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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
The Future of Wearable Technology
LAB-ON-A-GLOVE: Enables Onsite Detection of Chemical Threats
Blue-Light-Canceling Lens Gives Skiers a Clearer View
Products of Tomorrow: July 2017
Snapshot High-resolution Hyperspectral Imaging
Chip-Scale Device ‘Fine-Tunes’ Wireless Communications
Round Lens. Square Pixels. Accurate Images. Really?

Who's Who

Lindley Johnson, Planetary Defense Officer, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D. C.

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: July 2017

Application Briefs

Data Optimization Technology Helps Wind Farm Operator Examine Costs
Safer, Cleaner, Corrosion-Protecting Metal Coatings
Motor Control Technology Boosts Performance of Remotely Piloted Aircraft
Tech Briefs


Adhesive Strength Enhancement of Shape Memory Polymer Composite and Metal Joint
System for Repairing Cracks in Structures
Corrosion-Inhibiting Self-Expanding Foam
Reusable Sponge Absorbs Oil from Entire Water Column
Aqueous Solution Dispersement of Carbon Nanotubes


Graphene-Based Sensor for Improved Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Asthma
Artificial “Wrist” Enables Design of Wearable Blood Pressure Monitors
Digital-to-Analog Transformation and Reconstruction of ECG Data
Miniaturized Chemical Detectors for Point-of-Care Diagnosis

Test & Measurement

Decoupled Ranging and Orientation Inversions Enable Linear and Fast Long-Range Non-Line-of-Sight Positioning
Ultrasonic Transducer Delivery Tool
Nanofabricated Devices Detect Ultrasound with Light
Bio-Detection System is a Handheld Chemistry Lab
Impedance Measurement Box
Transducer-Actuator Systems for On-Machine Measurements and Automatic Part Alignment
Paper-Based Electrochemical Test Strip Detects Harmful Bacteria


Microstructural Explorations Inside Fuel Cells


Calibration and Synchronization of Micro-Air-Vehicle Autopilots
Aircraft Landing Noise Reduction Liners
Stop-Rotor Rotary Wing Aircraft
External Aircraft Noise Reduction Liners
In-flight Global Nonlinear Aerodynamics Modeling and Simulation
Aircraft Deicing Decision Support Tool (DST)
Center/TRACON Automation System Software Suite
Heavy Lift Wing in Ground (WIG) Cargo Flying Boat


Personal Annunciation Device (PAD)
Mobile Underwater Acoustic Communications
A Smooth-Walled Feedhorn with Sub-30-dB Cross-Polarization Over a 30-Percent Bandwidth
Wireless Virtual Reality Headset
Wideband Retroreflector


Three-Dimensional Zinc Electrode Architectures for High-Performance Batteries
Alpha-STREAM Convertor
Silicon Nanoparticles Enable Energy-Collecting Windows
Bacteria-Powered Battery is Printed on a Single Sheet of Paper
Internal Short Circuit (ISC) Device Helps Improve Lithium-Ion Battery Design
Photonics & Imaging Technology


Robotic Vision Keeps an Assembly Plant at Home
Wide-Area Surveillance Using HD LWIR Uncooled Sensors


CMOS The Future of Image Sensor Technology
Ruggedization of Imaging Lenses


The Advanced Land Imager Helped NASA Mission Exceed Expectations.