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Paired Sleep Tracker and Light Therapy Tools Retrain Circadian Rhythms
Shape Memory Alloys Achieve High Force and Precision
Army Research Laboratory
Products of Tomorrow: June 2018
Connecting the Digital Twin: From Idea Through Production, to Customers and Back

Products of the Month

New on the Market: June 2018

Application Briefs

3D-Printed Parts Key to NASA’s Orion Mission
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Precision CNT Cutting Mechanism
Offset Compound Gear Inline Two-Speed Drive
Cryo-Fluid Capacitor (CFC)
Nano-Sized Actuator Lifts Many Times its Weight
Magnetic Induction Heating of Space Foods During Dispensing Under Weightless Conditions
Method for Establishing Cool Flames and Flameless Fuel Oxidation with Zero Emissions Using Non-Equilibrium Plasma Activation
Quick Disconnect for High-Pressure Mate/De-Mate


Method Converts Cotton Fabric Waste into Aerogel
Radiation Detection with Plastic Scintillators
Composite Film Enables Windows that Switch from Transparent to Color
Compact Termination for Structural Soft Goods
Low-Alloy, High-Impact-Toughness Steel
Painted-on Coating Transforms Walls into Sensors and Interactive Surfaces


Radiation Analysis Software
Algorithm Provides Early Warning of Pathogen Exposure


Monitor Detects White Blood Cell Levels
Removable Implant May Control Type 1 Diabetes
Non-Invasive Intracranial Pressure Measurement
Wearable System Monitors Stomach Activity
All-Terrain Wheelchair
Mobile Health Platform

Electronics & Computers

Video Distribution & Storage Unit (VDSU)
Transistor Material Provides Additional Computing Degrees of Freedom
Fabrication Process Produces Nanostructures for Electronic Devices
Ultra-Wide-Bandgap Power Electronics
Using Vanadium Dioxide to Create Programmable Electronic Functions
Integrating Optical Components into Existing Chip Designs
Auto-Zero Differential Amplifier


Corrosion and Coating Evaluation System
Affordable Vehicle Avionics (AVA)
VTOL UAV with the Cruise Efficiency of a Conventional Fixed-Wing UAV
Ground-Based System Guides UAVs to Avoid Collisions
Airborne Background Oriented Schlieren Technique
Sensor Technology


Sensors Expo Preview 2018
How Sophisticated Wearable Sensors are Changing Healthcare


Force Sensing — An Addition to the Physical Therapy Toolbox


Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM), Proven Cost-Effective, Add to Quality of Life for Diabetics
Tiny Probe Can See and Measure Body Temperatures
Tiny Injectable Sensor Could Provide Unobtrusive, Long-Term Alcohol Monitoring
Automating Personal Safety with Wearable Smart Jewelry
Photonic Biosensors Could Lead to Fast, Super-Accurate Diagnostics and Detection
A High(er)-Definition Nose Sensor Could Improve Sensors that Sniff
“Lighthouse” Detectors Minimize Workers’ Exposure to Dangerous Radiation
Researchers Deploy Smart Technologies to Detect Blood Pressure and Arrhythmias


New Products: June 2018 Sensor Technology
Motion Design


Benefits of Using Encoders to Improve Step Motor System Performance
Plastic Bearings Reduce Weight and Improve Durability
Sensing the Future of Pneumatics


Guiding the Way in Automotive Plants


Transparent Eel-Like Soft Robot Swims Silently Underwater
Sensor-Free Smart Wheel
“Intelligent” Rotor Blades React Quickly to Changing Conditions


New Products: June 2018 Motion Design