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As Shuttle Era Ends, NASA Still Chasing Dreams
Protecting Signal Integrity in Industrial Environments
Goddard Space Flight Center
Understanding Infrared Detector & Emitter Technology
NASA Shines on the Big Screen
Meet Our Readers: Michael Hudspeth, CAD Designer, Medical Devices

Who's Who

Michael Ryschkewitsch, Chief Engineer, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

Products of the Month

Product of the Month - White Light Sensor
Thermal Imager
CMOS Linear Image Sensor
CW Diode Laser Modules
LED Driver ICs
Optical Module Controller
4-Leaded RGB LED
Optical Filters for Avionics
Photovoltaic Metallization Paste
Bandpass Filters
Laser Modules
High-Speed Laser Controls
Imaging Fluorescence Microscope
Refractive Index Analysis
Plano-Convex Axicons
Positioning Sensor
Tecplot Chorus™
PCIe x4 Frame Grabber
Automotive LED Driver ICs
3U VPX Virtex-6 FPGA Processing Board
Headphone and Speaker Amplifiers
IP65-rated Panel PCs
20 Watt DC/DC Converters

Application Briefs

Modeling Design Software Gets the International Space Station Moving
Network Connectivity Enables Climate Research
Applying HDTV Imaging Technology To Industrial Applications
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

MOSFET Switching Circuit Protects Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
Optimized FPGA Implementation of Multi-Rate FIR Filters Through Thread Decomposition
Circuit for Communication Over Power Lines

Mechanics & Machinery

Teleoperated Marsupial Mobile Sensor Platform Pair for Telepresence Insertion Into Challenging Structures
Planar Rotary Piezoelectric Motor Using Ultrasonic Horns
Self-Rupturing Hermetic Valve
Two-Arm Flexible Thermal Strap
Dampers for Stationary Labyrinth Seals
Explosive Bolt Dual-Initiated From One Side
Two-Stage Winch for Kites and Tethered Balloons or Blimps
Dust Mitigation Vehicle

Information Sciences

Collaborative Clustering for Sensor Networks
Automated Verification of Spatial Resolution in Remotely Sensed Imagery
Generic, Extensible, Configurable Push-Pull Framework for Large-Scale Science Missions
Space-Time Localization of Plasma Turbulence Using Multiple Spacecraft Radio Links
Dynamic Loads Generation for Multi-Point Vibration Excitation Problems
Optimal Control Via Self-Generated Stochasticity
Surface Contact Model for Comets and Asteroids
SpaceCube Demonstration Platform


Optical Coating Performance for Heat Reflectors of the JWST-ISIM Electronic Component


Flight Planning in the Cloud
MPS Editor
Object-Oriented Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis, and Optimization Tool

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Development of Position-Sensitive Magnetic Calorimeters for X-Ray Astronomy
Cryogenic-Compatible Winchester Connector Mount and Retaining System for Composite Tubes

Physical Sciences

'In Situ' Aerosol Detector
Electrical Connector Mechanical Seating Sensor
Multi-Parameter Aerosol Scattering Sensor
Image Quality Indicator for Infrared Inspections
Micro-Slit Collimators for X-Ray/Gamma-Ray Imaging
Scatterometer-Calibrated Stability Verification Method
Aperture Mask for Unambiguous Parity Determination in Long Wavelength Imagers
Spaceflight Ka-Band High-Rate Radiation-Hard Modulator
Phase Retrieval System for Assessing Diamond Turning and Optical Surface Defects
Laser Oscillator Incorporating a Wedged Polarization Rotator and a Porro Prism as Cavity Mirror


Brain Sensing Technology Provides Real-Time Diagnosis
Principles, Techniques, and Applications of Tissue Microfluidics
Technology Eliminates the Need for Pre-Wetting Cartridge Filters
Quantifying Risk in Various Methods of Continuous Monitoring
High-Performance Micro-Porous Fluoropolymer Plastics for Critical Applications
Cytometer on a Chip
Enabling Disabled Persons To Gain Access to Digital Media


Pulsed Laser System to Simulate Effects of Cosmic Rays in Semiconductor Devices
Test Port for Fiber-Optic-Coupled Laser Altimeter

Electronics & Computers

High-Efficiency Ka-Band Waveguide Two-Way Asymmetric Power Combiner
10–100 Gbps Offload NIC for WAN, NLR, and Grid Computing
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Preserving Core-Shell Particle Coatings During Thermoplastic Mix Processing
New Methods to Sterilize Food Products

NASA Tech Needs

In-Space Inspection Sensors Look Through Conductive Material to Target Surface

Tech for License

Butterfly-Inspired Fibers Create Diverse Fabric Colors
Identification of Signal Arrival Direction in a Noise Environment