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High Speed Cameras for Non-Destructive Testing
Projected-Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology
Ethernet in the Embedded Space
Advisory Systems Save Time and Fuel for Airlines
2013 Create the Future Design: Grand Prize Winner
2013 Create the Future Design: Aerospace & Defense Category Winner
2013 Create the Future Design: Consumer Products Category Winner
2013 Create the Future Design: Electronics Category Winner
2013 Create the Future Design: Medical Category Winner
2013 Create the Future Design: Safety & Security Category Winner
2013 Create the Future Design: Sustainable Technologies Category Winner
2013 Create the Future Design: Transportation & Automotive Category Winner
2013 Create the Future Design: Machinery & Equipment Category Winner
2013 Create the Future Design Contest

Who's Who

Butler Hine, Project Manager, LADEE, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: the SolidWorks® 2014 3D Software Portfolio
Full HD Autofocus 8MP USB 3.0 Camera
Board-Level Camera
Optical Triggers
Mid-IR Transport Fiber
3D Weld Seam Inspection Software
Vision System Frame Grabber
Sub-Nanosecond Solid-State Lasers

Application Briefs

Vision-Based Robot Design Wins NASA Test Course Challenge
NASA-Funded Research Converts Waste Heat to Electricity
Software Tool Analyzes C/C++ Code
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

A Kinematic Calibration Process for Flight Robotic Arms
Magnetostrictive Alternator
High-Precision Encoders for GEO Space Applications

Information Sciences

Spatial Statistical Data Fusion (SSDF)
Spatial Statistical Data Fusion (SSDF)


Non-Toxic, Anti-Corrosive, Crystalline Waterproofing Material
Film-Forming, Self- Crosslinking, Aqueous Superabsorbent Coating
Bulk Metallic Glasses and Composites for Optical and Compliant Mechanisms


Visiting Vehicle Ground Trajectory Tool
Mobile Thread Task Manager
Workflow-Based Software Development Environment
Datacasting V3.0

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Fabrication Method for LOBSTER-Eye Optics in Silicon
Compact Focal Plane Assembly for Planetary Science
Fabrication Methods for Adaptive Deformable Mirrors

Physical Sciences

GPS Estimates of Integrated Precipitable Water Aid Weather Forecasters
Cryogenic Liquid Sample Acquisition System for Remote Space Applications
Integrating a Microwave Radiometer into Radar Hardware for Simultaneous Data Collection Between the Instruments
High-Speed Data Recorder for Space, Geodesy, and Other High-Speed Recording Applications


Rapid Detection of Herpes Viruses for Clinical Applications
Detection of Only Viable Bacterial Spores Using a Live/Dead Indicator in Mixed Populations
Intravenous Fluid Generation System
Plastic Optic Fiber—An Evolving Technology
Cryogenic Grinding for Mechanical Abrasion for Hardy Endospores
Simplified IV Drip Design Takes NIH Top Prize


Slowing Light Via Beam Coupling in Dye-Doped Chiral Nematics

Electronics & Computers

Stacked Transformer for Driver Gain and Receive Signal Splitting
An All-Solid-State, Room-Temperature, Heterodyne Receiver for Atmospheric Spectroscopy at 1.2 THz
Wireless Integrated Microelectronic Vacuum Sensor System
Embedded Technology

Product Briefs

Software Platform Builder
Power Management ICs
Compact USB Oscilloscope