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Vote for Tech Briefs 23rd Annual Readers' Choice Awards
Innovators Recognized for "Creating the Future" 2017
Products of Tomorrow: December 2017
How Multiphysics Simulation and App Deployment Boost Product Design
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
GPS Correction Technology Lets Tractors Drive Themselves

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: December 2017

Application Briefs

Software Helps Optimize World’s Largest All-Composite Aircraft
Sensor Assists NASA with Wearable CO2 Monitor
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Modular Fixturing for Assembly and Welding Applications
Low-Cost, Long-Lasting Valve Seal
Non-Collinear Valve Actuation System
Novel Vent Design Features Variable Flow Control and Rain Protection
Novel Design of an Orifice Control Element
Electrochemically Enhanced Mechanical Polishing of Optics
Lower-Chatter Friction Pull Plug Welding (FPPW)


Rubber Material Enables Scratch-Proof Surfaces
Ultrathin Semiconductor Materials “Rust” to Insulate Circuitry
Sequential/Simultaneous Multi-Metallized Nanocomposites (S2M2N)
Aluminum Alloy for High-Temperature Applications
Strong, Self-Healing Rubber
Multi-Functional Yarns and Fabrics with Anti-Microbial, Anti-Static, and Anti-Odor Characteristics

Test & Measurement

Handheld Spectral Analyzer for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
On-line Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) System for Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
Forward Voltage Short-Pulse Technique for Measuring High-Power Laser Diode Array Junction Temperature
Apparatus and Method to Test Abrasion Resistance of Material Using Airborne Particulate
Miniature Airborne Particle Mass Monitor
Personal Air Sampler for Collecting Airborne Aerosol Particulates for Molecular Analysis by Size
Wallops Arc-Second Pointer (WASP)


Portable Runway Intersection Display and Monitoring System
Networked In-Flight Validation Environment for Air Traffic Management Concepts
Three-Dimensional Radiation Ray-Tracing for Hypersonic Entry Vehicles
Flap Edge Noise Reduction Fins
Separation Assurance Framework for ACES Simulation
Autonomous Slat-Cove Filler Device
Orion Guidance, Navigation, and Control Flight Software


Device-Free Motion Tracing Using WiFi Signals
Detector System for High-Resolution Imaging
Method for Tracking Moving Targets
Method Uses Drones and WiFi to Enable 3D Through-Wall Imaging
Image-Based User Authentication


Zero-Power Radio Receiver
System Integrates High-Speed Data and Wireless Power Transfer
Tunable, High-Isolation RF/Microwave Circulator
Autonomous Positioning and Navigation Network
Paper-Thin Device Acts as a Loudspeaker and Microphone


KSC Weather Data Archive
BOPPERS: Autonomous Underwater Environmental Monitoring System
Electromagnetic Mop (EMop) for Oil Spill Cleanup
Detecting Low-Level Harmful Substances in a Large Volume of Fluid
Flood Impact Analysis Tool
Motion Design


Trends in Hydraulic Filtration
LEARNING TO CRAWL: Origami Robot Moves Like an Earthworm


Pick-and-Place System Delivers Improved Productivity and Safety
Miniature Linear Bearings Help Prolong Curiosity’s Mars Mission


Vacuum System Powers Modular Soft Robot
Soft Robotic Gripper Manipulates Objects Without Training
Multi-Legged Robot Reconfigures in Real Time
Paper-Folding Techniques Expand Compacted Spacecraft
Webb Telescope Actuators Move with Microscopic Accuracy


New Products: December 2017 Motion Design