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Products of Tomorrow: June 2016
Advances in Coating Technology Take Shape at NASA Goddard
Recycling Technology Converts Plastic Waste to Energy
NASA Proxy Maps Reveal Earthquake Damage
Inertial Sensors Get in the Driver’s Seat

Who's Who

Joe Munchak, Research Meteorologist, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland

Products of the Month

Product of the Month
Product of the Month: June 2016
Handheld Meters for Test Kits
Sampling Oscilloscopes
Voltage/Current Source
Power Meters
Leak Detector
Power Analyzer
Mechatronics Platform
Dual-Channel Transceiver
EMI-Shielded Vents and Filters
Door Protection System
Sensor ICs
IC and Module
Touchless Variable Gap Sensor
Sensor Kits
Proximity Sensor
Current Sensors
Three-Axis Magnetic Sensor
Pressure Sensors
Night-Vision Imaging
Vision Sensors
Surface Profiling Sensors
Magnetic Position Sensors
Surface Sensors
Wireless Switches

Application Briefs

Control Solutions Synchronize Operation of Space Launch System Heavy Transporters
Vibration Sensors Add New Touch to Prosthetics
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Launch Tie-Down and Release Mechanism for CubeSat Spacecraft
Ratcheting Threaded Tapered Collet for use in Planetary Sample Caching Systems
Planetary Ice Mining by Down-Hole Energy Injection


Multifunctional Ablative Thermal Protection System
Hierarchical Support for Nanocatalysts
Control of Carbon Nanotube Density and Tower Height in an Array
In-Situ Chemical Analysis of Material Surfaces


Predicting Magnetospheric Relativistic >1 MeV Electrons
Optimal Prioritized Actuator Allocation
Terrain Model Registration
Error Budget for Pointing at Surface Features From Close Range
Traceable Automation with Remote Display and Interruptible Scheduler Version 1.04.0
Java Pathfinder (JPF) Core System
Single Doppler Retrieval Toolkit (SingleDop)
Computing Efficient Onboard Analysis and Re-Scheduling
Tool for Rapid Analysis of Monte Carlo (TRAM) Simulation Data
Object-Oriented FITS File Interface for MATLAB
Space Station Research Explorer

Machinery & Automation

Limboid Reconfigurable Robots for In-Space Assembly
Cam Hand

Physical Sciences

Iodine-Compatible Hall Effect Thruster

Test & Measurement

Laser Architecture and Atomic Filter for Daytime Measurements Using Spaceborne Sodium Lidar
Rangefinder for Measuring Volume of Cryogenic or Caustic Turbulent Fluids
Micro-Force Sensing Nanoprobe
High-Channel-Count, High-Scan-Rate Data Acquisition System for the NASA Langley Transonic Dynamics Tunnel
Fusible Alloy Thermometer
Small-Volume Pressurized Sample Handling System

Electronics & Computers

Integrated Circuit for Radio Astronomy Correlators Supporting Large Arrays of Antennas
Fabrication of Silicon-Leg Isolated Bi-Cr Thermopiles
Current Source Logic Gate
Design of Double Layer Rectenna Array for Fault Isolation of Schottky Diode in Operation Beyond V-Band Frequencies

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Airborne Elastic Backscatter and Raman Polychromator for Ash Detection
Intelligent Displacement Sensor Deployment Using MTConnect Protocol over Ethernet
Active Remote-Sensing Radiometer


Generation-2 Lean Direction Injection System


Testing Aircraft Electric Propulsion Systems on NASA’s Modular Stand
Burnable-Poison-Operated Reactor Using Gadolinium Loaded Alloy
Embedded Technology

Product Briefs

Fibre Channel All-Flash Arrays
Data Acquisition Software
Wireless Power Reference Kit
3U CompactPCI Serial Board
Fan Speed Controllers
Flexible Circuits
Customizable Smart Graphics Displays
4-Quadrant Drive


Fast, Stretchy Circuits Could Yield New Wearable Electronics
High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Could Bring 5G Cell Phones
Teaching Computers to Understand Human Languages
Motion Control Technology


Motor Drive
Linear Slide
Angle Sensors
Level Indicator
Machine Controller


Anti-Creep Mechanism Enables Ultra-Precise Motor Table Positioning


Simplified Machine Design Approach for Optimal Servomotor Control