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Products of Tomorrow: July 2014
The Modern Industrial Workhorse: PID Controllers
Standards Help Protect Technology and Life in Orbit or on Earth
Spacecraft Seat Standards Lead to Comfort in Your Car
CCD and CMOS Sensors

Who's Who

Dr. Keith Gendreau, Principal Investigator, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: July 2014
Product of the Month: Hyperspectral Imager
Pulsed Laser Diodes
Miniature Full Feature HD/SDI 1080p Camera
Liquid Crystal Thermography System
2 MP HDTV Format Cameras
Image Processing Software
Multi-layer Thickness Measurement System

Application Briefs

Torque Sensors Provide Force Feedback for Robotic Applications
Heat Pipe Assembly Passes NASA Hypersonic Tests
Liquid Flow Sensor Launches into Space
Laser Scribing of Photovoltaic Materials


DBD Device Offers Transdermal Medicine Delivery
Dispensing Closure Technology Seals and Separates Ingredients

Tech Needs

Extended-Wear Patches for Skin Hydration
Monitoring Battery Health in Solar-Charged Systems
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Compact Regenerative Blower
Shape-Memory-Alloy-Based Launch Lock
Rotary Microspine Technology
Percussive Augmenter of Rotary Drills for Operation as a Rotary-Hammer Drill
Non-Collinear Valve Actuator

Information Sciences

Automatic Lunar Rock Detection and Mapping
Technique for Finding the Center of an Image of a Rising or Setting Sun Based on Simulated Images
Modeling Lunar Surface Systems Concepts of Operations
Portable Distributed Scripts (PoDS)
Slot-Sampled Optical PPM Demodulation
Small-Object Detection via Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Full-Cell Evaluation/Screening Technique for New Battery Chemistries
Growth Method for Chalcongenide Phase-Change Nanostructures
ELID Grinding of Large Aspheres
Highly Aligned Electrospun Fibers and Mats

Physical Sciences

Strobing to Mitigate Vibration for Display Legibility
Imaging Space System Architectures Using a Granular Medium as a Primary Concentrator
Image Processing Method To Determine Dust Optical Density
Vibration and Thermal Cycling Apparatus for Cryogenic Tanks
Integrated Rate Isolation Sensor
Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride Focal Plane Array for Warm Alignment of Imaging Spectroscopy Systems
Enhanced Auditory Alert Systems
Carbon Monoxide Silicate Reduction System

Electronics & Computers

High/Low-Temperature Contactless RF Probes for Characterizing Microwave Integrated Circuits and Devices
Multi-Tone, High-Frequency Synthesizer for CubeSat-Borne Beacon Transmitter for Radio Wave Atmospheric Propagation Studies
Dynamic Response Determination of an Electronic Printed Circuit Board
Wii Nunchuk Controller for ATHLETE Operations
Tech Exchange