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Three Things You Can’t Measure if Your Oscilloscope Doesn’t Have Enough Memory
Solar Refrigerators Store Life-Saving Vaccines

Who's Who

Scott Jensen, Aerospace Technologist (AST) Electronics Engineer, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

Products of the Month

Linear Motor Stages
Optical Encoders
Product of the Month: August 2014
20W High Density DC-DC Converters
Fanless Transportation Computers
Raspberry Pi Model B Enclosure

Application Briefs

ASICs Support Orion’s Onboard Data Network
Etching System Enhances NASA’s Device Fabrication Capabilities
CMOS Imagers Will Help Study the Sun in SoloHI Mission
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Swan Seal
Piezoelectric Actuated Valve for Operation in Extreme Conditions
A Field-Reconfigurable Manipulator for Rovers
Lightweight, Flexible, Freezable Heat Pump/Radiator for EVA Suits
Cryogenic Balloon End Fitting Seal

Information Sciences

Computer Modeling for Generation of Synthetic Radio Reflection-Transmission Tomography (RRTT) Data
Designing Planning Information for Automation into PRL
The OCO-2 Level 2 Retrieval Algorithm
Ionospheric Slant TEC Analysis Using GNSS-Based Estimation (IonoSTAGE)
Implementation of a Terrain Radiometric Correction for UAVSAR
Picoradian Staring Astrometry Using a Simple Staring Telescope
Missing Value Imputation in Astronomical Time-Series Data


High-Efficiency, Easy-to-Manufacture Engineered Nanomaterials for Thermoelectric Applications
Refractory Open-Cell Foam Fuel Matrix for High-Efficiency Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
Hydrazine Absorbent/Detoxification Pad
Nanotechnology Approach to Lightweight, Multifunctional Polyethylene Composite Materials
Electrostrictive Polymers

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Advanced Composite Thrust Chambers for In-Space Propulsion
Integrally Woven Fiber Architecture for Composite Turbine Blades
Assembly and Packaging to Mass-Produce Carbon Nanotube Vacuum Microdevices and Circuits

Physical Sciences

Steady-State Thermal Test Methodology
Silicon Carbide Power Processing Unit for Hall Effect Thrusters
Intensity-Calibrated Hydrogen Flame Spectrum
Exciting and Detecting Electromagnetic Energy in a High-Temperature Microwave Cavity
Hollow aErothermal Ablation and Temperature (HEAT) Sensor for Tracking Isotherm Through TPS Material
Hydrogen Measurement in a Cryogen Flow Stream Reduces Waste of Helium
Noncontact DC and AC Magnetostrictive Current Sensor
Method and Apparatus for Determining Propellant Mass in Microgravity by Capacitance Measurements
Preparation, Planning, and Concept Demo of a Technique to Find ≈7-to-10-m Near Earth Asteroids

Electronics & Computers

COVE: A CubeSat Payload Processor
Dynamic Range Enhancement of High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems
HALT Technique to Predict the Reliability of Solder Joints in a Shorter Duration
GaN Schottky Diode-Based Frequency Multiplier


Prediction of Visual Acuity from Wavefront Aberrations
Tech Exchange