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Drones Spot Gas Leaks From the Sky
MEMS Move Wearables Beyond Touch Interfaces
Sensors’ Role Evolves as New Wearables Emerge
Products of Tomorrow: June 2017
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Virtual Fabrication and Assembly Documentation
Wire Sensors Detect Dangerous Conditions in the Clouds
How Metal 3D Printing is Redefining Part Design
Sizing and Selecting Linear Motion Systems
Piezo Technology in Pneumatic Valves
Adding Simple Vision Systems to Collaborative Robots

Who's Who

Adam Sidor, NASA Research Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Products of the Month

New Products: June 2017 Sensor Technology
Product of the Month: June 2017
New Products: June 2017 Motion Design

Application Briefs

3D Printing Enables Customized Magnets
Oil Sheer Clutch Cuts Downtime for Metal Stamping Press
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Low-Pressure Plasma Cleaning of Aerospace Components Using Breathing/Compressed Air
Chain Drive Dust Conveyer
BiBlade Sampling Chain
Micro Acoustic Resonant Chambers for Heating/Agitating/Mixing (MARCHAM)
Advanced Tool Drive System (ATDS) Camera Positioning Mechanism (CPM)
Compact, Lightweight Trap Vent


Combination Structural Support and Thermal Protection System
Composite Insulated Conductor
Multifunctional Platelet Composites for Tin Whisker Mitigation
Electrically Conductive, Optically Transparent Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Composites
Space Vehicle Heat Shield Having Edgewise Strips of Ablative Material
Mechanically Strong, Thermally Stable, and Electrically Conductive Nanocomposite Structure and Method of Fabricating Same
Improved Cast Stainless Steel Alloys


Launch Trajectory Acquisition System (LTAS) Source Slaving Selector (LS3)
Acoustic Propagation and Emulation Toolset (APET)
AUTONOMIE Automotive System Design Software
Numerical Method to Predict the Evaporation Time of a Water Droplet Attached to a Solid Boundary in the Presence of Fluid Flow
Generation of Cut- and Split-Cells for Face-Piercing Geometry in Embedded-Boundary Cartesian Methods
High-Speed Particle Image Velocimetry

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Fabrication of BSA 14-23 Superhydrophobic Sponges as Efficient Oil and Organic Liquid Absorbents
Suspended Platform Improves Efficiency in Large-Scale Manufacturing
Positioning Stage
Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon Fiber and Fiber Metal Laminate Composites Reinforced with Metallic Glass

Machinery & Automation

Autonomous Combustion-Powered Hopping Robot
Omnidirectional Mobile Robot with Two Moving Parts
Interactive Robot Control System and Method of Use
Integrated High-Speed Torque Control System for a Robotic Joint
Developing a Satellite-Based Autonomous Vehicle Control System
Wearable Robotic System for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Technique Provides Security for Multi-Robot Systems
Linear Rope Brake System for Aerial Delivery
Origami-Inspired Robot Fits in Tight Spaces
Software Interface Simplifies Robot Control
Composite C-Channel Incrementally Adjustable Fluid Control System

Electronics & Computers

Recovering Metals from Electronic Waste
Solder Bond Packaging for High-Voltage Pulsed Power Devices
Chip-Sized Terahertz Modulator for Faster Data Transmission

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Self-Assembling, Reversible, Reagentless Biosensor
Chip-Based Power Measurement Sensor
Space Radiation Detector with Spherical Geometry


Digital Beamforming Interferometry
Additive-Manufactured, Very Lightweight, Diamond Turned Aspheric Mirror
Development of a Sodium LiDAR for Spaceborne Missions
Invertible Time Invariant Linear Filtering (InTILF) Method for Pattern Detection and Modeling of Stochastic One- or Two-Dimensional Data