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Diagnostic Models for Failure Analysis and Operations
Synchronizing Hydraulic Axes in a Pultrusion Machine
Synchronizing Hydraulic Axes in a Pultrusion Machine
Fiber Optic Technology: Shining New Light On An Old Concept

Who's Who

Dr. Jim Green, Director, Planetary Science Division, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

Products of the Month

Ultra-Fast Framing Cameras
Optical/Electrical Converter
Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner
SSL Design Kit
Pockels Cell Driver
Drive and Controller
Electic Motors
Brushless Motor/Drives
All-In-One Green Q-Switched DPSS Laser
Instrument Management Software Platform
Integrated Composites Solution
Multicore Optimization Technology
PCB Manufacturing and Test Software

Application Briefs

Crew Test Module Provides Launch Escape System
Enterprise Systems Help Consolidate NASA’s IT and Data Services
IT Services Support NASA Scientists and Engineers
Removing Digestive Tumors With a Therapeutic Endoscopy Teleoperation Robot
Motion Components Optimize Performance of Liquid Chromatography System
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Sample Acquisition and Handling System From a Remote Platform
Improved Rare-Earth Emitter Hollow Cathode
High-Temperature Smart Structures for Engine Noise Reduction and Performance Enhancement
Cryogenic Scan Mechanism for Fourier Transform Spectrometer
Piezoelectric Rotary Tube Motor
Crane Brake Release Tool
Distributed Control of Long Slender Robotic Manipulators


A Model of Reduced Kinetics for Alkane Oxidation Using Constituents and Species for N-Heptane
Thermally Conductive Tape Based on Carbon Nanotube Arrays
Lightweight, Ultra-High-Temperature, CMC-Lined Carbon/Carbon Structures
Two Catalysts for Selective Oxidation of Contaminant Gases
Nanoscale Metal Oxide Semiconductors for Gas Sensing


JWST Wavefront Control Toolbox
Java Image I/O for VICAR, PDS, and ISIS
X-Band Acquisition Aid Software

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Range 7 Scanner Integration With PaR Robot Scanning System
High-Operating-Temperature Barrier Infrared Detector With Tailorable Cutoff Wavelength
Methods of Antimicrobial Coating of Diverse Materials
Antimicrobial-Coated Granules for Disinfecting Water

Physical Sciences

Multi-Segment Radius Measurement Using an Absolute Distance Meter Through a Null Assembly
Fiber-Optic Magnetic-Field-Strength Measurement System for Lightning Detection
Non-Contact Thermal Properties Measurement With Low-Power Laser and IR Camera System
Photocatalytic Active Radiation Measurements and Use
Computer Generated Hologram System for Wavefront Measurement System Calibration
A²⁰¹Hg⁺ Comagnetometer for ¹⁹⁹Hg⁺ Trapped Ion Space Atomic Clocks
Cycle Time Reduction in Trapped Mercury Ion Atomic Frequency Standards
Use of Dynamic Distortion to Predict and Alleviate Loss of Control

Electronics & Computers

SpaceCube 2.0: An Advanced Hybrid Onboard Data Processor
High-Performance Wireless Telemetrye
Telemetry-Based Ranging
CMOS Imager Has Better Cross-Talk and Full-Well Performance
Tech Exchange

NASA Tech Needs

Cooling of a Self-Contained Portable HSDAS Unit