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Products of Tomorrow: April 2017
Today's Automobile: Supercomputer on Wheels
Vibration Tables Shake Up Aerospace and Car Testing
Scanning Performance of Air Bearing Equipped Precision Motion Systems
Four Ways to improve Production by Understanding the Physics of Servos
Converting from Hydraulic Cylinders to Electric Actuators

Who's Who

Brooke Thornton, Mission Operations Manager, NASA’s Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: April 2017
New Products: April 2017 Motion Design

Application Briefs

Low-Outgassing Labels Identify Instruments on the International Space Station
Cooling Solution Helps NASA Get Closer to Mars
Optical Fiber for NASA's Next Climate-Viewing Satellite
Custom Brakes Meet the Challenges of Gearless Motor Elevators
Tech Briefs


Electric Field Activated Shape Memory Polymer Composite
Strain-Detecting Composite Materials
Compositions Comprising Nickel-Titanium, Methods of Manufacture Thereof, and Articles Comprising the Same
Preparation of Metal Nanowire Decorated Carbon Allotropes
In Situ Mechanical Property Measurements of Amorphous Carbon-Boron Nitride Nanotube Nanostructures
Negative Dielectric Constant Material Based on Ion Conducting Materials


AMMOS Common Access Manager (CAM)
Automating Optimization and Design Tasks Across Disciplines
Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT)
Intelligent Software Enables Design of Greener, More Efficient Construction Vehicles
Shift: Self-Healing Independent File Transfer
Designing Stronger Concrete
Designing Materials with Reprogrammable Shape and Function
Designing and 3D Printing Customized Insoles for Diabetics
Software Improves Medication Adherence for Heart Stent Patients
Launch Trajectory Acquisition System (LTAS) Simulator
Inductive Monitoring System Graphical User Interface (IMS GUI) for Processing, Analyzing, and Cleaning Datasets
Computer Models Could Help Design Physical Therapy Regimens

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Melt Infiltration of SiC/SiC Preforms Using Cr-Si Alloys
Method of Making a Composite Panel Having Subsonic Transverse Wave Speed Characteristics
Additively Manufactured Modular Thrust Chamber

Machinery & Automation

Mechanical Metamaterials Block Symmetry of Motion
Portable Superconductivity Systems for Small Motors
Six-Legged Robots Move Faster with Bipod Gate
Reducing Inaccuracies in Force/Haptic Feedback Systems

Electronics & Computers

Wireless Electrical Device Using Open-Circuit Elements Having No Electrical Connections

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Method of Mapping Anomalies in Homogenous Material
Controlled Deposition and Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes
Point Mechanic Piezoelectric Sensor System
Active Remote Sensing Radiometer


Micro-Fresnel Zone Plate Optical Devices Using Densely Accumulated Ray Points
CUDA Framework for Linear Time-Invariant Control of Adaptive Optics Systems
Arrayed Micro-Ring Spectrometer System and Method of Use
Resonance-Actuation of Microshutter Arrays
A Novel Orbiting Cloud Imager System for IR/UV/ X-Ray Bands


Aircraft Configured for Flight in an Atmosphere Having Low Density