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Lithium-Ion Batteries Fuel the Future of Automotive Design
Life-Saving CPR Device Wins Create The Future Design Contest
Making the Move to Digital in Machine Vision

Who's Who

Dr. Drake Deming, Senior Scientist, Solar System Exploration Division, Goddard Space Flight Center

Products of the Month

Gold Series Panel PCs
Video Recording Server
HDTV Network Security Camera
Thermal Imaging Camera
CMOS Image Sensor
Motorized Zoom Lens
Open-Frame Monitors
CCD Image Sensors
Network IP Camera
Gigabit Ethernet Cameras

Application Briefs

Supercomputer Aids NASA’s Journey to the Moon and Mars
Radiation Detection Hardware Part of Living With a Star Experiment
Imaging Technique Improves Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Quick-Connect Windowed Non-Stick Penetrator Tips for Rapid Sampling
Prediction of B-Pillar Failure in Automobile Bodies
Modeling Unsteady Cavitation and Dynamic Loads in Turbopumps

Information Sciences

Determining Surface Roughness in Urban Areas Using Lidar Data
Presentation Extensions of the SOAP
Error-Rate Bounds for Coded PPM on a Poisson Channel
Biomorphic Multi-Agent Architecture for Persistent Computing
Using Covariance Analysis To Assess Pointing Performance


Polyimide/Glass Composite High-Temperature Insulation
Damage Detection and Self-Repair in Inflatable/Deployable Structures
Nanocomposite Strain Gauges Having Small TCRs


DSN Data Visualization Suite
Symbolic Processing Combined With Model-Based Reasoning
Spreadsheets for Analyzing and Optimizing Space Missions
Processing Ocean Images To Detect Large Drift Nets

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Alternative Packaging for Back-Illuminated Imagers
Diamond Machining of an Off-Axis Biconic Aspherical Mirror
Laser Ablation Increases PEM/Catalyst Interfacial Area

Physical Sciences

Improved Instrument for Detecting Water and Ice in Soil
Real-Time Detection of Dust Devils From Pressure Readings
nBn Infrared Detector Containing Graded Absorption Layer
Ultra-Broad-Band Optical Parametric Amplifier or Oscillator
Atomic References for Measuring Small Accelerations
Enhancing SERS by Means of Supramolecular Charge Transfer
Particle-Image Velocimeter Having Large Depth of Field
Improved Signal Chains for Readout of CMOS Imagers
Improving 3D Wavelet-Based Compression of Hyperspectral Images


Continuous-Flow System Produces Medical-Grade Water
Discrimination of Spore-Forming Bacilli Using spoIVA

Electronics & Computers

Hamming and Accumulator Codes Concatenated With MPSK or QAM
Hardware Implementation of Serially Concatenated PPM Decoder
Biasable Subharmonic Membrane Mixer for 520 to 600 GHz
Wide-Angle-Scanning Reflectarray Antennas Actuated by MEMS
SOI CMOS Imager With Suppression of Cross-Talk
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Topical Products to Suppress Pain During Epilation
Crush/Cut-Resistant Safety Glove

NASA Tech Needs

Highly Power-Aware Digital Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Radio

Tech for License

Innovative Cooling Technology for Circuit Boards with LED Lights
Through-Metal RFID Tags Resist Harsh Environments and Deter Counterfeiting