidt, Director, Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility (DAOF), Palmdale, CA

Products of the Month

Solid Edge® software ST3
MIL-STD-1553 PMC Card
Switch-on-a-Chip ICs
Tactile Switch
Quarter Brick DC/DC Converter
Product of the Month: Solar Simulation Measurement Tool
RGB Combiners
Picosecond Laser
Miniature M3-F Focus Module
Fluorescence Imaging Filter Sets
30-Die, Near-Infrared LED Array
Time Delay Integration Cameras
Ultra-Low-Light Color Cameras
Spectroscopy Software Module
Laser Beam Analysis Software
High-Power Polarization Beamsplitter Cubes
High-Speed Color Cameras
Planet Configuration Direct Monitoring System
LADAR Distance Measurement System
LED Measurement System
AOTF-NIR Analyzer
Mil-Hardened InGaAs SWIR Video Camera

Application Briefs

Space Suit Simulator Aids Astronaut Training Procedures
Software System Manages NASA’s Engineering Review Process
Using Optical Encoders to Improve Camera Phone Zoom Lens Accuracy
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Interface Supports Multiple Broadcast Transceivers for Flight Applications
FPGA Sequencer for Radar Altimeter Applications
SAD5 Stereo Correlation Line-Striping in an FPGA
Miniature Sapphire Acoustic Resonator — MSAR
Process-Hardened, Multi-Analyte Sensor for Characterizing Rocket Plume Constituents

Mechanics & Machinery

Plasma Igniter for Reliable Ignition of Combustion in Rocket Engines
A Sub-Hertz, Low-Frequency Vibration Isolation Platform
Wire Test Grip Fixture

Information Sciences

Hazard Detection Software for Lunar Landing
Collaborative Supervised Learning for Sensor Networks
Visual SLAM Using Variance Grid Maps
Modeling Electromagnetic Scattering From Complex Inhomogeneous Objects
Visual Object Recognition and Tracking of Tools
Predicting Spacecraft Trajectories by the WeavEncke Method
An Augmentation of G-Guidance Algorithms
Rapid Calculation of Spacecraft Trajectories Using Efficient Taylor Series Integration
Comparison of Aircraft Icing Growth Assessment Software
Efficient Kriging Algorithms
Estimation of Coriolis Force and Torque Acting on Ares-1


Carbon Nanofibers Synthesized on Selective Substrates for Nonvolatile Memory and 3D Electronics
Nanoparticle/Polymer Nanocomposite Bond Coat or Coating


Distributed Aerodynamic Sensing and Processing Toolbox
Marsviewer 2008
Mission Services Evolution Center Message Bus
Major Constituents Analysis for the Vehicle Cabin Atmosphere Monitor
Astronaut Health Participant Summary Application
Natural Language Interface for Safety Certification of Safety-Critical Software
Adaption of the AMDIS Method to Flight Status on the VCAM Instrument

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Hybrid Composite Cryogenic Tank Structure
Nanoscale Deformable Optics
Zinc Oxide Nanowire Interphase for Enhanced Lightweight Polymer Fiber Composites
Reliability-Based Design Optimization of a Composite Airframe Component

Physical Sciences

Onboard Nonlinear Engine Sensor and Component Fault Diagnosis and Isolation Scheme
Cryogenic Caging for Science Instrumentation
Wide-Range Neutron Detector for Space Nuclear Applications
In Situ Guided Wave Structural Health Monitoring System
Multiplexed Energy Coupler for Rotating Equipment
Attitude Estimation in Fractionated Spacecraft Cluster Systems
Method and System for Temporal Filtering in Video Compression Systems
Apparatus for Measuring Total Emissivity of Small, Low-Emissivity Samples
Active Flow Effectors for Noise and Separation Control
High-Sensitivity, Broad-Range Vacuum Gauge Using Nanotubes for Micromachined Cavities
Full Piezoelectric Multilayer-Stacked Hybrid Actuation/ Transduction Systems
Extracting Zero-Gravity Surface Figure of a Mirror
Null Lens Assembly for X-Ray Mirror Segments
Wide-Field Optic for Autonomous Acquisition of Laser Link
Multiple-Zone Diffractive Optic Element for Laser Ranging Applications
Simplified Architecture for Precise Aiming of a Deep-Space Communication Laser Transceiver
Two-Photon-Absorption Scheme for Optical Beam Tracking


Positioning Technology for Digital Displays on Mobile Medical Equipment
Implantable Contact System for Medical Pulse Generation Devices
Dynamic Optical Phantom of a Living Body and Method for Producing It
Self-Assembling Hydrophobin Useful for Coating Surfaces
Advanced Data Analysis for Resistance Weld Monitoring
GigE-Vision®-Compliant Receivers for the Networked Operating Room


Method for Implementing Optical Phase Adjustment
Wide-Field Optic for Autonomous Acquisition of Laser Link
Method for Implementing Optical Phase Adjustment
Multiple-Zone Diffractive Optic Element for Laser Ranging Applications
Simplified Architecture for Precise Aiming of a Deep-Space Communication Laser Transceiver
Two-Photon-Absorption Scheme for Optical Beam Tracking

Electronics & Computers

Network-Capable Application Process and Wireless Intelligent Sensors for ISHM
High-Precision Pulse Generator
Silicon-Germanium Voltage-Controlled Oscillator at 105 GHz
Tech Exchange

NASA Tech Needs

NASA Planetary Balloon Technology Needs